Reviews for Of Earth And Stars
ChildOfThe80s chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
How funny! Here I am scouring the net for more Solarbabies fanfics and I stumbled across your So Out Of Ideas page.

***Reading...reading...looking for a new fanfic...wait a minute! (looks around) Are they talking to me?***

I have to admit, that was a weird moment for me. I'm glad my review boosted your day, and it's funny, but your review of my review boosted my day too, lol! So if you take requests, more Solarbabies stories please! I'm working on one, but it's slow going. Hmm, maybe I should get around to signing up for an account...
ChildOfThe80s chapter 1 . 8/11/2010
I just watched Solarbabies and I was thinking about writing a fanfic myself. I love tales of rag-tag bands of misfits. I can't believe this is the only Solarbabies story so far! You did a nice job imagining what the consequences of releasing the water and destroying the government's power would be. I also felt like Terra and Jason didn't really go together. I figured they were just together because they were the 'hottest' ones in the group. Darstar's way more interesting any day, even with that goofy side ponytail sticking out the top of his head, lol. So, thanks for the Solarbabies story. I'm going to have to work on building up this universe until it rates it's own category. Gotta spread the word about Solarbabies!