Reviews for YuYuGiDigiMoon the Movie: The Taiyoukai Awakening
Guest chapter 7 . 1/12/2016
rio and kyo are like kotaro minami and nobuhiko akizuki(kamen rider black and shadow moon)
Ford1114 chapter 14 . 4/23/2015
The final chapter of your first YYGDM movie fic, it’s nice that I finally have my voice take part. Your grandmother is so proud of this accomplishment.

Tokyo is restored to normal thanks to Moon and Mars. Tsukimaru and Maya are proud to rescue Saya and Kurama. Phillipe is going to be an uncle, and we’re surprise that Mars is going to carrying twins. Haha, Seto still is not a huggy person and think Lyn is evil. :P

Another cameo of Cain, well he has his own idealistic views of showing the public of not trusting the heroes.

Glad that the Tamers are entering the same high school, and look Kazu meets Kiyoko. Different paths and careers to take, but their friendship stays strong.

The Neo Spirit Detectives are official, they are indeed the successors with Kohana tagging along. Tea finally goes to New York and Tristan travels around the world (wish I can hope to do whenever there’s vacation). Yugi giving Jaden Little Kuriboh is passing the title to the successor, the first year of Duel Academy comes!

Rei finally gives birth and Kuwabara is surprise to finally know that Yukina is Hiei’s sister. Kuwabara accepts it with Hiei reading his thoughts. :P I feel Hiei is a change man, and wish his and Rei’s two children to have a better future (just like all of us do..). Tears of joy. Rereading these parts and reminding of our determined dreams shows that we already combine old and current generations of anime and pop culture in recent fics.

Finally, we have four villain scenes. One is the shadows of the Demon Priests with Karasu working alongside them. Then we have the new Rajita Warlord leading the Neo-Rajita. Third is the Digimon villains reclaiming their glory to find the seven pieces. Lastly, the Prophet and that female figure observing everything untold. Season 3. Arago. Gamera. Valmarmon. All lead to the Dawn of Chaos.

Top Male Characters: Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Kurama, Kaiba, Yugi, Raizen, Enki
Top Female Characters: Lyn, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Botan, Maya
Top Digimon Characters: Gallantmon, MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon, Beelzebumon, Calumon
Top Male/Female Villains: Kiryu, Cecaelia, Ironclaw, Karasu
Top Villains You Love To Hate: Demento, Dr. Ichigaki, Risho
Top New Characters: The characters that first appear in this story.
Top Comedy Moments: Loki Nekomata’s moments, Lyn is Toon Dragon
Top Battles: Yusuke and allies vs Kiryu, Heroes vs Omega Kiryu
Top Unexpected Twists: Duelists become Duel Monsters, return of Karasu, the mentions of the Demon Priests, Taiyoukai combine
Top Darkest Moments: Demon incursion, Demons planning to breed human females, The Toushin demons’ destructive power, the Makai portal opens, the presence of the Demon Priests, Cameos of the Neo Rajita/Valmarmon’s Legion/chaotic duo.
Fav Couples: Rei x Hiei, Kuwabara x Yukina, Kurama x Maya, Yusuke x Keiko, Tsukimaru x Saya (better love story than Twilight!), Renamon x Inumon
Thoughts on the third season: Well, Dawn of Chaos is finished and caught up with your longest fanfic in existence. I recall the Season Trilogy has an ‘Antagonist Title’ (Pharaohmon/Rajita/Chaos) to share the same theme, though Taiyoukai and Defiants have that as well. With YYH having more screentime back then to finish an individual story (Pharaohmon for Digimon/Yugioh (since back then it use to be YugiohDigimon) and Rajita for Sailor Moon), it all ties together with once the four anime shows’ (I meant the original Yugioh and not the spinoffs) ended with their canon stories, the veterans have put to the ultimate test in Season 3 and succeeded.
Final Thoughts and the future: Man, remembering this movie fic was an impressive feet as a breather between Rajita and Chaos, even though it’s just as action packed. Obviously it’s not as cluster-intensive long as a season, to which the same shall be for Valkyrie Advent. However, Valkyrie Advent as the second movie fic will be less shonen and straightforward original by dealing with mythology (and learning your past lessons). It was this mega crossover franchise and D-Fusion/Kai that change my imaginative outlook, and here I am currently in college while knowing about the harsh competitive job market at an early age. As you said, YYGDM is still here to stay to inspire one thing, hope. Next up: May 2015.
Ford1114 chapter 13 . 4/23/2015
The final phase of the Taiyoukai battles begins.

First, I get to re-look at the first cameo of Cain Bearer, who by first impression shows his distrust to superheroes.

Yusuke and Kiryu went all out going between realms, hell yeah in DBZ style. Maya is going to succeed with Okami’s help.

The big one, all the Taiyoukai fuse into one big Omega Kiryu, another kaiju on the loose! This is a much tougher battle for the heroes.

Wow, the first time Mars becomes Houou Mars after coming to terms with the cosmic force. Ichigaki and Risho are trapped, serves them right. Maya uses the dagger to free Kurama and weaken the fused Taiyoukai.

They split and each Toushin gets defeated (Cecaelia saying she loves Kiryu, well it officially happen in our Abridged series). Demento is betrayed by Karasu and another mention of the Demon Priests as the true perpetrators. Kiryu is the last to be defeated.

The battle is finally over with Kurama being revive, thank god. One more chap to go! What is indeed going to happen to us?
Ford1114 chapter 12 . 4/23/2015
The Toushin demon era approaches. Sorry I forgot to comment that preview the Taiyoukai took over last chapter, it was still funny as ever.

The fight is heating up as six of the Taiyoukai are doing 3 mini-fusions to fight back our heroes. Another shock when the Demon Priests is mentioned again.

Oh no, Kurama’s soul is taken! Yusuke becomes his Mazoku form and he’s kicking ass. At the same time, Maya is going to save her boyfriend.

Holy cow, Makai’s portal is open and that the Digidestined enter it for the first time to confront the dragon demon only they return back to Earth. More demon mooks are attacking Shinjuku with the heroes holding off. Yusuke arrives and is going to settle this.
Ford1114 chapter 11 . 4/23/2015
Yusuke and friends arrive to fight back Kiryu and the evil demons. Saya is saved, but off course eventually the demons no longer care about her as they are too focus on Kurama’s soul.

Oookay, should have put the details of Duelists vs Imps before then. I still laugh that Lyn is the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon much to Seto’s anger. Again, Duelists have more points than home-wreckers, good for them.

More reinforcements to help out Spirit Detectives. However, all Eight Taiyoukai unite and begin the extraction process. Someone help Kurama since he’s one of my fav characters!
Ford1114 chapter 10 . 4/23/2015
Battle continues.

Then the Duelists meet Pegasus as the creator of Duel Monsters explains the ability to become Duel Monsters themselves. A good plot twist because their not going to play children’s card games for long against real opponents. Take an example of the combined imps, to which the Duelists exterminate. Duelists get the scores out of zero for imps we don’t care about. Nice mention of Apep and the confliction with the Sun God, there’s more mythos to uncover.

Raizen likes to toughen up Yusuke to not give up. Other Spirit Detectives are rescuing Tsukimaru and Kurama. Wow, Hiei just saw Mars naked. :D
Ford1114 chapter 9 . 4/23/2015
Hey, Yusuke reunites with Enki and Yomi. Being Raizen’s descendant sure helps. Kiryu arrives in his glory and reveals he fought Raizen in the past. Well, history repeats himself when Yusuke fights the dragon.

The fights with the Taiyoukai Eight are pretty difficult. Glad Pluto arrives to help the heroes.

Meanwhile, the Duelists are finding the place that is Industrial Illusions, much to Kaiba’s annoyance of who that goofy voice might be.

Oh god, the demons are going to use Kurama’s soul to have the Taiyoukai fuse for engine of destruction.

Kiryu defeats Yusuke, but shows some honor because he hates killing the weak.

Rei is healing Hiei and the energy synchronizing feels like intercourse, good description.
Ford1114 chapter 8 . 4/23/2015
How sickening the evil demons have of half-breeds and capturing female humans to mate. Hope its tone down a bit alongside nudity Saya (with wearing just a bra and undies) should it be revise (same goes for the more than one exclamation marks in dialogue).

The Amazon Quartet becomes senshi, not bad. Shishi does look like the dog deva, except Shishi is the big daddy! Tokage Keroro and Cecaelia make their grand (more so for the latter) appearance. Mukuro has an old rivalry with Cecaelia I see.

The last Toushin is coming, him being the fire demon shows that he tributes the mighty Shendu.
Ford1114 chapter 7 . 4/23/2015
The Makai Kings, Enki and Shura appear. The Taiyoukai are indeed known as the Toushin due to being so strong.

Heroes are now fighting the first two awaken Taiyoukai and Demento’s group. Draco counts as the weakest of the Taiyoukai they face. Those villains are calculating demon ranks like power levels. Oh shit, the Makai insects make their return.

Hiei comes face to face with Karasu as the evil demons take notice of him falling for a miko. Yeti and Relam are the next two to be free.

There’s nudity with Tsukimaru and Saya, but I hope you edit this since the fanfic is now T-Teen. The cat kidnaps Saya and figure out she’s pregnant. I relearn of Rio showing his hatred to the Demon Priests and giving away a black aura alongside mentioning the Demon Stones. Kyo and Kohana are mentioned for their connections. Rio will learn that not all demons are bad.

More of the Makai allies are coming at the end.
Ford1114 chapter 6 . 4/23/2015
Nice to mention the Gaiden series before this next chapter, to which it’s already been revive and looking forward to the West Coaster prequel.

More skirmish fights against demons. Yugi and Joey are still using their dragon armors. Ah, now that’s a Dance Hall event going with Tsukimaru/Saya and their group (reminds us that we did something in NYNF). Tsukimaru is about to leave only that Loki arrives in the scene, yes it’s confirm that Tsukimaru is a vampire. Cat droves off. Saya confesses her love to Tsukimaru.

I saw the Amazoness Quartet, former enemies from that season where Pegasus is involved. Yusuke and Kuwabara are piss to see Ichigaki and Risho.

Saya and Tsukimaru make love. Since 2008 is the year where Twilight is released, yeah, Saya x Tsukimaru is a better love story than Twilight (sparkly vampire and everything about the franchise suck ass).

The first Taiyoukai is free, an armadillo named Ironclaw! Then a tree demon named Madeira which you inspired it from Madara Uchiha and stuff. The heroes are obviously shocked. :P
Ford1114 chapter 5 . 4/23/2015
Halloween begins, Takato dresses up as our favorite keyblade wielder, oh my Guilmon is Pumpkinmon (yeah, he and Gotsumon appeared in House of Madoka :P). Oh nice, Rika is Tifa in her Advent Children attire. Phillipe is Edward Elric, then in House of Madoka he’s Al while Himura is Edward. Oh my, JP is Fat Buu and looking back with D-Reaper’s Fury ongoing.

There are some FMA cosplays, well its 2006 with the manga remains ongoing and Brotherhood has yet to be release 3 years later. Seto has yet to wear a costume. Haha, Mako defeats Weevil. Aww yeah, Yusuke is Goku that he’s inspired by him and his voice actor is Raditz. :P Yay, Minako is Haruhi Suzumiya. Oh right, we get to meet Rio Kuroshishi as Minako’s boyfriend.

Holy shit! Kurama is kidnap and Karasu is back from the dead! Fangirls go screaming when Karasu and Kurama reunite. :O Then demons attack the heroes and the conflict starts.
Ford1114 chapter 4 . 4/23/2015
The last day before the Halloween party, even though the heroes are cautious of the Taiyoukai.

Saya acts like a teenage girl to her new boyfriend. Tyra and Helena introduces themselves to the Duelists.

Tsukimaru and Saya are under attack, but Sailor Venus arrives to help! Oh great, here is the first mention of the Demon Priests.

Next chapter, Halloween!
Ford1114 chapter 3 . 4/23/2015
Ah, another birthday from you back then, I was 15-16 around that time.

Saya is attacked by those thugs till she’s save by a vampire. It’s a nice introduction to these two as they are traveling back home. Well, they are talking to each other.

Haha, Impmon tells Loki Nekomata to get out of my property. We figured that Tsukimaru is once with Demento’s group till he meet Saya, it’s another interspecies love that change things. Kurama remains suspicious of a personal enemy will return.

Good for Saya voicing characters and want to be a script writer as time goes on for her career. Tsukimaru is finding some room to rest.

The groups are finding those Taiyoukai seals, but to no avail. Haha they found Loki’s ass.
Ford1114 chapter 2 . 4/23/2015
Next chap, Takato is having some nightmare about Suzaku. Does he miss him or what? Seto and Lyn need the Halloween break they need.

October 2006, this is the month where Code Geass and the anime version of Death Note were release. 5 years later in October 2011 was where Guilty Crown was release. For that matter with Halloween is your favorite holiday.

Minako and Saya are still going at it I see. Suzaku tries to apologize, but Takato still needs time till it comes, they patch up to prepare for the upcoming threat. Wow, Yugi is confident to ask Tea for the date. Ah, Max and Sam learn about how Seto sorted the Egyptian God cards from lowest to highest in Duel Academy.

Yui and the Neo Detectives will be teenagers soon. Kurama confirms his suspicions about Demento. They learn about these Taiyoukai Eight sealed throughout Tokyo, reminding me of the demon sorcerers from Jackie Chan Adventures. The Spirit Detectives are giving hints of opponents more powerful than Sensui.
Ford1114 chapter 1 . 4/23/2015
Next, I am reviewing Taiyoukai’s Awakening for the first time after a few rereads! Another task to await YYGDM’s return on May (alongside a second movie fic titled Valkyrie Advent). Man, this is the first to have YYH villains involve which I’m glad to see the anime having an expanded universe that takes further to Makai, Demon Ranks, and so forth. YYH remains one of my childhood favs. 2008, this was also the time of Toonami’s first cancellation and changing your username. Well, you now use gmail often than yahoo.

Nice background of Makai with how it exist since the beginning of time even before the dinosaurs, and what not it says about the powerful Toushin demons existing. Oh great, we have Dr. Ichigaki and Risho appear and they are just as pathetic as ever. Some demon name Demento shows up (his name reminds me of Dimento from Paper Mario) and shows them to free the Taiyoukai Eight, kicking way to start the plot!

Haha, Takato talks about not having facial hair, hey your still you. An underground band called Burning Dragons, well as of now, Imagine Dragons has become prominent. More name ideas such as the Sacred Beasts (Sacred Beast cards reference). Tamers are having a good time as teenagers.

Yugi is all grown up and remembers the memories with the Pharaoh well, he is indeed taking the confident role, in which we can relate to him. Joey and Mai’s situation reminds me of young people living in apartments in real-life, but at least their going well. Tea is going great to save money while Tristan working in a garage feels open-minded. Kaiba founding Duel Academy is the start-up to new generations of Duelists with education.

We have the main cast, which are the Spirit Detectives of course! Enki becoming the king shows the co-existence between Demons and humans, that Makai tournament is a game changer to the real thanks to Yusuke alongside coming to terms with his half demon heritage. Good for him and Keiko having a kid, alongside helping the restaurant business (reminds another example of college life and beyond).

Rei Hino is moving on after her bad experience with Yami Houou, and look, the Kuiper Belt Senshi are mention as part of the next generation lead by Sedna. Yes I remember the friendship between Tyra and Lyn.

I remember Loki Nekomata well, meow!
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