Reviews for tis evil in the wild to fare
ccase13 chapter 1 . 1/28/2012
I'm glad teenage Dean saved a grateful girl. He deserves the luck.
the muse77 chapter 1 . 10/16/2008
Aw, love this story :) Teenage Dean helping save the same. I can just imagine little 13/14 year old Sammy sitting at home waiting for them to get back.
NC Girl chapter 1 . 9/30/2008

Of all your stories, this might just be my all-time favorite! I was laughing throughout and honest-to-god, I wanted to clap at the end. It was as fun as it was funny and the ending brought back all those giddy feelings of teenagerdome. (Did I just make up a word? I think maybe.)

Anyway, there were several parts/lines that jumped right off the pages but to point all of them out, I might as well highlight the whole story. So here were my favorites:

. . .the belief that people are fundamentally good and not even the notoriously mean breed of humans that metamorphose into “the popular kids” once they’re old enough to go to high school . . .

. . .letting you fall out of the chair and crawl forward on stumps of limbs, dripping blood, rope fibres sticking to the wounds.

Wow. OK, morbid.

If you can’t die someplace clean, then at least you should be allowed to die in peace. Isn’t that in the Geneva Convention, or something? We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all men must be permitted to die in peace.

(perhaps the best lines of the story!)

He’s quiet and grim, usually, although you noticed that his sons can still make him smile. . .

(I absolutely adore this sentence. It perfectly and completely illustrates my image of John.)

Okay, I could go on but this "review" could become as long as the story itself.

THANK YOU for making my week. As always.
Tears of Trees chapter 1 . 9/28/2008
That was nice. It was sort of like a random side story, that fits. I liked how you wrote from the girl's POV, though it was more like she was talking about how you would do stuff. . . Yeah. . . Anyway, I liked the way you wrote it :) I liked the way you described John,

"Like he can see right through you, and knows all the places to hit you so that you’ll shatter"

That just seemed like how John really is/was. :)
darksupernatural chapter 1 . 9/28/2008
I liked this. Just enough of a hunt to be an enjoyable read. Like the fact that it's from someone else's POV.