Reviews for Change
Robin Autumn chapter 4 . 7/8/2011
Man, this wonderful movie definitely needs more cute stories like yours! I hope you keep updating, I really liked your takes on Sho growing up around Kei, being a crybaby and wanting to be taller than him. Very fitting! XD
0928soubi at chapter 4 . 5/17/2011
Great chapter! I love that Sho unconsciously picked a girl that resembled Kei. xD what's that saying about marrying your mother? xD
0928soubi at chapter 1 . 12/27/2009
Kyah! THAT WAS SO ADORABLE! I especially loved when he declared himself 'King Sho.' Too cute! I adored the tickle fight. (I loved this series so much the first time I read it, I had to come back and read it again.) I can so see all of these happening. The bit about Sho saying 'Your king commands you!' sent me into a terrible case of the giggles. Poor Kei, Sho just never listens. But that's part of what makes him so loveable. Super Vampire Strength Powers Go! *whoosh* He exploded the ball. I love that! And that last line is so like him. 8D
Jaded Expression of Euphoria chapter 3 . 2/12/2009
AW ADORABLE AS ALWAYS! Reading this always makes my day when a new chapter comes out! So cute! KAWAII! Yeah I'm pathetic but I can't help it. Also I love how you write these little uhm memory like things. They're really good.

Hollyhock-san chapter 2 . 1/30/2009
Once again, so cute! Poor Kei though, he'll never live down that Sho's taller. Can't wait for the next one!
Jaded Expression of Euphoria chapter 2 . 1/29/2009
Aw equally adorable and poor Kei. They just grow up way too fast, don't they?

Jaded Expression of Euphoria chapter 1 . 1/29/2009
Oh my gosh that was adordabibble! So cute and you actually somehow captured their personalities just right! Eleventy seven thumbs up for you.

Hollyhock-san chapter 1 . 1/28/2009
Aww, that was so cute! Will there be more?
Angel chapter 1 . 11/17/2008
I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter!