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Guest chapter 46 . 4/25/2022
This was an incredible read! I had so many thoughts and feelings during all the twists and turns. There were so many times I didn't even know what was going to happen next. I felt so much for Sakura throughout the entire fic, it seemed she almost always got the short end of the stick.

Karasu was quite the character—he was definitely a good villain. I'm not sure how I feel about Kakashi even after finishing the fic. I loved how you wrote him, I just didn't like the choices he made aksjdjjckdk. It was so weird to me that he'd constantly choose the Hatake's then say he was split between his family and his home. I especially thought his actions were odd when it came to the baby and Sakura and Karasu—however, I get that he's not perfect and that adds to his character and makes him feel more fleshed out.

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write and finish this fic! I'm so glad that I read this, even though it took me years to pick up the courage to start it.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/19/2022
Incredible twists and turns in this chapter! I actually don't know what to make of Kakashi anymore!
Guest chapter 9 . 4/19/2022
I'm always amazed by the way you write—humor even throughout suffering. The way you've portrayed Sakura's dilemma is very realistic.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/18/2022
I was around back when this was first published, but I was young and didn't enjoy fics where a character was pregnant. Now I'm much older and have kids of my own, so I figured I'd see what seems to be a dearly beloved fic in this community!

This first chapter was written very well, and I have high expectations for this fic since I've read others written by you. Hope you are well!
A little bit too much chapter 46 . 4/12/2022
Amazing work! Very detailed, the storyline complex. A must read for all KakaSaku shippers, one of the best.
imnotahorcrux chapter 4 . 3/21/2022
I almost forgot that this isn't sasusaku
v.yeesha chapter 1 . 3/7/2022
I don't know how many times I read this ff. I always come back here when i miss kakasaku 3
shi-kakasaku chapter 46 . 2/12/2022
Ah... I feel so happy to see such a happy ending like this.

I love how Enoki is such a cheerful kid. And I feel that his character takes more from Sakura's personality than Kakashi's.

Then, the relationship between Kakashi and Enoki. Kakashi was very gentle with his son and I could see how much he loved his son. Oh, and how adorable they both are!

When Enoki asked Kakashi to do 'that thing', Kakashi complied even though he knew that it would irritate other people, haha. And how excited Enoki is about it.

Then, when Kakashi tried to explain why so many avoided him. I think Kakashi's way of explaining to his son is very good. Especially because then he tried to encourage him. And I had to stop myself from screaming when Kakashi asked for a kiss from Enoki. Haha. I can imagine Enoki's spit stuck to Kakashi's cheek and Kakashi immediately wiped it away, haha.

But one thing matters when Kakashi feels that he's become a different man. And he likes that different man better.

Of course, Sakura and Enoki's relationship is adorable too!

I can imagine how nice it is to be in that house when the three of them are together. As Kakashi and Sakura argued and Enoki watched intently.

Oh, I won't overlook how Sakura is becoming someone late now. She had matched Kakashi in that regard, huh?

When Sakura went berserk when she found the lipstick mark on Kakashi's face, I knew it was Enoki's doing! I don't know why I feel so worried about Enoki. I hope he won't think about crossdressing in the future. Or even learn Sexy no Jutsu from Naruto.

And when Kakashi nags at Sakura about how Enoki is supposed to get a puppy instead of a kitten? Oh, my gosh. It's so childish but adorable! I really like it when they fight over trivial things like that. But of course, that little fight won't break anything, it will even strengthen their relationship!

I had to shake my head when Kakashi questioned why Sakura still wouldn't marry him. I could understand Sakura's reasoning, but Kakashi's indifference to Sakura's worries was adorable to me. Especially because he was worried that Sakura would leave him and go to Sasuke. Haha. Oh, my, Kakashi... you idiot! But adorable.

I laughed when Kakashi immediately refused when Sakura suggested making a vow to stay out of touch until their wedding day. Oh, Sakura... even if I'm not in Kakashi's shoes, I can't agree with you!

And how Enoki thought that his parents were jumping on the bed made me… feel a little sorry. HAHAHAHA. But he's better off not knowing, right?

And I found that the conversation that Enoki had with Rokubi was quite amusing. There are times when Rokubi will say something unkind to Enoki, but I think the two of them can become good friends in the future.

I can understand Kakashi's distaste for seeing his son talk to the Rokubi. He would definitely never forget the day the Rokubi was sealed within Enoki. And what a terrible day it was.

But in the end, they became a happy family!

I feel very happy to see this ending after reading the hard times that Kakashi and Sakura had to go through before getting to this point.

I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with this fanfic. But in the end, this is a good story.

You probably won't read this, but I will say... thank you so much for your hard work on this, SilverShine.
shi-kakasaku chapter 45 . 2/12/2022
No matter how much I hate the Hatake clan here, I still feel sorry for Kakashi because all the things he's done to them ended up in vain. He wanted nothing more from his clan but to make them his family, to see them as his family even... friends? Everything was destroyed just because of a ridiculous ambition. But I'm relieved, even though Kakashi lost his clan, he has a real family... Sakura and Enoki.

And the scene of Kakashi stammering about his feelings for Sakura, then blaming the drug, I laughed. He can be so adorable indeed.

But then Naruto appeared and I laughed even harder. xD

After that it all came back... depressing. Sakura who must be separated from her lover and son is not a pleasant thing after having to go through unpleasant times in the cave. However, I feel happy because Sakura is a mentally strong woman. Otherwise, I'm sure this will make her lose her mind.

But it was later revealed that Sakura's house had been bought by Kakashi before he visited Sakura to the Zuru estate. That's where I exploded. And everything turned out to be fun.

Kakashi was only given five years in prison, but because of his efforts (which even brought tears to his eyes), he managed to be under house arrest, and that too with Sakura and Enoki! Oh, my gosh. Sneaky bastard! But... I won't protest. I just wanted to pat him on the head because he's so smart. I'm just curious, is he crying for real or does he have the ability to pretend to make tears look real. xD It's not that I don't trust Kakashi. It's just... so funny.

And oh my... I was literally going crazy as I kept reading down... it just got more and more fun. Asjkfkl. I squeaked, screamed, and fell off my seat when Kakashi asked Sakura to marry him. Oh, he really has fallen in love, huh?

And I liked how he thought that Sakura might get fed up with the surname Hatake, and was willing to change his surname to Haruno if it turned out that Sakura was traumatized by his clan surname.

That's amazing... not all men are willing to submit to their lover.

And I love how you ended this chapter with them arguing about Enoki's hair color. So funny!

This chapter begins with a gloomy atmosphere and ends with... great joy.
shi-kakasaku chapter 44 . 2/11/2022
I'm speechless...
This chapter really tortured me...
shi-kakasaku chapter 43 . 2/11/2022
I can't think of anything besides, Karasu is crazy. Now I fully understand why he kept silent about Kakashi's parental status of Sakura's baby when that infant was still in Sakura's belly. He didn't want Kakashi to be aware of his intentions before that baby's birth.

Now... didn't Kakashi feel betrayed? Would he still have faith in Karasu? Didn't he want to vomit because of his cousin's actions? Because I want. I'm so sick of him.
shi-kakasaku chapter 42 . 2/11/2022
My favorite part was when Kakashi got a photo of Enoki from Ibiki. I was so relieved that they still allowed him to recognize his own son. Maybe because Tsunade eventually found out that Enoki wasn't the result of unwanted intercourse? And of course, the fact that Enoki was Kakashi's great-uncle name enlightened me... it's only natural that I feel a little familiar with the name Enoki. It turned out to be from Uncle Eno. Then, I have to admit that when he cried while looking at Enoki's photo it made me feel hurt too. Maybe Kakashi thought that he would never meet his son? :')

I'm just surprised that Kakashi still has faith in Karasu after his kidnapping of Enoki. Didn't he even think that his cousin had really gone mad? Insane? But... maybe this was due to the fact that Karasu was the only one who accepted himself into the Hatake clan? Sighs.

Relationships can blind a person. Whether it's brotherhood, love, or friendship.

The reunion between Kakashi and Sakura was moving for me. Kakashi doing something very risky to save his son should have answered Sakura's question in the forest. Whether it's just for the reason that Enoki is his son. After all, blood relations cannot lie. Moreover, he loved the mother of his son. And he knew that Sakura would not standstill.

I just didn't think that they would still have an argument (which I found entertaining), that's probably something that lightened up this chapter.

I wish them both the best... and I also wish Enoki well, although... doubtful. Because Karasu is mad.
shi-kakasaku chapter 41 . 2/11/2022
Oh! I really like how Ino describes Kakashi's mind! And it seems like everyone agrees that Kakashi must have a complicated mind, which is hard to penetrate even for a mind reader like Ino. However, Yamanaka will always be Yamanaka! In the end, she was able to figure out what was on Kakashi's mind. I was most excited when she finally found out what had happened between Kakashi and Sakura, and how Ino had said that in fact, Kakashi was not loyal to his clan or to Konoha, but to Sakura! fuck. That's so romantic! Then, when Ino herself admitted how protective Kakashi was of Sakura? Oh, God.

Although Kakashi's death wasn't something I wanted but how Naruto, who was originally so protective of his sensei, suddenly changed course after finding out that Kakashi was the one who impregnated Sakura, made my blood flow faster. I'm really excited to see what Naruto will do to Kakashi. Maybe... Tsunade too? Remembering, Tsunade previously ordered Kakashi to kill the man who had impregnated Sakura. What was really going on in Tsunade's mind when she found out the facts?

And... gosh.
It was Hatake Karasu who approached Kakashi's and Sakura's baby. D: SHIT. He actually let Kakashi and Sakura go back to Konoha because he didn't want to bother with the birthing process!

Karasu bastard!
shi-kakasaku chapter 40 . 2/11/2022
Oh my god...
The suspense in this chapter.

I feel really bad for anyone close to Kakashi here. But my heart screamed the most on Tsunade's part. She really trusted Kakashi, moreover, she had offered him the status of Hokage. Perhaps she wasn't entirely grateful that Kakashi decided to turn down the offer in the end. But Tsunade is a strong woman. She was able to endure the pain because she needed to be able to perform as well as possible as a village leader.

Besides that, I also feel sad for what Tenzou has kept. Don't know if in the end the news about the baby in Sakura's womb as Kakashi's will be known through what. However, I just hope that Tenzou doesn't really get his neck broken by Tsunade later.

I could feel the deep care Naruto had for Sakura here. I kind of feel sorry for him because he only found out about Sakura's pregnancy after she gave birth. Then, I was worried... what if when he finds out that Kakashi is a traitor to the village, he also finds out that Kakashi is the father of Sakura's baby? I wondered what would happen even though I could only imagine terrible things.

Kakashi's reason for not revealing the full details of his family I can accept. The one who really did the crime was Karasu. Some of them just did what Karasu told them to do. And here, I also feel sad because Kakashi knows that all this time he has been lied to by Karasu. Isn't that very painful? I was thinking that this is the reason why Karasu let Kakashi go just like that. Because Kakashi is considered no longer useful to the Hatake clan. Fuck you, Karasu!

Ah, so it turns out.
I thought that Enoki was a strange name! Because I immediately thought of mushrooms. However, it turned out to be from Naka's poetry...? Ah, how romantic, Kakashi.
shi-kakasaku chapter 39 . 2/10/2022
I hate Karasu. He is a psychopath.
His demeanor changed very quickly. At one time he would look down on Kakashi, say bad things to him, then just let him go and act like he was a good person? Tch!

I hope Kakashi doesn't completely believe his cousin's strange actions.

And it turns out that Karasu already knows about Sakura's status as a Konoha agent and also that baby Sakura belongs to Kakashi? Ah... I already had a hunch that he knew about this. But why did he decide to ignore this? It seems he really doesn't care much for Kakashi, huh?

And now I don't wonder why he's acting so friendly with the twins at the Zuru estate. Turns out it was his daughters? No wonder his daughters behaved like a devil, it was descended from his father.

Okay. Done ranting about Karasu.

I want to say that Kakashi and Sakura in this chapter are very romantic! How Sakura didn't want Kakashi to be caught by Konoha, she even repeatedly told him to leave after trying so hard to report his actions to Konoha.

And Kakashi? He was no longer afraid. He was ready to accept the consequences. He refused to leave Sakura... he even said that he loved Sakura? DAMN! He really thinks that it is the right time to confess his love:'))

I feel very concerned about Kakashi here. He really lost badly. :'(
No one in his clan really likes him and he without realizing it actually makes his village go down because of the false information he got from Karasu. Fuck. I hate Karasu.
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