Reviews for A Drop of Poison
Obitou chapter 4 . 5/14
i cant post another review on the other chapter so

With the authors note in the last chap, naruto's solid henge is also proven by the sand-sound invasion while naruto was fighting gaara and henged into Kurama,, so solid henge is canon and i live by that
Obitou chapter 3 . 5/14
"Naruto's apartment then proceeded to empty itself through its single window."

realfan16 chapter 34 . 5/10
Dang what a cliffhanger TT_TT. I discovered this last Thursday and have been reading non-stop. Definitely ranked up there in the list of most original fan fic I've read. :p believe me I read a lot shit from trashy asf to so-good-it-deserves-to-be-published-for real
SuperReader3000 chapter 34 . 5/9
This story has been utterly amazing! I really hope you’re able to come back to it and finish it!
Sheylenna chapter 34 . 5/8
Soooo how have you dealt with this last year? Get any writing done...? I thought I would but my muse left me for probably the next inhabited planet provided they weren't in pandemic also...
Hope the next chapter comes out soon and you and your family are well.
sealkid3 chapter 34 . 5/7
Super happy to see an update! Looking forward to see Ebisu’s reaction to the Plan or how the trio escape explaining the truth. I’m glad you overcame life to breathe more life into this story. Hope you are having a better a year so far! Thanks for writing this story!
ChibiChula chapter 34 . 5/7
I've been enjoying rereading this story again (I had lost the link a while back) and I noticed that you haven't updated in over 16 months. Given the state of the world right now, I do hope that you're safe and healthy. Hopefully you'll be able to get back to this story soon. Take care!
Arcane Howitzer chapter 34 . 5/7
This is certainly an interesting demonstration of how much background work goes into something as simple as infiltration, and how easily cloning can escalate the scale of an operation to truly absurd extremes.
Seriously, that got out of hand real fast.
From "I want to sneak these two clones into a school," to "I am now one of the most expansive information networks in the world, as well as a trading guild, a mercenary company, a new branch of the ANBU Black Ops, all three members of a Genin team, and an entirely fictitious Ninja village that is now assisting a coup in the Hidden Mist, and the number of non-clone people who know about all of this can be counted on one hand," in less than a year. The phrase, "taken to the logical extreme" comes to mind.

What I really want to know, though, is what happens to all of the food the clones eat? When a clone "pops," everything that was created with the clone goes too, but objects that it picked up after creation are left behind (the swords of the fallen Torasen, for example).
So where is all of that ramen going?
Does it just sort of vanish into the ether? Is it somehow being transported somewhere else? Are the Shadow Clones realistic enough that it goes through the normal digestive processes, and has gradually been replacing their "clone" body with actual functional matter?
Inquiring minds need to know!

So anyway, here's hoping I found this towards the end of a hiatus, and not post-mortem.
realfan16 chapter 21 . 5/6
Me: Hiruzen Saroutobi you've been charged with pedophilia and are therefore under arrest.
Hiruzen: Huh? what? how? I FEED your families !
Me: you've the right to keep quiet.
Me: A Naruto by any other shape would still be Naruto.
whatifnarutofan chapter 34 . 5/3
fuck this
ILiveADaydream chapter 34 . 5/3
I hope you are well and update again someday. This has long been one of my favorites.
Guest chapter 34 . 5/2
*poke* you okay luv? Just re-reading and figured I'd drop by and ask
Steven chapter 34 . 5/2
Im just a kid and my life is a nightmare!
Silverserpent74 chapter 34 . 4/27
Dropped on a cliffhanger is probably the worst place to drop a story.
lnept chapter 34 . 4/24
I hope you're well and will come back to this story one day. Thank you for writing.
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