Reviews for Dear Life, I Hate Chuck Bass
puresimplicity-xo chapter 2 . 10/1/2008
It's devastating that she can't remember that she's now in love with Chuck.

"badly injured from… from something very drastic and heart wrenching,"

- is that insinuating that she doesn't know what happened in the accident?

I racked my mind to think if Nate had done something funny to his hair, but I couldn’t think of anything.

- lol, can you imagine Nate dyeing his hair a few shades darker?

They should experiment with that sometime


Was it considered cheating? Would Chuck and Nate fight over me in the streets of New York… Hopefully in the rain?

- A discombobulated Blair is fairly amusing.

And why does she want the fight to take place in the rain?

Is she hoping that they'll be wearing white?


And it's so like Blair to blame things on her 'inept' doctor


“Where’s Dorota?” I asked, looking sadly at the teddies in the room, wondering which of them was from Nate, and why I wasn’t clutching it.

- Who wants Nate's teddy?

\ lol

If it was Chuck's teddy on the other hand, I'd never let it go.


Hopefully one day, you’ll remember.

That is so heartbreaking because it reminds me so much of The Notebook and how she forgets

Oh by the way, I just got your review reply

I always review as I go so I only just finished reading the second chapter

I love this already and my heart is already pining for Chuck.


s2 xoxo
bookworm455 chapter 2 . 10/1/2008

happy now? uve got me crying all over again.

and i love chuck bass. that's how it actually all started.
puresimplicity-xo chapter 1 . 10/1/2008
Belle, the beginning is so vivid.

The emotions being described are so vastly realistic which creates an otherwordly dreamlike feel

(which is what I assume Blair is feeling)

Your ideas are always so innovative and fresh

I can't wait for another astronomically epic story.

My inbox has been a little empty since you finished The Butterfly Effect.


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