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musme chapter 20 . 1m ago
I love it vert much.
Oh I am Slain chapter 20 . 10m ago
Yessssss. This story is a delight like always. Perhaps fanon has lowered my expectations about characterizations, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the level-headed way you had the Hokage react to the reveal, and the way Ebisu reacted to his first meeting with his genin. Lots of Naruto fics let bashing bleed into the narrative. :)

That was were Ariko had decided
That was where Ariko had decided

"Could the real Naruto come up?"
You totally missed the moment to say "Will the real Naruto please stand up, please stand up?" :P

And your was captured
And your brother was captured

at least thrice as long in meetings, if not more.
at least thrice as long in [regular] meetings, if not more.
[Or pick a similar adjective. It was slightly ambiguous that the Hokage was comparing Naruto's meetings to regular meetings.)

Ebisu did not react except for a tightening of his traits.
Is "tightening of his traits" some idiom that I just happen to not know about?
linkhyrule5 chapter 14 . 12m ago
Huh. I'm impressed he caught the Hyuuga - that means he'd've had to not only hide the traps themselves, but also obfuscate their mechanisms. Reminds me of that obfuscated code contest...
shenmi meiren chapter 20 . 12m ago
Ebisu? really? that will be fun!

the Jokage seemed a bit too chilled out for me, abd I'm entirely dissatisfied with Gaara - but hey, you are still a GENIUS!
TegwenielWestwind chapter 20 . 17m ago
I found this to be a wonderful transition chapter, moving from the invasion into the future. Ebisu as jounin sensei is an amusing choice, and could be really cool. I look forward to seeing how you flesh out his character as a professional.
The Fool's Journey chapter 20 . 32m ago
Thanks for the update!
syed chapter 20 . 52m ago
THis is an epic story, powerfful but not istant win either.
We know naruto is training hinata and iruka, any chance this will get expanded. So ebisu get training himself, and so do the fashion ninjas, Possibly even konohamaru and his team. Training with naruto, might mean that hinata might get competition from the fashion ninjas. I can imagine a group of kunoichi becoming genjutsu/med jutsu based as fashion, more support ninja than direct battle.
I am stil hoping jiraya will get pulled in, even he has to be impressed with what naruto has achieved.
Naruto had some unknown sealing scrolls, so why not ask the hokage what they were. Naruto wants to learn jutsu, what about the one that summons those giant gates with demon faces, or those barrier jutsu, those look very draining, so naruto could keep on dooing that.
SInce neither sandaime and orochi were permanetly harmed, wil they still seek out tsnade. The hokage might feel he needs a proper heir so send for her. if naruto goes along, he might do the rasengan training far quicker due to that fire orb jutsu. the thing is itachi is still coming, but it should be awesom. Can the draining sword be drained? I would love to see naruto deal with that black flame of hte uchiha, and getting blinded.
Has naruto even used kyubi chakra since the mizuki thing. It might still be important to get him to learn to summonit at need.
KrisB-71854 chapter 20 . 55m ago
I like Ebisu as their teacher. It fits. He needed to lead a team. I'm just hoping that he will earn the right to be brought into the prank before his team is promoted.

I also hope that Naruto isn't disabled at one point. That could prove a dangerous liability.

I liked the Hokage attending the Council meeting. It went well. I'm glad that you explained everything in the background though. A few minor things that I'd have liked have seen though was the entire Wave Mission and Naruto's information network. I really wanted to see his reactions to that.

I loved the bit about the KFN. Iruka is right. Those girls are a major part of his social structure and it would likely cripple or maim him by taking his various other roles away.

Now that I'm thinking about it though... Those girls likely aren't his only friends. He is friends with the small business folks. (I hope he brought up the issues that a business person has getting established in the village. That'll also piss the Hokage off as well.)

Well, all those information clones just working have likely made tons of friends and such all around the elemental countries. There is no telling who he will just know when leaving the village.

With how you are going in with the non-clan kids not getting on the ninja teams or being promoted, I smell a Root Plot. Sure, they are likely going after orphans first, but I can also see them going and recruiting all the "drop outs" that didn't make it into Konoha's forces.

Part of Ebisu's dislike is apparently he is a non clan ninja and has seen lots of non clan ninja passed over for clan kids at every stage within the village. It's not that Ebisu doesn't want to train them. He just figures that they'd be more than ready for the promotion, but likely passed over for clan kids and he'd be stuck with that assignment due to the bias of the clan ninja willing to promote the non clan ninja. That's likely how he will feel.

I like how you've made Ebisu a real professional though. He dislikes Naruto but still does his job.

Will you have Jiji attend more of those council meetings? Even if it's just to send a clone? Keeping an eye on Naruto is one thing, but actually just asking a few questions and seeing various bits of data that Naruto's group has obtained would have to help him fill in some gaps in his big picture.

I don't really care about D rank missions. They are needed, but don't really do anything for me. I don't care about that month or two of missions. I'd like to see some more Hinata interaction. There is a part of me that wants Asuma's team to fall into his social circle.

Oddly, only Lee, Tenten, and Sakura are really in his social circle of non clan genin. I like how his crush on Sakura has sort of faded into the background. Without her around, he sort of got over her. Being around the KFN and Hinata really likely opened his eyes on that front. Or atleast of what real male / female interaction should be like.

You really put the human face to the invasion mentioning the reconstruction and who amongst his local allies were hit and needed help. Nice touch.
T51b Moridin chapter 20 . 56m ago
Cool as heck. I am enjoying this project so much. I can't wait to see what solution you implement for the memory transfer failures. It would be peachy to make sure that all information is passed properly ergo making a highly efficient information system instead of one that seems to lose as much info as it gains. maybe considering the way you have it going a tiered system where the clones made the latest send info back to their makers then them to theirs etc till the ones directly made by naruto send the mass of information to him allowing for a fluid memory transfer. Though ideally information would instantly pass from any and all to the original at any point preventing possible losses in information.
JustWriter2 chapter 20 . 1h ago
I was expecting the surrendered Sand ninja to be brought up; what happened to them? Were they passed on to a real ANBU with the instructions on the terms of their surrender? -JWBritt-
Lody chapter 20 . 1h ago
Gai Burezi chapter 20 . 1h ago
Hey there, excellent story. I'm so glad you've picked it up again. I had lost hope mid 2014. I really do enjoy your work, both the idea and execution are a brilliant divergence from canon.
shirokuromokona chapter 20 . 1h ago
Well he did train academy students before, so genin (much less a multi-naruto) team must seem like a breeze to teach. I love that Ebisu was chosen. He's not perfect, but no one is. I am looking forward to what you will do with him. He has some elements of disliking Naruto in canon but its a bit fuzzy on whether that's more a clash of personality (loud and brash vs profession and rule abiding) or some lingering resentment towards Kyubbi. At least he's willing to see past that in canon when he learns of Naruto's words towards Konohamaru. There is no short cut towards Hokage. Someone gonna get a real hurt in the future. Hokage isn't really happy with what he sees. And I think with the help of Team one some things are going to change. Drastically.

Ebisu and Team one is also slowly going to show the corruption/holes in the ninja system. The bias is not only against Naruto, but towards orphans, civilians, female, and 'privileged' people like nobles. Each having they're own bias. Orphans have no backing and thus is weak. Civilians know nothing and are not willing to learn the Shinobi ways. Females focus on things that don't matter like fashion. Nobles should stay in their comfortable life style; they won't adapt. Well guess what Konoha, that's gonna change. Orphans can grow strong. They can get a backing if people are willing to see their potential. Civilians know nothing because they are taught nothing. They can learn if someone is willing to teach them. Fashion and the female (hell even civilian) knowledge can be used towards a shinobi life style. They already have to a certain extent make a different branch in shinobi knowledge to make up for the lack of clan teachings. (Go fashion squad!) Nobles are not given the chance to adapt and are given up on from the start. And Team one is slowly going to show the difference that makes and why it shouldn't. I'm loving this! :)

It's not just a super!powered!Naruto, its full of politics and world building with lots of characters that are only built upon after their introduction. It shows both sides of every section. The fashion squad is slowly making its way into my heart. I love the girls that are both feminine and fierce. They work with the knowledge they have and actually help each other improve even without the clans or a major backing. That's the Will of Fire right there! The knowledge they can impart is often overlooked, but Naruto is learning a thing or two from them.

I also kind of want more of the merchants to show but that's because I always feel like the civilians are pushed to the side in stories featuring super-powered hero. I would love to see how the naruto!merchants help Konoha in the aftermath of the invasion. It maybe the ninjas that fight in the battle, but the civilians have their own battles. Its not flashy and most of its on paper and with words, but its a fierce battle they fight for their home. The Invasion is going to change the merchant side of Konoha largely. The other merchants outside of Konoha are totally going to try to take advantage of the situation. They help them to create a better relationship for future business. But they might no longer have as much trust in any investments in Konoha and cut off some ties. Some are just going to be happy with the business deals that are going to be needed for the rebuilding. Some may even take advantage that Konoha might need imports and raise the prices. While more non-essential items be put to the side leaving merchants who base their trade on those items in a bad place, like Ariko's supposed father who trades in clothes. Actually many people would have lost clothes, so maybe an increase in buying of clothes, but people will instead be looking to replace everyday clothes not just rare cloth. So many possibilities.

Truthfully I always believed that the 'roots' of Konoha not to be the Ne that Danzo leads. He and his forces weren't there from the beginning. The merchants and civilians were. They came with food, supplies, money, workers, and contacts. They probably helped made the village, an actual village and not just a camp with a lot of ninja clans. They brought the builders, people who make clothes (what are they called?), cooks, farmers, plumbers, etc. They are the roots of the village. They laid out the base that holds the tree up. They suck up the nutrients that the tree needs. Without them the tree would fall. (Maybe I'm taking the tree metaphor too far. orz)

I also would love to see what the Konoha population (maybe even Sand/Sound) thought of the colorful!Anbu?Narutos. I mean mysterious forces helping against the invasion with swift attack patterns. Hahahahaha. I wonder what Danzo thought. Some out there has a secret Anbu force like him. Bit of a doozy right there. I wonder if Danzo or someone else will bring up the colorful!Anbu-ish people to the hokage in a council meeting. I would love to see that!

Thanks for the chapter. :3
lordamnesia chapter 20 . 1h ago
Very nice reaction and aftermath chapter! Keep up the amazing work!
Meshlena chapter 20 . 1h ago
Yay! Thank you! Thank you! I started jumping around the house screaming when I saw that you had posted. _
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