Reviews for I Remember You
cindy123 chapter 11 . 10/14/2008
Oh no boys, you can't keep secrets from each other. It never works out well. I'm afraid for Sam even more now! Wonderful update, can't wait for more.

Floralia chapter 11 . 10/14/2008
Oh Sam. Dean is relieved by the fact Sam shared his last dream without prompting, and now Sam’s decided to keep this latest one to himself. Sam doesn’t want his weakness to be a burden for Dean; Dean doesn’t want his impending death to be a burden for Sam. They might think they’re acting in the others best interest, but I can’t help but feel it will all backfire on them later.
skag trendy chapter 11 . 10/14/2008
Oh those boys. Always keeping secrets from each other! It's particularly worrying now because if Sam's memories don't come back he won't be able to defend himself when Dean goes, and if Sam keeps this nightmare secret Dean won't be able to help him...what a mess! I'm interested to see how this issue is resolved.

Nice one darlin'

Kind regards,

vonnie836 chapter 11 . 10/14/2008
Whoa, so the planted dreams are over, finally and the brothers finally get to enjoy some time together. And then comes Josh' e-mail. Dean really needs to think hard about what he is doing here. And now Sam's nightmare. Is it really just a nightmare or is Mara invading his dreams? I wonder. Anyway, this was A again. Can't wait to see were you are going now. Hugs, Vonnie
pinkphoenix1985 chapter 11 . 10/14/2008
uh oh! Sam and Dean are in trouble!
SamDeanLover28 chapter 11 . 10/14/2008
devon99 chapter 10 . 10/13/2008
Aargh - cliffhanger!

Lol, another great chapter. Really nice Sam/Bobby exchange.

Still think that Deans withholding of the truth is gonna come back to bite him in the proverbial.

And ? Mara can interact with Sam in the dream world?

Fab stuff.
pinkphoenix1985 chapter 10 . 10/13/2008
OMG! so Sam isn't safe just yet huh?
Floralia chapter 10 . 10/13/2008
It’s good to see Sam and Bobby spending some time together. I like Bobby calling Dean on the logic of not telling Sam about the deal, and that it all seems clearer to Dean the more he drinks. They both make interesting points, but I can't help but think Dean is choosing what's easier for him, not what's best for Sam. But that's understandable too.
BlueEyedDemonLiz chapter 10 . 10/13/2008
Wonderful storytelling which has got me hooked.

Oh and what a cliff hanger! I'll keep my eyes peeled for more of this. I'm so behind on my fic reading but I would not miss this for anything.

Liz x
PhoenixDragonDreamer chapter 10 . 10/12/2008
Gorgeous update! This was a fantastic segment! Can't wait for the next one!

Ah, Dean - Sammy would be so damned mad at you, you noble bastard!


vonnie836 chapter 10 . 10/12/2008
Loved to see Sam getting close to Bobby. But Dean, he is so wrong, how can he belief he is protecting Sam. Well, I do understand where he is coming after all, he has no other way to protect Sam, so he is grasping for straws here. Poor Sam, this is going to be tough. And now the dream, this sounds awful. The demon Mara actually speaking to the real Sam in his dream. Now I'm scared. Can't wait for more. Like always, really wonderful writing. Hugs, Vonnie
sendintheclowns chapter 10 . 10/12/2008
Oh, this Mara chick...this can't be good. And the desk acting as an altar - you have such a creative mind and I love it!

Thanks for the sweet Bobby and Sam moments in this chapter.
sammygirl1963 chapter 10 . 10/12/2008
Another awesome chapter Claudia. Jeez, I really don't like this latest dream. Things are getting intense. I think Dean' wrong-Sammy needs his memory back before the demons take a firm hold of him through the dreams.
amyblair chapter 10 . 10/12/2008
Interesting dream sequences you have going on.

What I really like is that you brought them back home to Bobby's. I love that after their Dad died in ELAC, they heal at Bobby's and then this Season with Dean returning, they heal at Bobby's. Bobby's place really is their safe haven and I love that you bring them here.

Hope Sam gets his memory back soon.

Poor boy.
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