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Anastrianna chapter 1 . 7/28/2012
*could be better

*a new one
Anastrianna chapter 1 . 7/24/2012
Hey! I must admit, the story idea is quite good, and your overall plot is also more than adequate, but I found myself recoiling slightly from a few, easily fixed mistakes, errors and, well, blatant idiocies. God, I feel like a bitch, but here it goes.

1. Spelling. I cannot express how important this is. Um... If you'd like, I could send you a PM with the list of mistakes and how to correct them? If not, that's fine, I mean, I know constructive criticism can be hard and this is really pushy and, oh my gosh, I feel so horrible and... Okay, I'll stop rambling now.


2. Punctuation. Putting in apostrophes ('), commas (,), etc. This, your story that is, actually has really good basic punctuality. I've read far, far worse. Trust me. (My Immortal... *shudder*). But, yeah. Punctuation! Epic stuff, yeah?

3. Well, mate, your sentence structures good do with some re-formatting, but they are, as I have said before, a lot better than some. e.g Thisis socool dude I can't believe you just did that can you see him he has an icecream I want one oooh porpleunicorn rainbowelephant dude this sentence goes on forever and ever and ever and ever... (continuing for around another 10 lines, space, and repeat. Not the way to do it. Ever.).

4. Structuring conversations. A conversation, a new on, should always be on a separate line. e.g.

Not Good;

"Hey.""Hi.""How are you?"she asked."Good thanks."she replied."Oh, that's good.""Hey, what happened to..." and blah, blah, blah.




"How are you?" she asked.

and etc.

5. Proper Nouns (the names of people, places and things) ALWAYS have capitals. Harry, Amelia and Morgan are good. People will often disregard the accidental misspelling of a name if it still has a Capital Letter. harold, harry and amelia are not the correct way to write their names.

6. Be careful of things that sound the same but are completely different... and are spelt differently too. e.g their - their icecream was getting runny, but they didn't care. (That was good)

not ' there icecream was getting runny.'

Again, '"There! A big green alien!"

should not be;

"Their/They're! A big green alien!"

And... I'm'a gonna shut up now. Golly that was long. I'm puffed. And hey, if you wanna find me, just search out one of my stories (Veil of Valar, Imprints of Blood and something else... Nah, can't remember. Veil of Valar is my best though. I hope. Maybe. Umm...) and you can vent or rant or ask me stuff anytime! *beams*

Good job on the writing, and I hope to see more of you soon on the fanfiction realm! Bye Happy typing/writing/reading and proofing
GreekHuntress chapter 1 . 11/6/2011
Ok. I really hate to do this, but... So you definitely need a beta for your spelling and stuff. That's definitely the main problem, it's really hard to read with all the mistakes.
las torturas encantadoras chapter 1 . 1/13/2010
If you want a review that goes something like, "wow nice chappie" I'm not your girl.

I'm sorry, but I threw up a little in my mouth when I realized you use "xx character's pov". Because we don't know and you can't be bothered to write a change of scenery to let us know.

You need to revise your spelling and grammar - there is this magical device known as "spell-check".

"-HOlw-"I said." - that. WTF was that? If it was supposed to say "howl" then just change it, please...

Get a beta, use your spell-check and better yet - READ YOUR WRITING before you post it and ask yourself, "Would the entire internet really like to read this? Or no?" You'd be doing everyone a favor.
Cattshire chapter 1 . 11/30/2009
What in the name of butt sickles is a 'warewolf'? You mean werewolf, right!

Anyway, this sucked.
The Ninth Layer chapter 1 . 3/31/2009
Whoever told you that you could write must have been intoxicated at the time.

Seriously, what was going through your head when you decided to post this? It’s dreadful.

Do you take some kind of sick, twisted pleasure in mangling the English language?

Please, delete this.
kikimalfoy chapter 4 . 3/12/2009
ok im not sure what Flame Rising said to you but you gotta admit this story sucks
AqufIrindiglo chapter 1 . 3/11/2009
I'm going to side with the author. FR's review sucked. While this story is okay & could use some proofreading, but just basic stuff like separating dialog into different paragraphs, there's no need to spam this story with flames.
citgirl chapter 6 . 1/11/2009
Comatose Overdose chapter 1 . 10/11/2008
Poetic Nothingness chapter 4 . 10/7/2008
I'm going to have to side with Flame Rising you really suck. not that this was a bad premiss of a story but the way it was written is just awful. Call me a bitch, this, that and the other thing but that was just terrible.
Yin7 chapter 6 . 10/5/2008
the big bad wolf is gone

would i have loved to have Courtney turned though.
Yin7 chapter 5 . 10/4/2008
really good please contiue

can't wait for Courtney.
BookFan22 a.k.a GwenFan22 chapter 3 . 9/30/2008
Kirbyfan11 chapter 3 . 9/30/2008
I like the Story just work on spelling and grammar
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