Reviews for Jealousy
CrimsonQueen24 chapter 4 . 2/20
Awesome story! I love a jealous Wolfram :) It's funny and sweet at the same time. On that note, a kiss?! Ho dang Wolfram jumped right to it! I can't wait to see how Yuuri reacts to that little bomb.
Yukijm chapter 4 . 9/4/2014
please continue
Guest chapter 4 . 7/21/2014
kiss him! kiss him! kiss him! kiss him! !
keyblade.wielder.1 chapter 4 . 12/10/2013
awww I hope you update soon :D
DEMON KING DANTE chapter 4 . 4/26/2013
you going to write more chapters
hopelessfreakz chapter 4 . 10/9/2012
Is this the end? T_T
Pls continue if there's a sequel or whatsoever..
#cliffhanger!# lol
rjifblue chapter 4 . 5/29/2011
kiss him! kiss him! kiss him!

then again rather than smile i could imagine that wolfram will DEFINITELY blush...
i-got-m2m chapter 4 . 5/23/2011
your story has a very interesting plot! wolfram and yuuri are so cute together, aren't they? i know you might not have the intent of continuing this story or maybe you have already forgotten it, but i'm begging you! please end this story! they deserve a happy ending, don't you think?
Elle chapter 4 . 5/23/2011
Awww~ so sweet... i love your storyline... it's great! and your OC, Gabriel, i love him also.. he just sooo much like wolfram, stubborn head.. hahaha.. simple words and sentences and easy to understand.. please do updates.. even though you already leave this fiction for bout almost 2 years.. i'm waiting for your updates.. :D
Fedski chapter 4 . 5/2/2011
ah! your soooo evil ending it just like that! please i implore you! post more soon!
JD chapter 4 . 12/15/2010
Good story, please don't stop now
SilverSmile chapter 4 . 9/4/2010
I really like the idea for this story and I hope you write some more of it soon.

A jealous Wolfram is always fun and I like the idea of Yuuri sticking up for him and thinking about Wolfram often when he's around his cousin.

I hope to read more from you soon :)
NellaReklaw08 chapter 4 . 7/23/2010
*squeals* w hey, this is a really interesting story! i never thought the idea of Wolfram being jealous would be so nice and gentle, yet harsh and strong at the same time really nice twist of the original character

plus, the addition of the OC being Wolfram's COUSIN? classic-ly nice... i'm just totally loving everything so far! especially your writing style (nice use of English by the way - like not too complicated words but good enough to properly describe the situations ) and the storyline! no wonder Yuuri needed his bike... XP

the storyline is really organised and well structured that you can't help but understand and enjoy so perfectly well

this is a really nice story and to have such a cliffhanger...? you absolutely MUST continue this story! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

BridgesOfSighs chapter 4 . 7/29/2009
Oh, what a mean cliffhanger!

Anyway; I'm looking forward to the next update.
papapapuffy chapter 4 . 7/29/2009
Great story! PLease update soon!
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