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shi-kakasaku chapter 23 . 2/8/2022
I felt very concerned over Sakura's entire attempt to escape from the estate, but unfortunately, I couldn't help but say that when she was brought back in by Bull in such a withdrawn manner it was such an adorable thing! Although I felt a little annoyed over Sakura's actions making biscuits with a mixture of sleeping pills for Pakkun. It's so cruel! You can't be like that to your baby with Kakashi. And yes, Pakkun is a baby!

And... ew, how did Yui make Sakura work in the onsen region so sakura heard what she and Toshio were doing was a disgusting thing! I really didn't know what was going on inside Yui's head until she still hadn't realized that Sakura wasn't interested in Toshio! Oh, God.

And I must admit that Kakashi's arrival in such circumstances was something sexy. Damn. Then how did he decide to go straight to Sakura... Well, I melted.

His desire to touch Sakura's stomach is also... Very sweet. The question he gave, his attention. I can imagine how soft but gloomy his face was when he said that the one conceived by Sakura was also her baby.

Seeing Sakura so hostile to Kakashi made me feel so hurt to be honest, but I could understand why she was behaving that way. So, I'm trying to control my feelings.

And... What was Kakashi planning so he decided not to explain anything to Aki and Yui after they were both caught in such a situation?

Shiiit. I'm so curious!
Did Kakashi decide to announce that Sakura's baby was his?
shi-kakasaku chapter 22 . 2/8/2022
Ah... what a flashback of the moment I've waited with so much excitement. It's... so disappointing and hurting, for me.

I can't deny that I enjoyed every change of mood that night.

Where Kakashi was so worried about Sakura when he found her in such a weak state. I could see the fear in him. Even I felt a flutter in my chest when there was a notion that Sakura was his favorite girl.

How Kakashi was about to reveal something before they became more intimate. However, as Sakura decided, it was her fault for choosing to let curiosity and lust overwhelm her.

So, for their intercourse scene, the fault lies with each of them. I feel relieved that this was done with consent. And it's a bit sad that Sakura didn't really enjoy it, but maybe it was because they were in too much of a hurry and it was Sakura's first time? So, I'm trying to understand.

And... it's really amazing how these two can fight after sex.

I can understand Sakura's desire to take Sasuke with her to Konoha since that man has information about the syndicate, but... WHY AT THAT TIME? Oh, my gosh.

They're both really messed up.

Well... actually I laughed when Sakura snapped Kakashi's arm with her bra strap... haha... the comedy in between the tension...

So instead of feeling relieved after finding out how the two of them related, I was heartbroken.
shi-kakasaku chapter 21 . 2/8/2022
Whoa, whoa...
It turned out that Sasuke was back. I had thought that he would not recognize Sakura. However, I was wrong. And what he did to Sakura made me feel scared. Until Sakura used her pregnancy to make Sasuke doubt, well... Sasuke may not have a heart but he definitely has sentiments towards children, considering how his clan's fate was.

I really hope Kakashi returns to the Zuru estate soon and Pakkun will tell him everything he knows about Sakura's condition during his absence.

And I feel very comforted by the scene of Tenzou failing to seduce a woman because of Kakashi's arrival. He really is an asshole! xD Showed up at the right time to get a free drink.

When Tenzou nagged Kakashi to come back to Sakura and ask for her hand in marriage, I felt that I wanted to kneel down and propose to Tenzou right then and there! What a good lecture, Tenzou! I admire you and I hope Kakashi did it soon!

Of course I enjoy how Kakashi is so tortured by his own thoughts here, lol. My condolences, Mr Hatake. Maybe if Hatake Sakumo finds out what you're doing, he'll come back from heaven and beat your ass up!

Oooh. Turns out he was still reading the letter, fufu. And really got carried away by the words that were there, eh?

Yum, yum.
I can't wait to find out what really happened between the two of them.
shi-kakasaku chapter 20 . 2/8/2022
First of all, I want to say that I like how Kakashi chose Tenzou as his place to complain. And I enjoyed how Tenzou responded as if instead of feeling that he was trusted, he was being burdened by Kakashi. But well, I don't blame what Tenzou feels. Especially when Kakashi admitted that Tenzou was the only one who was told that the father of the baby in Sakura's womb was him. What a tough day for Tenzou.

And to be honest, I really don't understand the obsession Yui has for Toshio. I'm so exasperated about her antagonist towards Sakura which I think is very ridiculous! And Sakura is saying the right thing, that Yui and Toshio are a perfect match when juxtaposed! Grrr!

I felt very proud when Sakura decided to retaliate against Yui's attack on her.

Oh. I also thank Pakkun for being there to protect Sakura from what Toshio wanted to do to her.

Damn. Why was there such a heavy problem, both in the Zuru estate and in Konoha?

Then... Sable? Who is she actually? Is she also part of the Hatake family? Shit. How dare she do that to Tsunade-sama! Did she intend to kill Tsunade so that Kakashi could become a Hokage? Oh my.
shi-kakasaku chapter 19 . 2/7/2022
Kakashi's reaction to the fact of Sakura's pregnancy was far from what I expected. However, of course, what is written here is much more realistic. Especially after knowing how the Hatake clan concept for the upper house like Hatake Kakashi.

Honestly, I like the background of the Hatake clan here. It's complicated like other clans I know settled in Konoha, but that's the best part, right?

It's just, I still don't really understand the motive why Kakashi decided to return to his clan because I don't think he's someone who is too lustful for a position. Or maybe he just became obsessed with knowing about his family? Even so, his family is a mess. I can't imagine him marrying his own close relative...

And I really have conflicting feelings for him here. On the one hand, he clearly looks like he doesn't want a child from Sakura which annoys me. However, he still cares about her so much that he left Pakkun there which makes me happy. Even how he asked Aki to pay attention to Sakura and report to him. And how did he turn down the offer to become Hokage in order to get back together with Sakura? AND WHEN HE SAID THAT SAKURA IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WAR.

Oh, God. He wants to play with me. I hate him!
shi-kakasaku chapter 18 . 2/7/2022
Now Kakashi knew about Sakura's pregnancy and it's his child! But with his reaction, I felt dreaded that… he don't want it TAT

Oh my. I can't help myself to think that Kakashi accepted to get rid the baby… even though I have a feeling that he did it because he knew that if Sakura keep the baby, she will be in danger.

I'm certain about that because of this clan problem and that Reika… oh, if she dare to hurt my Sakura, I will kill her!

shi-kakasaku chapter 17 . 2/7/2022
I always liked it when Kakashi had a role where people who had only heard of him asked others to stay away from him because they thought he was dangerous. Yeah, I like the dangerous Hatake Kakashi, lol.

And I got goosebumps when Kakashi finally found out about Sakura's pregnancy. He only felt sad because he thought that the child in Sakura's womb belonged to Toshio. I have to admit that I enjoyed his reaction and how he had the urge to kill Toshio.

I really enjoyed the moment when he watched Sakura when Sakura just came out of visiting Himiko... it was so intense, it was as if he felt betrayed... like knowing his lover was pregnant by another man.

Only one thing is for sure, Kakashi and Sakura's relationship here is getting more complicated...

I don't know when Sakura will reveal who the real father of the baby in her womb is. However, looking at Reika... oh my God, how I felt like throwing up seeing her behavior.

OK. It seemed that it would become increasingly difficult for Sakura to tell the facts about the baby. SIGHS. I feel really scared and worried now.
shi-kakasaku chapter 16 . 2/7/2022
Oh my gosh...
I felt very tense while reading this chapter, especially the argument between Kakashi and Sakura. I don't know whether to be angry with Kakashi or what, because... even if Sakura's stay in the house will have a bad impact on Konoha, but I like his persistence to make Sakura stay?

It was surprising to learn that he actually betrayed Konoha. And his pettiness of making Sakura believe that what they were doing was the same, made me sniggered.

I won't forget his strange way of distracting Toshio in order to give Kaoru a chance to escape.

Really, he really made me feel confused. I'm annoyed but I still like him.

And... oh, how he noticed the changes in Sakura's body... I guess that's also the reason why I can forgive him. I also see his affection for Sakura here although he may not be aware of it.

And leave a seal on Sakura's ass? Oh, God. What a genius Hatake he is.
shi-kakasaku chapter 15 . 2/7/2022
Absolutely damn timing. I respect Sakura's decision to call Toshio the father of her unborn baby in order to steal an opportunity to escape from the house. However, oh my God, why did Kakashi come after that? How would he feel if he really thought that Sakura was pregnant with another man's child? Oh, God.

I have to admit that Karasu's conversation with the wolf is something adorable here. Quite entertaining.

But Karasu said that the wolf has the ability to detect the father of the baby Sakura is carrying? Did he actually know yet... decided to deny that the child was Kakashi's? Shit.

Does he think that Kakashi is a valuable property for the Hatake clan? So, he doesn't want Kakashi to have a child with an unknown woman.
shi-kakasaku chapter 14 . 2/7/2022
This chapter is very tense and stifling! I feel very sad to imagine Sakura slowly having to accept the fact that Kakashi is a spy in Konoha, after all of his dedication so far.

To be honest, a part of me enjoyed him being in a position against Konoha, but thinking about the effect it had on Sakura made me change my mind. :(

But regardless, although I was very worried when Sakura decided to contact Konoha via an emergency radio transmission, I enjoyed the action she did here, even to the point of killing one of the Hatake clan members. I can totally imagine what him was like to die and I really enjoyed it.

I was quite amazed at Sakura's decision to do that act. However, how long will his lies be believed?

Kakashi's departure from Konoha must have led to Sakura's, right? And I don't know what he will do to Sakura. Will he show his true side or... will he take care of Sakura?

Ah... this makes me worried but enthusiastic.
shi-kakasaku chapter 13 . 2/6/2022
Honestly, seeing Kakashi smiling when he was about to communicate with Sakura was a very adorable thing. Ugh—he looks like he really misses Sakura, huh?

I was just surprised that Hatake was part of a syndicate that wanted to attack Konoha. And the most painful thing is, it turns out that Kakashi is a spy?

Oh, God.

Though, I actually likes the idea of Kakashi being a traitor for Konoha.
shi-kakasaku chapter 12 . 2/6/2022
This chapter made me feel giddy. I was very scared to imagine Sakura actually aborted her pregnancy because she didn't receive news from Kakashi. However, it seems that the universe wants to give their baby a chance to live. Dokko gave news regarding Kakashi... sadly, their contact didn't take place here and I'm really excited about what might happen

The dream of Sakura created fear in me and I hope it's not a bad sign. I mean, I don't want Sakura to be made to choose between her baby and Kakashi. :( She could have chosen both of them, she should have.

It turns out that Karasu is Kakashi's family? OH GOD. And Aki is Karasu's nephew? SHIT. I never thought that Kakashi would have relatives here and I feel grateful for that. However, Karasu is part of a syndicate that wants to destroy Konoha? Oh no.

But this... is getting more and more interesting
shi-kakasaku chapter 11 . 2/6/2022
Oh, thank god.
I felt very worried while Sakura was in the library with Toshio. And I could tell from the way Toshio was looking at her, something bad was going to happen, just as both Kaoru and Yui had told her. I'm just relieved that Sakura isn't as weak as I've seen in the previous chapters. I'm grateful that she used her genjutsu ability on Toshio. Only, I don't know if Toshio realized he was hit by a genjutsu or not? Because his expression is so weird... I hope he's completely new to ninjas.

While it's undeniable that I feel a bit annoyed by Kakashi, I'm glad he made the effort to ask about Sakura's whereabouts.

I was distracted when I saw how Tsunade reacted to Kakashi's words about Tsunade which made his father moan in pain. But there seems to be 'something' there.

When Kakashi told about what he had done to Sakura to Tenzou, I still felt that this was not the whole story. Somehow I don't like imagining them doing that because Kakashi is drunk. Ugh, getting pregnant for something you don't really want is the worst thing!

Although I felt giddy when I saw how he reacted to Sakura's letter. Asjkfkl. He was so happy to read the word 'much love' as if it was the most influential thing in this world?

AAAAH. I really wished he actually loved Sakura, he just had a hard time understanding it.
shi-kakasaku chapter 10 . 2/6/2022
Oh, God.
What Sakura would go through in that place would really be something difficult. I feel grateful that she has an interesting summon. Cat? I thought it suited Sakura very well and how the two of them communicated was adorable, something that made this chapter not as dark as the previous one.

It's just that, for a long time, Sakura will definitely depend on Dokko's reconnaissance and I don't know how long Dokko's whereabouts will go unsuspected. Maybe the Zuru family has a ninja gang with those who can sense chakra? Or... the summon have the ability to disguise their chakra?

But more than that, I was really worried about what Sakura might through with Toshio in the library. The story told about Toshio made me anxious. Then, what happened to Kaoru?

I feel a little relieved to see a snippet of Kakashi here. Just felt a little annoyed that he didn't immediately find the letter left by Sakura. However, knowing that he was looking for Sakura gave me some relief. I hope he will try to contact Sakura or I will get angry :(
shi-kakasaku chapter 9 . 2/6/2022
This is torturing me... but I can't stop reading. TAT
I will never stop before I know what happens in the future for both of them and how Sakura going through her pregnancy while on a mission.

I just hope that Kakashi would care to contact her. And if not, I will kick him in the ass.
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