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BlueAbyssHax chapter 17 . 9/12
You know its been years and to this day I still haven't read anything with this hilarious and great amount of Sexual Tension.

This chapter still makes me freaking laugh.
n9neSTAR chapter 26 . 9/11
Cool chapter. Mellowed out with some peace after all that happened previously. So it's good to have a calm before a storm. Nice to get some history from Squall's past and how much it took for him to go back to it. Can't believe there's only ONE chapter left! I know your chapters are known to be awesomely crazy long, but I'm kinda hoping that you run over that 20K to get a two-part ending. Eager to see how things will turn out in the end. Thanks for continuing the story and not giving up on it. It's been years, but you've always managed to put up with updates. So thanks.
Always been a fan of your work!
-Honest fan n9neSTAR
Guest chapter 26 . 9/6
so good!
ThePhenomenalLunaticLucy chapter 26 . 9/5
I was so excited to read this new chapter! I've been waiting for so long and you delivered, great job! Can't wait for the next chapter
Dolly chapter 25 . 1/14
Normally I really enjoy your work but I feel as if the style of writing here was quite...amateurish? compared to previous chapters. I've really enjoyed this chapter, but I suppose you're rushing to get this all finished so there has been a decline in quality.
Zeyro chapter 25 . 1/10
Welcome back, I think they could do it. I mean shit they managed this and this guy had government backing him to get away with his bullshit till they realized his was out of control. Anyway its getting more intense and no lie the twist was good. Personally feel like both adel and The pres who want the assassination deserve to die if you ask me. It may have been for contact but fuck that guy he got a bunch of people killed than blackmailed them into a job that has an even higher chance of death. Honestly fuck them both, give both a trip to hell at this point.
loupiotte84 chapter 25 . 1/6
Oh my god, you're alive! *screams* It's almost the best day of my life (almost), we forget the power of a fandom in our lives.

Thank you thank you thank you, it is a FUCKING GREAT CHAPTER and guess what? I was not expecting that at all! That's what I like with you, I never know where you are going to take us.

Take care of yourself, I will wait to read the rest of your story (as always !). when I think it is now 8 years that I follow this story 3

I'm sorry for my bad english (thank you google translation).
n9neSTAR chapter 25 . 1/1
Super excited that you got around to post! Life does get in the way and it keeps you away from writing. You just don't have time for it. Totally get ya.
But anyways really glad Blaine is out. Forget milking him for info. He just needed to get killed off with the opportunity. I was bummed when Zell got taken out of the equation before it even got started. I'm pretty sure he would have done more damage than Rinoa, but in a way I guess it made sense to target the brute force first. Really smart. Deling that piece of ****! All of that for a damn invite? Seriously? I would like to see Squall and his team go rogue and **** on Deling's plan, but I don't think it'll solve anything and make the story even longer ahaha! Two to three chapters left so I'm guessing their going to gamble the luck they have after the assassination and get away from it all.
Thanks for the update, and can totally wait to see what you have planned. Looking forward to it. Haven't read much of anything on here in a long time, so always glad to see your work go up.
Good work!

recoveringauthor chapter 25 . 1/1
I forgot my log in information so just decided to review as a guest. But oh my gosh this chapter was intense. When they found out Blaine's location, I was all like "This is too good to be true!" When he died, I was like "oh no this is probably the last chapter." When they were surrounded by the police and Rinoa yelled about that omega plan, I was like "this is it.. Oh my goodness." And when they were being taken somewhere, I was like "what if his father is somehow still alive?" Even though I knew it was kind of ridiculous. But I will be patiently waiting for the next chapter! Happy New Years, and continue to do a wonderful job at being an author! You're the best.
BlueAbyssHax chapter 25 . 1/1
Well hopefully you get to finish this year. Blaine's death was fine, Showboats like him need a low-key death with something happening "All according to plan" kind of finish. And him being a dog for someone probably wouldve clued in if they are Savvy enough, its how these things go sometimes.

Now taking out Adel...Im not sure on that one. Welp glad your Safe and Alive. Hope you notice if u DO finish this year, it will be VIII years. Hows that for a coincidence
RavennaAngelline chapter 25 . 1/1
I totally did not see that coming. I should have, but didn't. I loved it! It was sort of anti-climactic that Blaine went down like that, though the description of him trying to crawl away while Squall and Rinoa are having a calm conversation about killing him made me laugh a little.

Wow. I'm kind of twisted, lol.

Great chapter! Congrats on the job, sorry to hear you were in a car accident, and I hope you have a most joyful, prosperous and wonderful new year!

*please tell me Fate Favors the Fearless is next, lol*
The.Rayvenwolves chapter 25 . 1/1
Well I can only think of one thing to say for this chapter "Holy fucking shit about time they killed Blaine!" other than that? I kinda expected the person behind Blaine to be high up in the government, but I didn't expect them to use him as a first resort to get to them just to ask if they would kill Adel. Before I continue I'd like to say nice job tying in a few more characters from the game. Anyway, I feel like Squall was a little too pessimistic about the situation though. I mean yes I see his thoughts on the matter, but all he really needs to do is ask for time to plan and resources to do it with because lets face it. Squall is a badass and a genius who could easily create a plan that would work and carry it out successfully without losing a person (injuries sure? Fatalities? no).
SilentStarlightSky chapter 12 . 6/30/2015
Seifer on the toilet? What am I reading here? LOL! Oh, and the boys and girls teasing each other was cute.
SilentStarlightSky chapter 6 . 6/29/2015
Moomba! Oh, I laughed so hard at that. A lot of the story is kinda gory, but it's keeping my interest. I like the bits of humor. (I'm still laughing over the Moomba part. Way to lighten up a heavy scene.)
SilentStarlightSky chapter 5 . 6/29/2015
It was just like he was hugging me, except with guns. LOL!
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