Reviews for Second Chances
Gianna chapter 46 . 9/22
The summer is ending,
It's colder a bit,
Please give us new chapter,
We're waiting for it!
AngelMoon Girl chapter 46 . 9/15
Oh Mara Rome. I don't think you realize what a masterpiece you've created here. I've been absolutely spellbound by your story for the past week now. I can hardly believe I missed it during the years you were most active on this site, but it in a way, that's been a blessing from above. I've had a couple very trying months and fanfiction has become my escape. I was feeling down thinking I'd read all the "good" ones until I came across "Second Chances". I am... blown away. Utterly and hopelessly. Few people manage to write mentor!Snape/Harry in a way that comes across as believable. They rush into it too soon, not allowing the characters to evolve naturally, and all too quickly a story with promise becomes a story that has me running for the other direction. Not so here. I *love* that your characters are SO in character. That it took a while for Harry to trust Snape and Snape to trust Harry. That even now they slip up - Harry still becomes "Potter" and Snape still becomes "the git", neither quite believing that the other could care for them, effed up as they are. You're doing a GREAT job easing them into a more father/son-esque routine (like how dinners used to be spent in awkward silence, that grew into comfortable silence, that then slowly burgeoned into meals full of affectionate bantering and intense soul sharing). This new, more approachable Snape just warms my heart. I can barely contain myself when he goes into protective papa bear mode. It's adorable to watch him panic and fumble when he's normally so unflappable. I was SO happy when he started to give in to his instincts and become more physically present for Harry whenever Harry needed a comforting hand. I also LOVE the subtle manipulations of Dumbledore in this story, and how he's so encouraging of this relationship, there for "his boys" when he needs to be but otherwise letting Snape take the reigns. He too is written very well, and thank you thank you thank you for not making him into some cruel Machiavellian character like many others have done on this site. I can't stand evil!Dumbledore in abused!Harry fics; I truly think he loves him and would be devastated to know just how badly his de facto grandson's summer life really is. You showed that quite nicely, and I must say, I'm pleased with the amount of seriousness you gave Harry's abuse. Some authors wave the matter away in just a few chapters - we're 46 in and Harry's still dealing with the repercussions. Which is exactly the respect something so heartbreakingly life defining deserves. Once more, bravo. I understand it might be a while before we see another update (I read your profile page and I must pass on my deepest condolences - I can only imagine how difficult that must be!), but please know you've gained yourself another dedicated reader and reviewer right here. I'll be waiting with bated breath!
sparklybutterfly42 chapter 46 . 8/31
So you're probably never gonna finish this but I just wanted you to know it's one of my favorite stories I've ever read. It's really well done and the characters react so realistically. I'll follow just in case you update, but I'm just glad you ever started this. It's definitely a gift to hp fanfiction.
Zalia chapter 46 . 8/20
This story is amazing; I hope you update it one day. :)
burntbookwyrm chapter 46 . 8/18
I NEVER write reviews, but this story is so amazing! I read your bio, and understand that you had to take a break from writing, but please, please, PLEASE come back and finish this! This is such a wonderful take on the "Snape rescues Harry" plot, and I want to see how you end it!
Always1027 chapter 46 . 8/15
The story is great! Are you going to continue it?
Gianna chapter 46 . 8/15
Update maybe? ;)
Guest chapter 1 . 8/13
I love this fic. I love it so so so so so much. I keep coming back to this fic, even though I've read it a billion times and I know how it ends, I still keep coming back to it. I find myself starting other Severitus fics, only to stop a few chapters in and return to re-read this one. This is absolutely my favorite fic and it is so well written. I sincerely hope you continue this story someday! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
band122005 chapter 46 . 8/10
I just stumbled across this story two days ago, and I have been binge-reading it every night! It is so well-written and the characters are on point! Huge fan! I noticed that you haven't in a long time, and I am hoping that you have more chapters to post...or are writing them! I to find out how this story ends! Please update! Spectacular story!
ifyoudieidie02 chapter 46 . 8/7
I'm sorry to hear about your father and I genuinely hope he continues to get better. I have read a lot of Harry Potter Fanficton, mostly starring Severus Snape and I think that you should know that this story is truly a gift. The story that you have written here is remarkably beautiful and like all beautiful things it deserves to have people that believe in it. I believe in this story and I believe that you will finish it. As someone who has personally witnessed continual abuse I have found the amount of time that you took to explore Harry's own abuse to be one of the things that makes this story so great. Some of the questions that you have posed have allowed me to further examine some of my own experiences in a different way and you have no idea how much that means to me. Regardless of how long it takes, I believe that this story is worth the wait.
Kapaliele chapter 1 . 8/7
This is one of my favorite harry potter stories ! You truly are a wonderful writer . I'm very sorry to hear about what's been happening with your family and are sending well wishes your way. And while I would love to read more of this story right away I will wait for however long it takes! Again great story
HBofPoseidon'nGryffindorSeeker chapter 46 . 7/25
This is an amazing story. One of my favourites. You are a gifted writer. This story had me clinging on to every word. I would read chapter after chapter into the night. Im really looking forward to the next update. Please update soon. You are truly amazing.
Cztelnik chapter 46 . 7/25
Still wonderful and enjoyed the reread after all this time. Such a good story!
Guest chapter 46 . 7/25
Noooooooooo it can't finished here god please don't do that :-(
It was so an amazing fanfic...
Thanks for those beatiful 46 chapters
Zoha Ven chapter 9 . 7/25
I did love it as much as you probably did, maybe even more. Brace yourself-
Sorry. This is definitely my favorite chapter so far. This is amazing!
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