Reviews for Midnight
Kitten Kisses chapter 1 . 2/18/2010
I'm so epic that I can't review until THE FUTURE, apparently. But here I am, typing on a crappy keyboard at work. (What? I'm on my lunch break, I swear!)

["My, if it isn't little Erky, all grown up!"] She's such a psycho. That's exactly what she would say!

["No, she never was a morning person."] I like that Erk knows her more and much better than I think even he realizes.

["I have my books, my magic, my studies. What do I care who sits the throne? Under Mordred's rule, under Zephiel's: it is all the same to me."] Some people might argue that this is not Erk, but I think that it is very much how I would picture an older Erk, especially one who has learned (from Pent!) and has been pretty much secluded, mostly of his own free will. He wasn't and will never be a sympathetic person- and why should he be? He has no reason, no motive, to be sympathetic toward anyone or anything.

I really like Serra and Priscilla's endearments for one another. I can totally picture them older, talking like that.

["And I'll have you know that is no proper way to address a grieving widow."] How she plays it is very...Serra-like. There is no doubt in my mind that she really is grieving, and's just like her to attempt to sound as detached as possible- while still saying what is on her mind.

Their pity for one another makes perfect sense, and the way he envies her fearlessness is very good. It's right, I guess. It's only too bad he did not know her as well as he could have years ago.

[But much too large for one, he did not think.] He definitely did think it, and is in denial. How lonely he must be, deep down inside. Not necessarily for a romantic interest, but for human company.

[half in love with her still] That's so sad.

Bah, this needs more. MORE. The ending is good, but it almost seems incomplete in the sense that I'm over here thinking, "It can't be the end! That can't be it!" Lovely work as always!


Aporro chapter 1 . 9/30/2008

I spent four hours just sitting here and reading all your Fire Emblem stories when I had a test to study for, but I really couldn't tear myself away.

I love how they rarely have a happy ending, and even when they do it makes a person tear up anyways.

They're pretty epic.