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shi-kakasaku chapter 38 . 2/10/2022
The situation in this chapter really made me frustrated and sad...

It must be very hard for Tenzou to accept the reality he saw. Kakashi is one of his best friends, though likes to annoy him. However, he still strives to do his job as a Konoha ninja, not letting himself be distracted by feelings.

And Tenzou's action to save Sakura from the two Hatakes is really cool! Even when he made those two Hatakes end up underground, haha. Either way, he must be furious at what had happened to his two comrades. :')

Just... didn't expect that it turned out that Yui overheard Tenzou and Sakura's conversation... and the woman was still crazy. I actually had a hunch that Yui was a poison-related culprit, but… doubtful. Especially because Toshio died from poison. Oh, my gosh. Yui is really crazy... on par with Karasu's madness.

I'm so worried about Sakura! :( Will Kakashi accompany Sakura's birth? Even if for some reason... by where Kakashi was when the Sakura fell, it seems... impossible? Especially with Yui who could have spread the news about the biological father of Sakura's baby :(

Crazy Karasu!
He really hates Konoha that much?! He even had six tailed-bijuu to destroy Konoha?
shi-kakasaku chapter 37 . 2/10/2022
this chapter gave me depression [2]
shi-kakasaku chapter 36 . 2/10/2022
I'm so sad because Kakashi didn't know that Sakura had returned to the Zuru estate because of Karasu's actions.

Wasn't Kakashi trying to get Pakkun back on patrol in the estate? Maybe Pakkun can smell Sakura and report it to Kakashi.

Then, WHAT DOES KARASU WANT TO DO TO SAKURA? He's very suspicious! Even before this. From the start, he seemed to have an interest in Sakura and I don't know if it was a positive or negative attraction.

Then, does Tsunade feel that Karasu is Kakashi? Oh, my gosh. :'( I'm worried that Kakashi still thinks Sakura is on her way to Konoha, then thinks the arrival of Tenzou and his team is because of a report from Sakura.

AAAAH. I am so worried!
shi-kakasaku chapter 35 . 2/10/2022

I really can't believe Kakashi would allow himself to be treated so disrespectfully just because he respects Karasu or something!

I can't deny that I'm happy that Toshio is dead, or Yui is dying, but that doesn't mean I'd be happy to see Karasu throw Toshio's ashes at Kakashi like that! I want to strangle him!

The tension in this chapter softened a bit due to some of the conversations between Sakura and Sasuke which I found quite funny. Nor am I surprised by the fact that Sasuke managed to guess who the father of baby Sakura was. Well, he's a genius, right?

And Kakashi's arrival makes me feel happy! But also sad. He had indeed let Sakura go back to Konoha now, but realizing the possibility that they would never meet again in the future, made me feel worried and wince. I don't want them to separate! But... Sakura would rather go back to Konoha than be taken back to the Zuru estate.

Haha... it's just that unfortunately, Sakura actually met Karasu. Oh, God. Her luck.
shi-kakasaku chapter 34 . 2/10/2022
On the one hand, I understand Sakura's intentions. She was a Konoha kunoichi, it was her duty to do whatever it took to protect her village, even if it was against her own feelings.

But on the other hand, I feel very sad about Kakashi's condition. He must have felt very hurt when he found out that there was no Sakura in the apartment in a state of partial memory loss. And when he decides to look for Sakura, he finds the body of one of his family members and... the scroll he once gave to Sakura, for her to use if she was in danger. I can totally imagine how much pain he was in that I wanted to cry.

Didn't Kakashi love her so much that he felt grateful that it wasn't Sakura's body that he found there?

Oh, God.

This makes me feel so sad, but it can't be helped... they have their own goals.
shi-kakasaku chapter 33 . 2/9/2022
Idk this gave me depression.
shi-kakasaku chapter 32 . 2/9/2022
Oh, my God.
I feel like they were playing with my feelings in the previous chapter when showed me what happened here.

I really enjoyed Kakashi's care and concern for Sakura. He actually showed his love (even without him noticing) to his woman, haha. I can't forget how he became possessive to one of their (failed) child adopters, haha. :')

I can't deny that I feel hurt because they're still trying, but at least it seems increasingly clear that they don't want to give their baby to someone else. That's good, that's great!

I can't ignore how Sakura decided to buy a book about pregnancy and see information about the sex position that can be used in a pregnant state, lol. I hope they'll have a hot moment soon. ;)

When Sakura offered Kakashi to touch her stomach to feel about their child, I felt very touched, especially since Kakashi made sure first before doing so. Haaah... He really cares about Sakura's willingness, huh?

The scene of Kakashi touching Sakura's stomach and giving a comment about their baby made me feel so warm, he looked so carried away until he remembered about their plan to give their child to the adopter. :')

But I'm glad that he's trying to resuscitate Sakura that Sakura doesn't want to give her their baby. Although I was upset about how Sakura was in denial again, although the reason was realistic,... She shouldn't be like that.

I squeaked when Kakashi offered to take care of the baby along with asking her to marry him. Uuuuh, I know that I can't expect anything sweet from Sakura, but let me hope, okay?

And... Lastly, I was worried about the thing Sakura felt stalking herself during her trip home from shopping. I hope it's not a big problem :(
shi-kakasaku chapter 31 . 2/9/2022


shi-kakasaku chapter 30 . 2/9/2022
Oh my...
It seems that Kakashi has indeed had feelings for Sakura for a long time, huh? Ugh. Perhaps because of the factor he was more surrounded by people obsessed with status and revenge, he couldn't recognize feelings of love or anything like that. But honestly, when he thought he wanted to make Sakura smile often because he saw her smile, I felt... melt.

I thought Sakura was going to be soft, but it seemed like she was still too hard to the father of her child.

I felt sad that Sakura was so sure to hand the baby over to someone else even though I could see any doubts in her. And Kakashi, asking Sakura's beliefs several times... I don't know, I think he wants to keep the baby for them to take care of together. However, he is also... stupid. He couldn't understand his own feelings. From the previous chapter, he sounded clear he wanted to be the father of the child.

And really... Karasu worries me. Looks like he really knows that Sakura's baby belongs to Kakashi, huh?

Then, Reika...
Is she really planning to kill Sakura?

Damn. Why do Kakashi and Sakura have so many trials in their lives?
shi-kakasaku chapter 29 . 2/9/2022
Kakashi and Sakura are working together! Yes, I really like it!

Sakura gets even cooler when she can touch something that is her specialty. And I always love it whenever Kakashi obeys what Sakura wants. It feels... Very special.

I don't know if I had time to say this or not, but I've always enjoyed the interactions Sakura has with her maid colleagues, especially Kaoru and Aki!

I must admit that Karasu who spoke honestly turned out to be quite cute. And I feel that there's actually something more serious about the reason why Karasu looks like he has an interest in Sakura. Isn't the summon he has been able to detect who the father of the baby in Sakura's womb is? Could it be that he actually knew that Sakura child's father was actually Kakashi?

But one thing is for sure, I still don't like Karasu. He's too heartless for me and he's too obsessed with the throne or something like that. I feel... worried that he would really try to kill Kakashi later.

And Kakashi is so funny when he's drunk!
How he still had so much care to break the news about tenzou's assassination plot, ahaha. He was afraid that there would be nothing more he could bully.

Obviously, when he gets touchy to Sakura, that's also the fun part. I feel a bit hopeful that he's saying about his feelings for Sakura when he's off guard like that. However, it seemed like it would be better if the two of them were equally aware, right? ;)

And that 'good girl'... shit.
So dangerous. And I like it.
shi-kakasaku chapter 28 . 2/9/2022
Kakashi admits that on the night of July he was actually jealous of Sasuke? Well! Finally, the things that make the restless on me end as well. He covered it up so well that night, so I felt disappointed when he denied that he was jealous. Although well, it's impossible as if he wants to admit such feelings towards Sakura? His ego is very high, after all.

And when he starts touching Sakura... I have to admit that the scene was so interesting that I almost got carried away, thinking the two of them (sakura would give up) but I remember how hard Sakura was here. Therefore, I am not disappointed at all... Okay, I was disappointed a little when Sakura chose to attack Kakashi and make the atmosphere end.

Oh... And the stubborn game of both of them... HAHAHA. I didn't know how to laugh or get upset... Although I liked Kakashi's persistence to make Sakura come to him, even by making Kaoru say such a thing to Sakura.

And their debate... For Heaven's Sake... Hahaha, they're both gold! Truly!

At the beginning of reading this I felt a little frustrated with their relationship even though when I saw the chapters, I knew there would be plenty of time to change everything... But seeing the hard Sakura, unwilling to give in to feelings for the sake of her village, I suddenly felt proud of her.

And Kakashi prostrated himself and begged? Okay... I think I really enjoyed that. ;)

Kakashi and Sakura are very fused partners, right? I'm sure they can do what they want to do for Konoha smoothly... I hope.
shi-kakasaku chapter 27 . 2/9/2022
I feel happy because the threat that Kakashi has made to Toshio is really influential. There is nothing more fun than making a rapist stop his crimes because that person feels more powerful than his potential victims. Kakashi's way is extreme. But if it's not like that, then how else?

And to be honest, I was able to understand Sakura's feelings when suddenly rebuked like that in front of the crowd due to her pregnancy. I was relieved that Kakashi decided to go after Sakura and calm her down. The sweet words he said to Sakura made me feel warm and calm. Although the moment was somewhat marred by Karasu's presence and his vexing questions. But the kiss on the forehead that Kakashi gave Sakura again improved things. I feel so blessed! 3

And to be honest, I have an inner conflict over what Kakashi did to Konoha's bridge. Knowing his background, I understood why Obito's ghost was stalking him... And that made me imagine what if Sakumo's ghost also appeared?

Regret will come to an end.
I hate Karasu and his obsession. I don't understand why Kakashi chose to split partisanship like this to make him dizzy himself.

But rather than that, I was relieved that Sakura allowed Kakashi to sleep on the same bed as her. I really hope this becomes a habit later. And... They will return to being more intimate. ;)
shi-kakasaku chapter 26 . 2/8/2022
I hate Toshio so much! But it seems like I pretty much found a character with a noble status who had no morals like him, who thought that he was above everything else and everyone should submit to him.

I really wanted to jump out of my seat, lunge at him, and get him battered when he kicked Sakura's ribs like that! I just feel grateful for the intervention made by Pakkun. Ah... He's a really good protector.

And here, I thank Aki for reporting what Sakura went through to Kakashi. Honestly, I had a bad feeling about the title of this chapter, but it turned out that I actually saw something really fun!

I really enjoyed it when Shiba mentioned that Kakashi had the killing intent after getting the news. As it should be! If he doesn't react to anything when he finds out that his woman was hurt, I'll beat his ass up!

Oh, and... When he squandered out of his room after hearing Sakura's lie, I got goosebumps out of enthusiasm because I knew there would be a badass scene... I JUST DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO BE SO BADASS.

Oh, God. I think my pants got wet during Kakashi's reading bringing out his sadistic side towards Toshio.

But then I was treated to Kakashi and Sakura sweet scene... Uh, I love them both!
shi-kakasaku chapter 25 . 2/8/2022
So that's how Kakashi and Karasu met and how he became sticky with the Hatake clan. When I remember his situation at that time, well... I can understand it. He wanted a family because his father decided not to settle in the world for his sake. Although I must admit that the Hatake clan here is very... Terrible. I mean, about hierarchy. But it seems like the other clans also have that kind of thing, eh? Although still, it's a bit ludicrous when they're so obsessed with pure blood and those who aren't.

Kakashi and Sakura's interaction here is adorable! Sakura who decides to come without being smitten by the waitress even to wait an hour in Kakashi's room is... It's something that makes me feel flowery!

I also liked it every time Kakashi told Sakura what he did even though she didn't trust him. And strangely enough, I even felt... I like it when he's so angry that he yells at Sakura and Sakura just mocks him. xD

And aw... Kakashi who gives his bed to Sakura and is willing to cook a hard-boiled egg for Sakura at one o'clock in the morning? Well, well, he did that for a reason because he made Sakura in this situation, but I hope that deep down, he's happy to do that. ;)

Indeed three boiled eggs are unlikely to make Haruno Sakura's heart soft. But, it seems Hatake Kakashi wants to fight for her, eh?

Then, TenzoIno!
Ah... They're both so sweet here and I love it. ;)
shi-kakasaku chapter 24 . 2/8/2022
I feel quite spoiled by the amount of communication between Kakashi and Sakura here, although it still feels obviously hostility between the two of them (because Sakura and I can forgive it) I appreciate Kakashi's efforts to keep it this way. I had hoped that Kakashi would reveal that the baby conceived by Sakura was his. However, it seems that time hasn't been possible, huh? :(

I was annoyed with how Karasu called Sakura... I feel like cutting off his tongue. AND I HATE HOW KAKASHI IS ABLE TO CONTROL HIS FEELINGS! I hope he feels like slapping Karasu when he hears Karasu call Sakura that way. What is it... something cubicle thing.

But... Kakashi seemed to want this family so much. According to Sakura, Kakashi looks like Sasuke because of his obsession with family.

I... I don't know what to comment on this. Since I'm not in Kakashi's position, I've had a complete family since birth... So, it was very difficult to understand his sentiments regarding family.

But really, I feel sympathy for his situation here. I mean, he didn't really benefit his family, nor did he benefit Konoha. So, I think he's fair enough?

I think my head has broken if I have to be in position.

And to be honest, seeing how his efforts to accompany Sakura made me feel touched. Now I'm really looking forward to how the two of them feel about the baby will change...

It hurts when Sakura refers to her own baby as 'this thing', haha. :'(
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