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Whilom chapter 1 . 10/13/2009
The first line made me laugh. With all the roughing-it the boys do, they just seem like they would know how to camp, be able to whip up a tent without any trouble (if they even bother with tents), and so naturally it would seem they would like it. But when you think about it, since half of the time they’re off in the wild, camping probably loses a whole lot of its charm, particularly because s’mores and card games are generally not involved.

The Robert Frost reference was bittersweet and perfect for Sam. And this conclusion to it: ** He just didn’t realize that Sam had stopped straddling both worlds when he’d looked into his dying brother’s eyes in the Impala’s rear view mirror, and there was no going back from that.**

** Dean went limp. Sam went ballistic.** Great phrasing.

And Dean calling Sam back from murder, grounding him again, was a great part. Loved this line: ** Dean’s hand tangled in his hair with a surprisingly solid grip, like he was afraid one of them would fall away.**

This was a really neat idea for a story, almost a rich!Benders type thing. Plus, you skillfully handled some difficult elements: Dean being incapacitated, yet very in character and a part of the story, and lots of fight scenes, which you always describe realistically, without too much of the ‘he feinted left and punched right’ stuff that can hang up the storyline. I loved how Sam was so strong in this one, very determined and “This is the way it’s going to be. I love you, so deal.” How you think of such greatness is beyond me. :) Awesome job! Again, another favorite.
Gohanzgirl chapter 1 . 10/2/2009
lol Loved that last line! Great Fic!
Alyssa Halliwell chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
Loved this. Really liked the inclusion of Sam's Stanford friends, and I really liked the idea of psycho human hunters.

Great job
annie200 chapter 1 . 1/17/2009
Lovely story. You really conveyed Dean's wholw "I want you to stay but I'm not worth it" low sense of self, and i could feel Sam's total frustration building. Perfectly in character. Thank you.
BlueSea14 chapter 1 . 1/10/2009
This was excellent. Like a turnabout of 'The Benders', with Sam's college-buddies thrown into the mix. I really enjoyed reading about that, and I really liked how the twisted human beings were from upper-class families and it was a generational thing. That was interesting. :)

Good job!
drkstormynite chapter 1 . 10/28/2008
Wow, great story, enjoyed it very much.

Always enjoy the brothers caring for each other.

And a little hurt/Dean is always good!

How sick is that? hehee

Thanks for sharing this story.

Pinkchick chapter 1 . 10/26/2008
This was a great story and I loved reading it from beginning to end. :D The way you portray both their need for each other was wonderful. A little hurt Dean didn't hurt either! :D Great job.
deelyn78 chapter 1 . 10/21/2008
I have been hooked on your stories ever since I read the first one. This one is my favorite so far. This story shows that evil doesn't always come in the form of the supernatural. I like that Dean had to suffer through the pain without immediate help. And that when help came, it was a hospital, cause come on let's face it, they can't always just patch each other up. I love the show but sometimes its too unrealistic in that aspect. I mean this was a real injury where Dean couldn't just get up and shake it off and Sam couldn't fix him.

You portray Dean really well too. Sometimes it seems like his character gets portrayed as a drunken slut. But you don't do that. How could he look out for Sam if that was the case? In your stories he feels like he always has to be strong even when Sam steps up to the plate & is right there when Dean needs him, physically & emotionally. You show very well that Dean is vulnerable and human even if he thinks it makes him weak. If you couldn't tell Dean is my favorite! And maybe it's sadistic but I love to see him hurting!

You have a great writing style that draws the reader in and doesn't let go, compelling them to find out what happens next.

jp123 chapter 1 . 10/21/2008
Another brilliant story, thank you so much
Twinchy chapter 1 . 10/6/2008
What an amazing, imaginative, fast paced and well written story!

Sam's meeting his college friends again (and realizing for the first time their differences separated them more than bring them together) was as heart-breaking as his deperate care for his older brother when the hunters shot Dean to make things more interesting...

Wonderful characterizations of the boys and the other people involved, especially the reaction Sam's buddies showed after the brothers were rescued. Louis in particular won my heart stating how much he admired their selflessness in helping others and that this had been Sam's choice all along - he merely took another path for rendering assistance.

Apart from that, I really loved the way our Winchesters fought back and set traps despite their being outnumbered and severely injured. Their brotherly banter and determination to both survive the hunt and pi** their captors off, felt true to the show in every aspect.

Gorgeous too how Dean knew their location in the middle of nowhere even after getting knocked out and taken some place else.
bhoney chapter 1 . 10/5/2008
There were so, SO many things about this fic that I adored. Thank you for writing it, and for doing such a great job putting in all the stuff I asked for. I've already raved about it in emails to you, so I'll try to keep this short. :)

I really liked the way you handled the conversation with Sam's friends around the campfire, them asking him questions, but showing how disconnected he is from them now by not showing his responses, but rather the realizations he's coming to while

they're talking. Masterfully done. I'm still hoping you'll write the Old Faithful water nymph story, it sounds cool.

I LOVED beyond words how Dean was watching over Sam from the woods while he was with his friends, and Sam talking to his friends, but telling them what he wanted Dean to hear: “The places we stopped were cool, but you know what’s the best part?” he said casually. “Flying along a long straight road with the windows down and Zeppelin on the radio and not having to talk ‘cause it’s just perfect and there’s nothing to say.” He met the others’ eyes, lingering on Louis, listening for Dean. “It’s like…it’s only the two of you and the car in the whole world. And the Coke’s warm and your throat’s sore ‘cause you were playing ‘I went to…’ for the last hundred miles,

and you don’t really know where you’re going, but it doesn’t matter, you know? Because you’ve got everything you need right there…” Wow. That was really touching, and I'm glad Dean got to hear it. Love that Sam was so in tune with Dean that he knew he was there in the woods, watching over him. You did that elsewhere in the story too, had Sam tell things to his friends that he wanted Dean to know, because the boys are in tune with each other enough for Sam to know Dean's listening, and it's one of my very favorite things EVER.

Other really poignant lines that stood out to me: "And that feeling of being watched, of maybe being understood, faded and died. Or it felt like a death, anyway." "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood." Loved the allusion to Frost. "It was a relief to turn back toward Dean, to head home." "He just didn’t realize that Sam had stopped straddling both worlds when he’d looked into his dying brother’s eyes in the Impala’s rear view mirror, and there was no going back from that. Dean was stuck with him. It should have felt oppressive, but it felt like freedom." "They could stand their ground here. He could protect Dean here." "Dean went limp. Sam went ballistic." "It was just a whisper now, but he could always hear Dean, even in silence." "They’d survived. Handicapped and outnumbered but together, they survived. He’d been ready to kill to assure it." "Besides, he was pretty sure someone else was listening, and Sam wanted to lie to him even less." I LOVE the way you infuse your writing with so many layers, and so much emotion.

I loved that the threat was a human one, and LOVED that Dean and Sam were able to take down 3 of the 5 guys, even when they were chained up. And wow-the scene where Dean begs for Sam's life? That was like a punch in the gut! And then Dean got shot! I was NOT expecting that! Wow-and the guy's reasoning, to see if Sam feels as strongly about Dean? Holy cow! Loved that Sam was able to prove to Dean that he does. LOVED the exchange after Dean's shot: "No way…’m I gettin’ outta…here like this, Sam." “No way am I leaving you here like this, Dean,” Sam said flatly.

I loved that, even though Dean was hurt, he was still a really big part of their victory. From his innate sense of direction, to coming up with the plan to use traps, he was still a great partner to have, and you did a good job of showing their teamwork, how they complement one another. Loved the mention of Dean teaching Sam as a kid, and encouraging him. And I especially loved the little flashback you threw in there. I ADORED the idea of them using traps to bring the guys down, and it worked well with the location, which I also really enjoyed. And I absolutely loved that Dean was still able to take one of the guys down (I got a real sense of satisfaction out of that groin injury), even when so injured himself.

And possibly my favorite line of the entire story: "But weakness and pain had never stopped Sam’s big brother before, especially not when he was fighting for Sam. And he was always fighting for Sam." Wow. SO true! And then the part when Sam's fury is unleashed on the guy who shot Dean: "He screamed. Dean, who’d been completely opaque in his grief, who rarely let even the one person he truly trusted to glimpse his pain. The naked cry rocked Sam like a blow." "Sam made himself a wall between the threat and his downed brother, fists clenched and face hot with fury." WOW! I LOVE protective Sam...and it just kept getting better: “You’re not touching him again.” “You shouldn’t have touched him at all.” I love it when Sam defends his big brother. And even better: " '…stay…wi’…me…' ...If he’d known this was what it took, he might have shot Dean himself sooner...Sam pressed his face against his brother’s trembling shoulder. Dean’s hand tangled in his hair with a surprisingly solid grip, like he was afraid one of them would fall away. Sam just hugged him close...wanting a moment first to rest, to just sit there and soak up being wanted and needed and a brother instead of a hunter again." WOW! This made me very happy.

Loved the little bit of humor in the hospital, with the "grasshopper" story. Very cute, and very in character for the boys. LOVED the ending, from: "His friends had played an important role in his life, but Dean was the one who’d really raised him, the one was the most responsible for making Sam the man he was today. He was the reason, on so many levels, that Sam was sitting there now. Funny how Dean seemed to know everything important about Sam except for his own worth to his little brother." to: “This is where I’m meant to be.” to: “Go to sleep, Dean. You can grind me into the dirt with a brilliant comeback tomorrow." "I’m not going anywhere.” to: "Dean sighed as he settled to sleep, turning his head away from the door, toward Sam. Trusting his brother to watch his back." *happy sigh*

Yep, this story is pretty perfect (and this review nearly as long as the story itself, LOL). THANK YOU! Needless to say, it will join my faves list. Thanks for making my first fanfic auction experience a totally amazing one! :)
supernaturalbuffy chapter 1 . 10/5/2008
i really liked this one. it had a little more action in it than your usual stories. i also liked dean's angst over everything especially about how sam feels about him. sometimes he's so insecure.
reading chapter 1 . 10/4/2008
So, I've already read this, I think, three times. Just haven't had the chance to review. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. You do action so well and I loved how you set up the taking of the boys, Dean being hurt and then their digging in. I also liked the insight into Dean's way of teaching Sam and how those patterns from their childhood still exist - though now in the context of friend and partner, as well as brother. I also liked the development of Louis in the time since Sam had last seen him. His life has gone on and their have been major changes in who he is. Soldier now, instead of college boy. I don't know. I just thought it really exemplified the fact that all of them had grown up and into different people, in a way. Nice name for the new girl. :)
RavenMerc chapter 1 . 10/2/2008
Owie! Poor boys.

Great story and the villains...human monsters...are chilling. Great job as always. :)

carocali chapter 1 . 10/2/2008
In Skin, when we met some of Sam's old friends, I just ached for the boys. Dean got to see a part of Sam that he had no part of, and Sam was taken from the only bit of 'normal' he had. In addition to this moment on the trail, we learn that one of Sam's friends is a Marine, which especially stings as they're still dealing with the fresh loss of John. Ouch!

Stories like these are actually scarier because you can almost forgive the monsters - they don't know any better. But people doing stuff like this? Its just an awful thing, and when the boys are already emotionally detached from each other, it makes it even worse.

But, as always, they perservere - together - and understand they need each other more than ever.

Thanks for sharing!
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