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ArtificialRangerLiuria chapter 2 . 7/4/2017
I wonder if you'd ever consider rewriting this like you did with Rend (well Rend is the rewrite but you get my point). The story itself is perfectly good, but a lot of these mechanics are subpar. Lots of awkward and weak wording, and Jarod's open welcoming of a royal who has trouble following them is highly unrealistic. While not everyone is so cruel, it would have been a normal reaction for him to say "Sorry, I gotta worry about my village first and foremost. Go to a town with knights and have them protect you," or at least for him to take precautions to hide her existence from everyone so that no info spread. And yeah, the OCs are a little much. Daeia and Fey, alright, but Jarod seems unnecessary. Unless he's intended to be a new mainstay (which as an OC he shouldn't be) you should have left him nameless, the only way to reasonably do so being to cut down on his screentime. His name leads the reader to believe he'll make more appearances.
Nestila crystal chapter 18 . 2/3/2015
vaati is stating to remind me of Discord when he said the last sentence...
Kittyninja1212 chapter 1 . 4/1/2014
[ Hey! Find me on DeviantArt! Same username! ]
Annie Nomonous chapter 1 . 7/10/2013
Again I am hooked on your stories... You have Talent for writing LoZ Fanfictions.
Black-fox Lia chapter 4 . 3/30/2013
It start very very well :D
Jmaster4 chapter 22 . 7/19/2012
Words cannot describe the happiness I feel at the moment.
Guest chapter 33 . 7/18/2012
That, that was the best Vaati story I have ever read. And, though I'm a bit annoyed that its over, you made that ending surprisingly good.
It took me two days to read that fanfiction, and I deprived myself of sleep over reading it, but I don't regret reading it. I shall now be stalking all of your writing
Heh, I always knew there would be a happy ending:3
Kate chapter 35 . 2/7/2011
There are no words for how good this story is. :) shadow link was funny! I'm slightly unsure wether to read tue next story or to not... Ah well, I probably will. ;) thank you for writting this story! I hope you have gotten all the sleep you need. (reference to you saying you've stayed up really late to finish writting chapters). Thanks again for writting this story and sharing it! ~_~

HungryDemon777 chapter 33 . 1/4/2011
Ok this is how your a good author...

A- You managed to make me cry for vaati i was litterally screaming for him to be ok

B- You make me laugh like a son of a bitch

This story is amazing and as another fan raving ill say this you stayed true to the chars and you managed to even have vaati have a peacfull ish end this is going to be short because i am at a loss for words I adore your works i wish i saw your stuff sooner
msfcatlover chapter 33 . 9/1/2010
So I was going over this, re-reading my favorite scenes, and thought "Alright, I don't know this song. I should probably look it up." And now I'm close to tears, because it really does fit your Vaati so well, not to mention it's actually a really sad song if you think about it. Maybe it's just because I try to find a story in every thing and you provided one, and I'm just picturing the saddest parts of your story, and it probably has something to do with teenage hormones as well, but...damn...Now I know why you ended with that. If this was a movie, that is the only song they could play while running the credits.
LilyMoonstone chapter 35 . 8/10/2010
It's Daiea, right? I prefer good Vaati. Too bad he grew up, I still want 2 hug him! XD Its so sad I even cried! What's AU, ALttP n flames?
StaminaRose chapter 3 . 7/31/2010
usually i wait until the end of a series to review, but i just wanted to say that here are some good OCs to counter Opals badness. I dont mind the villagers at all, i like OCs that make sense. of course there would be villagers in zelda, no problem with you giving them names. I like Fey a lot too, a fairy can never be overpowered or plot breaking, and shes kinda cute in thatbottle. i even like zeldas daughter. alright, so the children of real characters are usually annoying as hell as characters, but shes too young to be that and besides - they were bound to have a kid some day. in my oppinion it barely even counts as an OC. shes a nice blend of innocence and attempted bravery that really makes me think she could be links kid :D

anyways, so far im having lots of fun, this is turning out to be even more promising than your last fictions. so.. onwards i go.
SmashQueen chapter 33 . 3/27/2010
Well... I just got done reading Beyond Centuries Parts 1 ans 2 as well as this story. I'll read Tainted Hearts eventually as well as Recollections after that, but I must say you've done well. It was a little rocky in the beginning (as in your profile, you say it was your first fanfic), but this has been kind of fun. And I do agree: the story isn't over until the characters/players are dead (otherwise the sequels never stop).

Wizz was quirky, Shadow was fun, Vaati was insane and confused, and Link was...well Link. Heh. They were in such good character, I loved it! Farming cuccos. Ooccoo is also confused. Maidens weren't kidnapped but willingly came to Vaati though he locked them away when they started screaming (probably about the eyeball at some point). Jeez I loved the humor thrown in. (Tingle...oh dear goodness THE TINGLE!)

I normally don't care for stories such as BC because of the jump in time lines, and I normally don't like stories that start off as canon then meld in BC. But something kept making me come back. A little nagging feeling kept bringing it up. I'm still unsure what it is, but I do like your storyline despite the abundance of OCs like Fey.

I could honestly see how you evolved your writing style as the chapters and stories continued. Congrats on completing the saga for Vaati and his pal Link - the first I've ever read.

Actually, your stories are a great source of inspiration. Perhaps I'll put off reading TH and Recollections until my imagination calms down. (Actually, in all my years as a fanfiction writer, I can't remember ever having someone write to the point where it's inspired me in a semi-dry spell. Kudos.)

Aside from the occasional spelling error whilst reading to this point, I must say that you...I really like your stories. Good luck with Gale in your latest story.
final.authority chapter 33 . 3/8/2010
Another great story! I'm playing Minish Cap now actually, so I was definitely in the mood for it. I loved all of the new characters, especially Daeia and Fey, as well as your characterization of Shadow Link. You gave the characters alot of depth without making too emotional or OOC. Amazing work! :)
Rainmy chapter 35 . 1/1/2010
those who wanted this to be yaoi,I even ignored it for a long time because it wasn't,but seeing it had so many reviews I decided to read it,and hell I wasn't decipointed,my favorite arc was the second one,probably because it happened in the world of one of my favorite games ,TWW,about the timeline,it'd sad to admite but I and a lot of other fans had reach the conclusion that there is not an order for every game,better said it can't be done,before it was posible but with the TWW,FF and etc(when eiji aonuma came) it destroyed it,the only stable one is the one nintendo himself told the fans,TWW,PH,ST in the adult timeline and OOT,MM,TP,ALTTP,LA,TLOz and finally TAOL in the child's timeline(a division made in ocarina,wich is and probably will be my favourite zelda ever,so play it if you haven't)

what I mean is that you can take your liberties without worring...what you should never do is a mixture of a lot of games like if all the links were one,you don't have to be that smart to realise that's imposible...that's not your case at all though,was just complaining to the air.

thigs I would have like to see:

1)vaati turning to his minish form for some time,because it's just pure cuteness,it would have annoy him so much,I can't be sure of your link's reaction though,maybe make an aw then laugh,don't know

2)a hot spring scene with vaati and both links,with or without sexual tension(not yaoi so probably not)wouldn't be important for the plot but my imagination would be happy!

(actually I've being wondering from the begining if they ever took a bath)

3)a happy ending for shadow,the "turning into oneself" ending like in the FS manga for me in almost as sad as dying ,even if they are tecnically alive you can't see of hear them,sad sad sad

4)that elder knowing what happened with vaati to see he's not all evil,but that would have spoil your other story.

just thoughts but like in life fiction too can't be all happiness,and I hate stories that are dark and with some miracle from a god or something end with everyone happy,they are so fake,sorry but recently I read a VERY long OOT novelization and it end like that,I wanted to hit myself for raeding it and maybe the author.

it's too long but seems I'm new and the story has alraedy ended it couldn't be helpep,goig to raed the rest of you stories,to end this, congratulations for this fantastic none yaoi fic,it's extremily hard (almost imposible becuse fanfiction is my way to escape the reality of the original thing)) for me to read a fic without males being tender with each other and that proves you are an amazing zeldafic writer.

reading you in onother story.

pd:recollections, you had just killed vaati? O.O

regarding the sheikah vaati,nonononono imposible...why do people come to those conclusions for every little thing? the only sheikah we met is the OOT impa,sheik is just a disguise so it can't be count,and they both have dark skin so it just lets the eye color ,if you stick to that prove(pff)then all the ritos and kafei (MM) are sheikah too...ahahahaha yeah sure...
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