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Guest chapter 7 . 17h
Type your review here.i have to admire your writing style. I also enjoy the story. Thank you for sharing your skill. K
Guest chapter 2 . 5/3
Type your review here.i thank it was brilant how you used snapes past to heal harry.
MewTwo and Mew chapter 46 . 4/29
...three years? Has the story been...dare I say...discontinued?
tuineau97snape chapter 46 . 3/14
I absolutely love the character developments and your portrayals of most of them. I reeeally hope you update this great story when u get the chance. I'll be here waiting lol
tuineau97snape chapter 36 . 3/14
Great chapter. The convo between Ron, Harry, and hermione actually reduced me to tears. I totally love Snape. Hopefully they clear up the misunderstanding in the next chapter
Griffin Raven chapter 21 . 3/11
Severus has been a constant in Harry's upside down life since he was 11yrs old - where as Sirius, his godfather has only been known to him since he was 13yrs old. But considering just how much time Harry and Sirius, have actually spent together (along with perhaps the odd letter or two) its not likely that the two of them know each other well enough for Harry to be likely to share some of his secrets. The same is likely to true for Remus, who Harry also met when he was 13yrs old before then I'm not certain if Harry knew the names or anything of his parents friends? Did Lily not any other friends apart from her old childhood friend, Severus? Because its strange that everyone talks about James Potter, but hardly anyone talks to Harry about his mother - and its Harry's mother that I feel the child should really honour her sacrifice?

Even if Harry did every get to know Sirius or Remus, better I don't feel as if Harry would ever share any details about his childhood with the Dursleys. Also neither Sirius or Remus, can truly understand just what Harry's been through and is still sufferering from the child abuse damage. Who better to understand an abused child, than another abusded child whose grown into an adult. After all that adult (who once was an abused child) will understand why the child behaves in a certain way but also the many insecurities that child will undoubtaly have and the major trust issues with adults!
Griffin Raven chapter 19 . 3/10
Really hope that Dumbledore won't put his meddling, manipulative oar into Harry's living arrangements for next year and that Severus and Harry, will be able to stay together at the Professor's house again. But I fear that Dumbledore, just might have to meddle with those plans but both he and Tom Riddle just don't like to see Harry even remotely "...happy or content.." in anyway. Yet Dumbledore claims all of his actions or inactions are with the best intentions and for the child's wellbeing. Yet as many of Dumbledore's plans have actually hurt Harry, as Tom Riddle's have.

Harry does seem to truly "..believe.." that Dumbledore won't make him return to the Dursley's just like he has done every year despite the child's protests. Even with Harry's protests, Dumbledore has never invesitagated just why Harry did/or doesn't want to return to them. I do feel that if Dumbledore didn't know about the child abuse before Severus revealed some of the truth to him - that he either suspected it or something likely that would not likely be a happy home for the child. After all Dumbledore did say something "...condend you to ...dark years.." or something like that. Whish is why I think that Harry is an emotionally, physically and mentally damaged child whose also has many issues of trust, self worth and self esteem. Only someone whose gone through simpler things can/or could understand just what Harry is going through - like Severus. After all both Hermione and Ron, both have loving parents and in one case loving, caring siblings that support them - they don't know what is like to be an abused child.
Griffin Raven chapter 18 . 3/10
Harry definitely has issues with his sense of self worth and at times seems to have little or at least a very low sense self esteem. Whilst I realise that Harry has essentially been conditioned to believe that he deserved the punishment (abuse) along with other such nonsense such as "...he's worthless, or no one will ever love or care for him...his parents didn't want him..." very similar such things he was told by the Dursley's whilst growing/surviving with them. Along with what ever lies that the child was fed about his parents (such as they were both drunks, losers who didn't work or that his mother was a whore..."). All of these such comments along with the behaviour of three Dursley's towards Harry for 14yrs is very likely to have a well ingrained conditioned response from the child.

Its also probably why Harry reacted as he did when Severus, first presented the child with his room in his house - the very fact that Severus has been spending one-to-one time with the child teaching; talking along with actually listening to the child's fears/feelings. All of these such things Harry's never truly experienced without in being simply Professors normal behaviour or that other students were around. Force one Harry, was the sole focus of an adult who seemed to want to spend quality time with the child and actually both teach the child and get to know the real "Harry" and not the mask of "the-boy-who-lived, Harry Potter". Wonder how Severus would react if he knew just how close it was to Harry being sorted into his house in his first year?

Its great to see just how close Severus and Harry are starting to get, definitely closer than a Professor-Student relationship, though not as close as a parent-child one but perhaps in time they might. As long as Severus doesn't pull back from his close relationship for one reason or another. Because I do feel that Harry, has begun to depend upon Severus, quite, strong support in order to help him deal with all that's going on around him. Shame that Harry, can't have a break from actually being "Harry Potter" because if there's any child who deserves to know and experience what is actually like to be a child - then its Harry?
Griffin Raven chapter 12 . 3/10
Personally I think its Dumbledore who failed to protect Harry from his muggle relatives - and not Severus, after all he made the mistake of actually trusting Dumbledore would make sure that the boy was not only safe, cared for and protected. Yet Dumbledore let the child down, and has repeatedly continued to do so. Feel that Harry, will definitely further lose his sense of trust (if he actually has any left) in Dumbledore - with the old wizard keeping his distance from the child and not talking to him. It will undoubtably all come to a head at Harry's trial "for underage magic" - bet no other minor receives a full trial for that offense. Likely just because the child is Harry Potter, the "boy-who-lived", and I do wonder if something will be done (like in the canon) to prevent any adult from representing the child at the trial? Hope that Severus's gets back safe, because Harry is really worried about the wizard when he's in the presences of MoldyShorts?
Griffin Raven chapter 11 . 3/10
Harry, essentially seems to have so little actual trust in adult's in general, after all so many of thoses so-called adults have let the child down continually. I do feel that Harry, must undoubtably have a low sense of self-worth and possible a lack of self-esteem - in that he does seem to feel perhaps that he deserved some of what happened or has happened to him. Harry, definitely seems to feel he's unloved, and not deserving the protection and care of an adult.

Whilst its clear that Sirius does undoubtably does care, love his godson Harry - I don't fully feel that he's fully has Harry as his number one priority. After both James and Lily were killed, instead of seeing to the care and protection of there son and his godson - instead Sirius hared off to get revenge for there deaths. Plus Sirius only seems to have escaped inorder to get Peter, with Harry being a secondary consideration. It should have given Sirius (and the other adults in Harry's life) that something was wrong with the care of Harry; if after meeting Sirius in the shreaking shack, stopping him and Remus from killing Peter. Thus instead going to hand Peter in that Harry agreed within 3hrs to Sirius question that he move in with his godfather -well before Peter escaped? Mean after knowing escaped convict all of 3hrs, and considering the physical, emotional and mental state the wizard was in yet Harry agreed to move in and live with him once he was free - what on earth did the adults think of this? Did Harry, tell anyone about how his first Hogwarts letter was worded - did he try to tell anyone in the wizarding world about the child abuse?

Did the adults ignore all of the signs of child abuse (Severus can be forgiven in light of the 7yrs torment he suffered from the marauders) yet none of the other Hogwart's staff noticed? Why didn't Minerva, Harry's head of house - think she's overworked. Essentially she had three jobs - thus leaves all discipline, and the well being of Gryffindor house to the house prefects - thus Harry was able to hide the abuse? Why didn't Poppy Pomfrey notice in all the medical scans, and times that Harry was in the hospital wing? I do feel that Dumbledore, did seem to know something about the child abuse - but instead didn't investigate so that he could have denyabiliy?
Griffin Raven chapter 10 . 3/10
In someways I think that Remus's behaviour was just as bad as James, Sirius and Peter were towards Severus simply because he stood by and did nothing to stop his friends. Even if Remus had chosen not to stop his friends physically, magically or verbally he still could have reported them to any of the Professors - thus gotten there behaviour sensored. Instead Remus, chosen to do nothing but try to ignore the behaviour - perhaps he didn't wish to lose his friends or was fearful they might turn on him since he was a werewolf and there considered by the ministry dark creatures?

Why did none of the Hogwarts staff do anything to try and rain all of the marauders in for there behaviour towards Severus and other students? Why instead were they allowed to get away with so much? Why did Dumbledore, threatened Severus the innocent victim in the werewolf/shreaking shack incident? I think the boys should have been suspended or even expelled - why was Severus never given counselling or some kind of compensation - that might have given the lad the impression that his life was important enough to be protected? Instead James Potter only stopoed Sirius Black's so-called prank because of the threat to his friends, not really because of the possible that Severus could be killed or turned into a werewolf?

Why did Dumbledore do nothing to protect Severus, as a student of Hogwarts from the marauders pranking which was really bullying? Why could Dumbledore not see that marauders bullied Severus - and that the only reason they were even popular with the student body - is that the rest of the students were probably relieved that they were targeted by the marauders?

Can fully understand just why Severus reacted and thus treated Harry, as he did, harshy and snarky because of how James and his friends bullied, him for nearly seven years of his childhood. Also all of the adult Professors, let Severus down by; (a) not stopping the bullying by the marauders; (b) not spotting the signs of child abuse in Severus.
Tzena chapter 46 . 3/9
Update please!
Beth5572 chapter 46 . 2/21
I would love to see what you write next. Your a great writer and your stories are great too. Keep up your great work.

Thank you and Please,

frostie45 chapter 46 . 2/21
I'm happy I hit only now read your story so I could read without having to wait. Really good read it was. I put it to my follow-stories, just to be safe if you'll update again. And if this is the end, then there were 46 exiting and wonderful chapters to read. Thanks for that.
kathleen.m.puccini chapter 46 . 2/14
Please, it's been years since you updated! I read this story a few years ago before you had written the 38th chapter but lost it. I just found it again and am extremely pleased with how it has turned out, but am saddened by the fact that you haven't seemed to continue... Please, if it's no trouble, I would really enjoy reading more of this story! It is honestly one of my favourites out of every fanfiction from any fandom I have ever read!
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