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Deathly Still chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
This is beautiful. It really is. I think the fact that tezuka doesnt show up makes it even better, because its like everyone expects him to.

Its like the readers are actually there...and are seeing and experiencing what Fuji is feeling. I suppose the fact that he went to Hyotei and kicked Atobes ass made it awesome too :)

You added the memories in there really well, the memories arent really forced, and it doesnt seem out of place. So yea, this story is just in general, beautiful. And yes, along with everyone else, I WANT TO SEE A SEQUEL! Or is it already out...?

I shall check then! Im really excited to see other works of yours!

Keep an open mind, thats what I say!
-the Lady Athena over and out
Trees of leaves chapter 1 . 8/28/2011
...really, really wonderful! Your English is not bad at all _ You're really good at describing Fuji's emotions when he's waiting, and incorporating all the other details in as well. I hope you continue to grace to world with your fics!3
TheEndofTag chapter 1 . 3/29/2011 the end, Fuji is still waiting? O_o come on you have to do better than this. I thought for sure that Tezuka will pop up anytime now and say those three precious words. So i am soooo dissapointed that is not the case. But wow. I have to give Fuji credit for waiting. I think most people would have given up already. But nonetheless this is still a heartbreaking beautiful story!
BleuFleur chapter 1 . 11/18/2009
This was an absolute gem of a story that I feel lucky for stumbling across thanks to another reader's list of favorites. First, it was beautifully written. The story's transition from scene to scene was effortless and gently pulled you along. Second, the theme of the story really hit home with me. I had a very close-knit group of friends in high school, but as the years have passed since graduation we've been keeping in touch less and less. Because of that, I could really relate to Fuji's feelings of helplessness as everyone was drifting apart.

I was very impressed by your ability to capture the essence of the characters. Your Fuji family was practically perfect. I also loved your interpretation of the (former) Seigaku regulars as they matured. I really enjoyed the dynamic you created by having the team split apart in so many directions. You did just as good a job with the supporting characters - I was always intrigued when another familiar non-Seigaku character popped up and interacted with Fuji. (Although now I have desire to read more stories where Fuji attends Hyoutei either in Junior or Senior High. Heck, after his interaction with your Yukimura and Sanada, I'm wondering how he'd do at Rikkai!)

In short, you did an impeccable job of conveying the heart of the characters. I would vehemently disagree that there is anything 'fail' about this wonderful story. Although I see that you've written a sequel and I'm looking forward to diving into that story next, this is a beautiful piece on its own and brightened my day after reading it in spite of the bittersweet ending. Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope to read more of your work in this fandom in the future!
454131 chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
I just loved this story. It really gives in depth a real look of how Fuji would look at things as he is a rather difficult character to write about- not going overboard with his sadism and touches of his deep thoughts.

Tezuka was well written here. Hell, everyone's as they should be. You're a great author and this has been one of my favorites of all time. Keep up the great work!
kagayaspirits chapter 1 . 4/22/2009
if fics are always this good, then i dont mind their length, and no, it didnt burn my eyes, theyre good, thanks

ok, snap out of it...

thanks for writing this fic, it brings me back so many beautiful memories from my junior high school. i still visit it every weekend, strolling along the corridors, classrooms and schoolyard, meeting old classmates and chat. it always brings up a nostalgic feeling, and for Fuji, u described it really well, i can imagine seeing him right in front of my eyes.

to the main point of this whole fic, id say im kinda disappointed with no confessions at the end, but to tell the truth, i like it more this way (though i still love happy endings for my favorite couples). their bond really is strong isnt it? and beautiful too. im quite surprised at how Fuji acts in the fic though: giving memorial present, remind self about the past, talk to plants... i wonder if hes really a sensitive person, who longed for the past and unable to move on by himself. its kinda ooc, but i think its reasonable for him to think that way (even though its still odd somehow), and if he really is such a kind of person, hed sure to act like that. Tezukas rather typical, thanks for not making a romantic, clinging-sort of him (too ooc), i like him remaining a stoic (plus an tiny bit of kindness that only Fuji can see :D) person.

overall, great fic, i cant wait to read more like this!
HalfMoon-Smile chapter 1 . 1/19/2009
YEY! Firstly, when I saved it to read later on, I was shock by the long of this fiction. Yeah, firstly I truly agreed this IS excessively long. But changed my mind already. It almost like I was drowning to this, I kept scroll, scroll, scroll, and that’s it! See the bitter end already!

Omigosh, I really felt pity for Fuji. The first time he caught by an illusion, I could feel almost the same pain*of course wouldn’t be the same, since it was not me who fell in love to Tezuka-smirk-* But I think it would be more painful if you made Fuji called out for Tezuka. More dramatic scene…hihihi…But the Seigaku School scene already took that part. So don’t mind my random thought, because it would be very sappy and we don’t want that, right, Sis?

Still love my ore-sama, still sharp as he could be as his narcissm is*glomps Atobe*. I love you characterized Yuuta even more. He’s so mature that I begun to think to marry him*slapped by chair*. But I’ not really see it as OOCness, you right, they grow so there’s a chance they change too. It was too beautiful written that I can’t complain. I’m so proud with Ryouma too, oh my boy has grown so well, be a fine man-except his error interest for boy-*smirk*. The other characters still well handled. But I think their relationship grew too fast. I mean everybody in Seigaku team being a lover*except Taka…Oh, poor Taka-san*. I just still amuse with so many boy-to-boy relationship in one fic…Well, it’s definitely my problem, which I must handle myself*curhat getho ceritanya*

The story itself very stick to the prompt, which means good. Ironically, it must end up bitter. So much angst. And if I could answer Fuji’s remark to Yuuta, I would said,”Both of you were wrong, Stupid!” Their problem was just ‘wait the other to make the first move’ while they’re so ready to be with each other. It’s just an ego and its stupid*ko jadi saya yang sewott?*

As an angst fiction, this stands very beautiful alone. I don’t think I would like a sequel, but I wouldn’t resist if there is, thougho.
Ai-chan chapter 1 . 12/17/2008
please...oh, please...write a sequel...i really want them to be together
yuushibari chapter 1 . 12/12/2008
like the previous TeFus, great work! Terharuu saiyah
GillyRoc chapter 1 . 11/24/2008
Stupid, stupid Tezuka! *kills him for making Fuji sad*

It was nice, a bit sad though :(
nanachan87 chapter 1 . 10/18/2008
this is a sad story about gowing up and drifting apart from friends and ur loved ones, i love it...but i want to see if Tezuka will end Fuji's, please please please make a saquel on this if you dont mind
Speadee chapter 1 . 10/16/2008
I had to go over to LJ to read "Cherry Blossom Petals" since it wasn't posted here at FFNet. Both stories were sad and touching that I almost burst into tears. You kept the tone of "5 Cm Per Second" and "One More Time, One More Chance" well. Good job fitting your stories to the movie and song! The movie tore me apart, and the song also provokes the emotions, but gives me some hope of them meeting again.

Love can be powerful and painful. I can really feel the characters' emotions, especially Fuji's. I like how you had his siblings trying to help him. Good job on showing the good side of Captain Atobe and Yuuta! I also like how Kaidou and Echizen have learned to care more about others.

Wouldn't Captain Tezuka still have been able to come back at times, at least to visit his family? Did Fuji change his mind about going to Hokkaido after receiving the scholarship from Hyotei?

It's true that people can be like the cherry blossoms, starting together, then drifting apart. Still, some cherry blossoms could end up together again due to wind, people, and other factors. They might even land next to each other on the ground. Life is like that, too. We may lose touch with friends, but then later in life we run into them again and get back in touch. I like how you had Yumiko describing that.
Chladriel Velois chapter 1 . 10/9/2008
hey, I almost cried while reading this...


it's so sweet...

especially the part where fuji found himself hallucinating about the good old days in seigaku junior...


Azureila chapter 1 . 10/5/2008
*ngetikin review sambil denger Plaisir D' Amour, instrumental version*

Hola, Isumi-chan! Setelah saya sampai di rumah pagi tadi dan istirahat, selepas maghrib saya bisa juga baca fic ini! Maafkan keterlambatan ini ya, sis? Semoga belum menimbulkan kekesalan karena review yang ngaret, hehe...

First, I want to express a mountain of gratitude wholeheartedly for you, sista! Uwaa, udah lama saya nggak dapat asupan TezuFuji se'dalam' ini. And it's long-winded too. Puas bacanya! Haha, call me biased, but I truly love the angst and drama you've made. You've written this story down nicely, as usual, dan kalo boleh jujur, sejauh ini Waiting merupakan fic TezuFuji dari Isumi-chan yang paling saya suka. Dibanding Kelopak Bunga Sakura yang punya atmosfer penuh harapan, fic kali ini lebih... dalam dan menusuk. Memang sama-sama mengulas topik tentang menunggu seseorang, tapi kali ini harapan yang Fuji punyai nyaris seperti harapan kosong, karena keengganan (atau keangkuhan?) masing-masing untuk mengucapkan kata-kata sakral pengakuan dari hati terdalam itu. Saya CINTA setiap kata. Fuji was being very serious and thoughtful, but it's his facade to restrain all tears inside. I do pity him, really. It must be really hard to waiting in uncertainity, but as someone's told me,"Nothing is certain," and I do hope that all unseen barriers that kept them from confessing everything would be cease.

Hehe, tapi senang juga, karena request saya terdahulu untuk sekuel Kelopak Bunga Sakura dibikin! Persahabatan anak-anak Seigaku juga sangat menyegarkan, seperti biasanya. Golden Pair selalu tak terpisahkan, dan saya setengah mati membayangkan Fuji dalam jersey Hyoutei. Tapi Fuji sih, pakai apa pun pasti kawaii, jadi saya nggak akan komplain. Saya juga puas karena Fuji mengalahkan Atobem itu dendam pribadi semenjak si Ore-sama itu bikin Tezuka main mati-matian sampai cedera, hehe...

Tekad Inui untuk masuk Rikkai demi mengujicobakan jusnya benar-benar mengerikan! Nggak bisa ngebayangin gimana ekspresi Sanada dan Yukimura di sana . Saya cuma mau bunuh Momo karena berani-beraninya punya pacar sedangkan Ryoma sedang di USA. Meski ada excuse, tapi tetap ajaa... gak relaa! *nyekik Momo dengan bandana Kaido sampai sesak*

Bicara soal tulisannya, Isumi-chan pakai teknik highlight, ya *punched for being a wise-ass* Maksud saya, benar-benar menyorot momen-momen paling berkesan dari TezuFuji, baik dari anime maupun manga. Penjelasan setiap momen bikin hati saya ikut perih, seolah merasakan kesepian Fuji. Atobe tajam juga ya, hihi... saya senyum-senyum sendiri saat si narsistis itu membeberkan spekulasinya tentang hubungan mereka berdua. Saya suka banget adegan Yumiko yang perhatian dan sabar menghadapi kelakuan Fuji yang mulai berubah. Terutama bagian,"It’s like you’re asking me to stop breathing, Neesan.." that was awfully sad! Saya sampai speechless, dan saya gak yakin apa racauan ini berguna, tapi... Isumi-chan SUKSES MEMBUAT MOOD TEZUFUJI SAYA BANGKIT KEMBALI! *choked in blissful tears*

Scene Yuuta dan Fuji malah lebih menyayat lagi. Poignant and enthralling at the same time. Yes, if you choose to love someone, it means you have to take all the risks, no matter what they are, even if you are left with emptiness. Even if it hurts and burns you to no end. Kalo boleh saya mau ngutip kata-kata Mr. Paulo Coelho: Cinta itu perangkap. Ketika dia datang, kita hanya melihat cahayanya, bukan sisi gelapnya. Mungkin itulah yang terjadi pada Fuji. Dia hanya melihat cahaya, harapan akan kebahagiaan di dalam diri Tezuka, tanpa menyadari kalau hatinya sudah mulai tertawan dan terjerumus ke sisi gelap karena kerinduan yang kekal. Hiks... apa-apaan itu, Tezuka, lihatlah sebegitu menderitanya Fuji karena dihantui ketidakpastian. Meski mereka sama-sama tahu cinta itu ada, meski dalam bisu, tapi memang ada hal-hal yang lebih baik dikatakan daripada berakhir dengan air mata. Don't let this feeling remains unsaid. Harus ada sekuel. HARUS, kalo nggak saya bakal samperin asrama Isumi-chan! Berilah saya kepastian tentang mereka, sista. Karena setelah hati saya mulai sadar lagi, saya makin merindukan TezuFuji yang sudah terlantar sekian lama TT_TT. Di sekuel nanti, saatnya Tezuka untuk mengaku dan berkata,"Dakishimete shimai sou sa..." or roughly translated as "Let me hold you like this" and then, I can peacefully relax .

To summarize, I have to admit, this gloomy piece of work have brightened my somber fangirl mood. Thank you, sis! Now I'm ready to get back to TezuFuji's civilization! *hugs* See you there, my virtual sister!

With much love and gratitude,

strange-and-weird chapter 1 . 9/30/2008
this is good... pretty good...

the angst -for me- is awesome...

and my phone is also good at shuffling songs because it played "Say that You Love Me" at the last part already...

this fic is really cool... keep up...
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