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Butterfly-Muse chapter 20 . 1/30/2015
Okay! Firstly it's been YEARS since I read this fic. I couldn't remember if this was finished or left in-complete...I couldn't remember at what chapter i stopped reading so I re-read the whole thing in one sitting.

I'm not sure if you will ever read this, or how active you still are on the site. But I hope for what its worth, someday you do get to see this.

2. So sad to see this hasn't been completed or updated in YEARS. Though I know as a fellow author myself how things happen to sway us away from a story. Sometimes the inspiration dies, has gone somewhere, sometimes, life happens. The series we're writing fanfiction for has lost it's appeal, we sometimes lose a lot of our hard work and the drive to re-write it all over just kills the motivation to continue...etc.

So I definitely will not hold it against you for never coming back to this wonderful piece.

3. Speaking of the story itself; I now remembered why I was so utterly frustrated with the dynamic going on with Tenchi and Ryoko; and the small but meaningful dynamic between Ryoko and Washu. Which it being over 10yrs to this day, we sadly will never get to see where you was going to take it.

The freaking miscommunication of death! Nothing grinds my gears more than two hopelessly in love characters too damn stubborn to take the first step. However, it's not even Ryoko I'm faulting on this one. It's Tenchi who is making me wanna slap him with some sense!

It also made me re-live the frustration I got with his character in the actual series, all of them. (maybe his character is slightly more tolerable in the mangas but i never read them so...) And maybe its my inner child being a biased Ryoko fan; but I'm remembering as much as I am a Tenchi/Ryoko fan, I always felt Ryoko could do better than Tenchi (or any of the girls at time) if the opportunity ever presented itself in the form of interesting male characters to balance it out...but its been yrs and with that whole OVA 3...I digress.

Anyway back to your story. Like I was saying, I would fault Ryoko as much as I do Tenchi for the miscomm. Had Ryoko not already stated countless time WHY she left. I mean holy fricking hell how much more obvious does she have to get before Tenchi in his jealously and all in his feelings get it through his head?

She cannot READ HIS DAMN MIND! He needed to spell it out for her! 'Ryoko I am head over heels in love with you!'

He obviously doesn't know her at all, if he thought that little relapse that day in the shack; which i'm sure wouldn't have happened had Ryoko been more in control and aware of herself; if he thought all he had to do to win her back in his good graces was sleep with her. Which while i'm not too hard on it; still came off as SLIGHTLY dub-con even though i assume that wasn't the intent here.

Or maybe it had been? I mean this was within the SAME time frame of events, Tenchi caught Ryoja macking on Ryoko. For all I know Tenchi got a possessive streak, already 'moody' that Ryoko's profession is entertaining men NOT him and he wanted to stake his claim on her as his.

(as ironic as this sounds since that's ALL she did when she was with him and he never spared her a thought; which again I repeat; how the hell does he expect her to know or think he feels anything other than camaraderie for her when he's the one giving mixed ass signals!? Everything he's done since meeting her AND knowing she's a geisha; whether it was subconscious on his part has been in some way it seems to me to make her utterly jealous and pay some kind of attention to him. From dating that ditzy Kiyoki girl to the meaningful looks or gestures he does with Ayeka, like holding her hands and comforting her)

Which makes me all the more irked with Tenchi's character here. So what she slept with him!? The girl is still unsure of what he really thinks of her, (for all she knows he could've just been caught up in the moment and nothing more) what he really feels of her but he has the audacity to feel all high and mighty? She's LEFT IN THE DARK about what the actual relationship between him and Ayeka is for crying out loud!

I get the other characters calling her out on her shit; but no one's calling the other Masaki members; particularly, Tenchi and Washu out on theirs. Though Washu is another issue; but she hasn't been fully explored yet.

Hmm, and the attitudes they give her about her choice to become a Geisha; while subtle just makes me roll my eyes. Yet lo and behold, Tenchi is using her for the exact thing he hates she's become. If there's one thing I like about this story is that it makes Tenchi realize that the girls can have interests OUTSIDE OF HIM. It also makes him realize how much of a good thing he had until it's gone; mainly because of his indecisiveness.

And I'm soooo frustrated that I will never know if she or anybody for that matter gives Tenchi a piece of their minds. Yes at this point in the story; I have to side with Ryoko. Cuz right now, Tenchi's being a jealous prat who thinks Ryoko's world has to revolve around him and being not only stubborn but willfully idiotic and stubborn!

I swear he became Ryoko's danna, not only to get support for the Art Department, but to spitefully get under Ryoko's skin in the hopes she'll falter to his whims.

And yet, as much as these two being utterly stubborn causes frustration; I can't help but wondered and hope that all of Tenchi's plans to 'seduce Ryoko subtle' it was going to backfire in his face somehow forcing him either let her go or SPELL it out to her how he really feels with no beating around the bush. At this point If the story had continued, I wouldn't want to see Ryoko falter first. I feel like she's been doing that non-stop since Tenchi came back into her life.

Don't get me wrong, my rant isn't a flame or anything; In fact i've enjoyed this story immensely and I love the additional original characters you created in this world. Who may annoyed some because they seem to overtake the plot more than the original tenchi casts; but i think there's a good balance; especially since at this point we got to see how they all eventually came together at some point.

It's just complicated love drama when the two characters involved walk circles around each other because of lack of communication; someone trying to be the noble idiot, other possible love interests for other character make shit HARDER for the couple or just bad timing.

*sighs* Having read this a second time after all these years made we fall in love with the story all over again and hate to see it still sitting within the archives of ffnet forever unfinished.

oh well, you lose some, you win some.

thanks for a great read!

knapper11 chapter 20 . 12/12/2014
Thank you for putting so much work into this wonderful story!
The writing and scene painting are wonderful, Honestly it's one of my favorite stories on the site. (Even if it will likely never be finished.) The characters are dynamic and complex.
My favorite scenes are of course:
Ryoko's flight, when she smacks the sword out of that guy's hand, the entire "Wonderful but horrible" chapter, The hospital scenes/art museum, the scene were she reconnects with Sasami, and the Washu/Aeka scenes when Ryoko is in the hospital. The Washu scene was INTENSE! I loved it, especially because most authors water that relationship down. I don't do it in the fic I'm writing about Washu/Ryoko.
It's a little unbelievable that people started flaming you in the reviews just because the story wasn't going where they wanted.
This would be even more amazing if you changed a few scenes and made Ryoko's character easier to follow. I would have hoped Ryoko would have grown, matured, and come to terms with Tenchi/Washu in the middle of the story. There was huge potential. I was hoping that since she had gotten over them she would hang out with them again, but instead she relapsed to ULTRA GEISHA MODE. If you could compress the later chapters in time and words, and eliminate more of the minor geisha stuff in them, it'd be great.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/18/2010
Alright, I gave this a try for over a dozen chapters because it is well-written... But I finally figured out what my misgivings about this story are and I'll be dropping it. Not that it matters much since it hasn't been updated in 5 years, but...

This story had a lot potential about Ryoko leaving to find herself. However, it has gotten totally lost in the superfluous details of the geisha world.

This story suffers from a fundamental flaw - it completely ignores the substance of the story for the form, just like the romanticization of what are, at the heart and soul of the matter, high class prostitutes. I was hoping that you'd use all this lovely detail and form and do something with it, where Ryoko is empowered as a woman in terms of body as well as personality. Where there is the sensual and physical as well as the artistic and ethereal. Instead, she hasn't had sex with any of her clients, totally cheated the man that won the right to 'deflower' her, and is basically stuck as the same character she was when you had her leave (only instead of being able to fly and use a beam sword, she uses a shamisen and the stylized tools of a sub-culture that exists for its own sake). She isn't confident of her sexuality, it's just a mask.

In addition, the chapters are being driven forward not by the growth of characters or an interesting plot, but by a showcase of the idealized image of geisha, while avoiding the dirt of reality.

Aside from not really making the most of the geisha theme, there are problems with this story as a fanfic.

For the most part, the Tenchi characters are essentially shallow versions of themselves, reduced to just a couple of things required for the plot.

For example, it's quite unbelievable that Ayeka, who has experienced a royal court of far greater history and power than any existing on earth, seems out of place and awkward dealing with the Japanese upper class. She's had her heart broken before by Yosho, and has spent a long, long time getting over many past tragedies to be so badly affected by Ryoko leaving as if she's just a teenager.

Not that the Tenchi characters are particularly deep in canon, but what there was that was charming and interesting about them is almost gone in your story.

You've taken characters out of the setting of the original story, changed their personalities (except for the shallow requirements of getting Mihoshi and Sasami to do little plot bits), and aren't playing with the themes of Tenchi Muyo.

There's no action, no comedy, and the style of romance is different. So what is it even a fanfic for?

You could replace all the names of the characters and remove the space alien mechanics without doing anything to alter the story... which means it's not a fanfic anymore, it's just a vehicle for you to get an audience for a story that should be an original novel, except that you can't get enough of an audience for your ego if you didn't use the Tenchi characters.

Remove the Tenchi names and what is left of this story? It's really a project in imitation of Memoirs of a Geisha.
Sour-Chan chapter 20 . 2/24/2010
Wha, I finally found this fic again... I only started it like 6 years ago while I was in HS or something.. But wanting to finish it I finally found it again. So good, though where it leaves I'm not sure if it's finished or not.. I'm thinkin' not.. but regardless I loved everything I got to read up till now! Wish and hope for more even though it's doubtful.. But still! Good job with that you have, it's been a pleasure reading this fic.
avalon2004 chapter 20 . 2/28/2009
Well, it's 5am as I'm writing this, so I'm sure my comments will be anything but eloquent... But this story is a rare gem. It never goes the way I think it's going to, and I'm never disappointed! You've woven so many threads together here, and woven them so well! I'm dying for Ryoko to finally see the painting Tenchi did of her, and I'm dying to know what's going to happen with them, and I hope Basho isn't terribly ill-and I nearly wet myself with delight when Washu finally turned up, in all her cheeky glory. I noticed it's been quite some time since this story was updated...but I'm hoping against hope that it will be finished.
Sakura Taichou chapter 20 . 1/3/2009
It was years ago that I first read this story and became enamored with it. Since that first time, I have read it a grand total of three times, each time wanting more and always am I saddened to see it still the same, no change, no end. I am well aware that it is a foolish hope, so long now since it was first writ, to see any new chapters posted to a story that regardless of time still holds a place in my mind and heart. I wish you had seen fit to keep going, to not lose the flow of your story and push on in what I still believe is a well written and engaging tale of love, loss, challenge and growing. It's foolish, really greatly foolish, but..I will continue to wish for more and hope to see it, no matter how much time passes. This story with no end, it's the only unfinished story of many that I've read that I burn to see finished, the only one that makes my chest ache. A good story is a rare and cursed thing, when it makes you fall in love and breaks your heart when it stops. I wish I could read more. I really wish I could read more.
Legacy and Rover chapter 12 . 3/28/2008
I thought, from the number of reviews, that I would get a decent story. Instead it's an author trolling for reviews by making my favorite character a whore.

Thanks for wasting my time with that ridiculousness and your extremely boring cast of characters you replaced every other Tenchi character with. If you don't want to write Tenchi fanfiction, there's always original fiction.
Empress Yugi chapter 20 . 12/29/2007
I love this story. I have been reading it and have not been able to stop until I reached the end of chapter 20. Then I had to read it again, cause I loved what I have read so far and would love to read more of it in the future. You have renewed my love of Tenchi/Ryoko fanfiction and renewed my interest in het fanfiction. For writing this beautiful work of art I thank you.
Yme chapter 7 . 6/9/2007
How can someone be a fangirl of a character so much that they write malevolent shit against all the other characters?

This story is like a bratty 13 year old girl's fantasy come true to avenge all the "wrongs" done against her in her life.

Ryoko reminds me of Paris Hilton here.
Melisa S chapter 20 . 4/20/2007
Why? why haven't you finished this wonderful Story!

It's so well done that I don't know what to say!

Hopefully, you'll finish it!

Cya next time!
sal05 chapter 20 . 4/13/2007
Love this story, one of the few form my past I remember reading/loving so much, I guess you can call me an old fan. My only regret or problem with your story is that I'm afraid that you'll never finish your story and it's such a great story. So I begging (and I never beg) "Please" and not just for me but for all you lordly fans of this story PLEASE! can you continued your story. I'll even do fanart for the story. I'm not a writer but I'm an better artist.

check out the site: silversal.
Tezzo chapter 14 . 3/14/2007
Okay, stopped at chapter 14, skimmed ahead to see if I could stomach anymore, but I can't.

If you are anything but a fan of any other character and are looking for a Tenchi fic about anything other than Ryoko don't read this fic. It replaces the whole the whole crew with a whole host of boring people and it makes Ryoko the center character which they revolve about - it also makes her extremely whiny about how everybody in the Tenchi household treated her and it only reminds me of a bad "reality tv" show.

The other Tenchi characters are either ignored, turned into uncaring dolts, or pushed into unlikely plots and react in an equally OOC way.

Ayeka is my favorite character personally and here she is ignored, going out with some stupid ACC, and is generally treated like shit. Sasami is completely cliche and over the top.
Sanity through Madness chapter 20 . 3/4/2007
It might have been two years since the last update of this story... But I still think this is one of my two favorite stories in the TM! section. I remember reading chapter one a few days after it had been published, actually.

While I'm a little sad that it hasn't been continued - and I know it probably won't be - there still needs to be something positive on the review page.
JB chapter 20 . 6/20/2006
i am enjoying ths fanfic if possible e-mail me when you're threw.
Katsuhito chapter 20 . 6/10/2006
Great story! I want to read more. :) I love the twist with the geisha book, and the character development within that paradigm is believable.
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