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Guest chapter 15 . 4/18/2018
I enjoyed this
kolgrim88 chapter 5 . 3/3/2018
this was a nicely written chapter. best Hagrid i have read
BrettVT chapter 15 . 2/21/2018
Shame this never got finished, it’s very inventive.
777MAR777 chapter 8 . 2/3/2018
The end of the chapter was a disappointment.

You go on and on, chapter after chapter on how badass Harry is, and then he doesn't have the balls to kill Malfoy and is bitching how stickly blood is?

And don't give me the whole "oh but it's what canon Harry would have done" bs, because it's not true. You pushed Harry so much that the way you wrote it now seems completely unrealistic. As he goes through all this crap, his personality has to change too.

I don't even know why I'm writing this considering it's abandoned...
omh666 chapter 15 . 10/20/2017
Noooo! Why oh why would I have to find such a great story that isn't finished? ... And seems to be permanently doomed to remain that way? I truly did love reading this and am quite sad to see it's last been updated in 2012. Here's hoping you might be possible to coax back to finish this excellent creation.
catsmeat84 chapter 15 . 10/6/2017
Ahhhh this is excellent & i'm incredibly torn up that it hasn't been updated in years. This is one of the better written & interesting fics I've come across.
LogicBuff chapter 15 . 9/6/2017
Excellent fic. Following in case you update :)
Gwydion chapter 15 . 7/29/2017
Ahh, well, I have finally reached the end. It was quite fun while it lasted, and while I doubt it will be continued at this point, I still feel compelled to follow it just in case.

I really like how interesting this story is. It has unique elements that make it stand out while still feeling very much a part of the Harry Potter world. I enjoy the bits we see of the Other side as well as the various creatures and such that come from it, Karakash being by far the most amusing, but Mud and the Black Lake being welcome additions as well. Sad to not have some answers about the Goblins as of yet, though. The look into blood magic was neat as well, and I really liked the idea of Harry trying to make his own wand with the help of an old portrait of a wandmaker. The mystery of Harry - and his magical blood - may remain just that, but I enjoyed the glimpses of it we did get.

The characters and their interactions were wonderful as well. I really liked Harry in this, especially, but Tonks, Karakash, Dumbledore (and his impostors), Madam Pomfrey, and all the rest were great as well. Even Sirius who wasn't even strictly there was handled perfectly. Tonks and Harry especially had good chemistry, and while the idea of a 20-something potentially flirting with a just 16 year old isn't something I'd condone, Harry's crush on a cool, older chick with an exciting life/job feels very natural. Congrats on pulling this off without giving me creepy vibes, haha. While a good plot will intrigue me, well written characters are what truly get me to stick with a story, and this one had both so I was definitely hooked very early on.

And, as I have already mentioned once before, I really must reiterate my love of the overall writing and tone. Rarely does a piece of fanfiction get me to laugh out loud, but this one definitely had its moments. "At least human size. Normal human, not you—you freaking scrawny." Little moments like this one that seem so natural and unforced are what get me the most, and you'd be hard pressed to find an instance of this in your writing that didn't at least make me smile. I really do love a story that can be interesting, exciting, dark, and yet still be funny as well. It really did make it very fun to read!

Well, this is it. I'll leave you with a simple thanks for writing as much of this as you did, and I hope you find time to write - even if just something for yourself - as you really do have quite the knack for it. Good luck with whatever you get up to!
Gwydion chapter 12 . 7/27/2017
It's amazing how such a fun, interesting, unique story can also pull just the right heartstrings when it needs to. Everything about Sirius' will, from what he wrote, left everyone, and Harry's reaction, was perfect, a lovely balance of humor and heartache. Oh, I'm going to be so sad when I reach the end of chapter 15...
Gwydion chapter 9 . 7/27/2017
Funny how I just leave a comment about how I really enjoyed the humor and THEN I meet Karakash. Loved the banter between him and Harry! Definitely got a laugh out of me!
Gwydion chapter 7 . 7/27/2017
I have no idea where this story is going, and judging by the last update, well, date, I'm likely to be left with a lot of questions in the end. But I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying how you wrote this. In another person's hands this could be a grim-dark story that's super depressing, but the way you write it brings a welcome humor to it. Oh, it's definitely not a hilarious, happy story, of course, but there are so many lines that have gotten a real giggle out of me, and I wouldn't have expected that from this sort of story.

"I wish you were a screw," he told it after a moment. Unfortunately, the nail wasn't listening, and remained a nail.
It seemed he would eventually have to dabble in some arithmancy, but with this solidifying base of knowledge, he had actually begun to understand some of the concepts.

A little. Bits of it. Well, smidges here and there were becoming slightly clearer than mud.
"So how did you all end up here?" He was wondering if they'd all been abducted for various reasons like he had.

They exchanged glances among themselves, before one spoke up. "Well I killed me grandmum, Mister Potter."

Another man nodded. "I knocked over a bank in Dublin; killed two o' the muggle tellers."

"I Imperiused my boss."

"I used the cruciatus on my neighbor's dog… and then my neighbor."

One young woman shouted, "I burnt down most of my college!"

There were loads more, of course, but just a couple of the lines that highly amused me. I really enjoy how you're able to do that - keep just enough bits light so that the piece as a whole doesn't feel too heavy while never undermining how serious a lot of various situations and predicaments have been. A really fun read so far! I'll be sad to see it end!
Simianpower chapter 5 . 7/27/2017
So Harry skipped breakfast and lunch, realized he was stupid-hungry, then followed Hagrid around all afternoon and went straight to dinner. Guess he forgot that he was stupid-hungry, eh? If so... why add it in? It's empty language that doesn't affect the story at all and leaves a hanging plot thread, trivial though it may be.

Also, the constant foreshadowing for the Galloping Galleon is extremely heavy-handed, and the rest of the plot seems to be totally stalled. This had an interesting premise in the first chapter, but hasn't really gone anywhere since. Not sure why it's so highly recommended on DLP.
Helene Nightfire chapter 15 . 6/18/2017
Fantastic story! I hope you decide to finish it someday. A fun fantasy story you can run through at bedtime to relax.
I hope RL is getting easier. I know it took me ages to get a survivable income. Thank goodness for parents!
nosleepforhoes chapter 15 . 4/24/2017
I'm truly devastated I'll never see the end of this wonderful series. Thank you for what I got to see!
Echo864 chapter 15 . 4/11/2017
Holy crap! This is one of the coolest fanfics I've ever read! Brilliantly written, I love reading about the other side. Karakash is hilarious! I love his angry Chinese man voice. And little muddy sounds so cute! I wonder if his blood wand works with only his blood as the main foci because he's more creature than wizard? Is he more like the river spirits? Oh I really hope you continue writing this story, it's so good! And I'm dying to unravel the mystery of how he got his power/what the goblins know/why are the dementors after him? Thank you for writing this fic! I've followed you I case you add any more to it :)
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