Reviews for Across the Universe
Kathryn Hart chapter 3 . 8/28/2015
I know this was forever ago but I'd love it if you updated (I'm sure your 144 other followers would love it too) but no worries! I love your style of writing, lines like "Apparently won't regenerate doesn't mean live to a ripe old age" and "The Doctor took her on adventures, John made life into an adventure." are really good. It shows a depth in writing I don't see very often. Good story :) I thought for sure it was the Eleventh Doctor (before I realised this was 2008), so then I thought past Doctor, then Master or Valeyard when he started scowling lol). Nice, or should I say, not nice surprise ;)
B.Jackson.Companion007 chapter 3 . 2/25/2015
wait. is that it? D:
B.Jackson.Companion007 chapter 2 . 2/25/2015
B.Jackson.Companion007 chapter 1 . 2/25/2015
Unghhhhgghgh feels :,(
Someone chapter 3 . 12/9/2014
Whoaaa, the end
I'd love to read more
BadWolfGirlx chapter 1 . 7/30/2014
This is so sad! But it's so perfect at the same time. Great job!
AnnAisu chapter 3 . 1/12/2014
I haven't even finished the first season, and just from what I've gleaned from stories, I suspected it was the master moments after she mentioned the sleek black car. Well, I thought Mycroft Holmes (from Sherlock BBC) for almost a full second, but summarily dismissed that option.
Please update? I like it...
r0se9vamp1414 chapter 3 . 1/2/2014
ohhh I like it, I think its cool with the Master joining the story, I cant wait to see were you are going to go wit it! thanks for posting the story.
Illa 321 chapter 3 . 12/16/2013
I had to bit back a curse! I truly hope you'll keep on going with this fic...
I loved the Master as a character, and there's not enough of him around
Pie chapter 3 . 11/26/2013
My heart jumped when I read the last two lines. I really hope you chose to continue this.
ShineTheTribute chapter 3 . 7/26/2013
Well the first chapter made me want to curl into a little ball and the rest makes me want to keep reading.
Can't wait for more :)
JustATemporaryEscape chapter 3 . 6/23/2013
Please update! I'm begging you!
hp1piececraziness chapter 3 . 5/14/2013
Oh. My. Flipping. Goodness. No way. Noooooo way. OMG. OMG. That is BRILLIANT. Nooooooo way. Look at you, you've got me speechless. That is a very big accomplishment for most people. Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant.
LadyThetaSigma chapter 3 . 3/8/2013
Run Rose, Run!
Guenhwyvarrrr chapter 3 . 1/31/2013
Hot damn. My stomach dropped to my feet when i read that last sentance, chilling! I almost feel as though it could end there but i'd love it if you ever decide to continue!
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