Reviews for A Drop of Poison
Naosj chapter 3 . 7/22
I have only read up to this chapter, but I wonder if the author will have thought of the ramifications of what is actually happening to Naruto.

Every time a clone with it's long term lifespan pops it'll be like an entire other person is flooding his mind. The clone will develop its own personality quirks ala' nurture (the environment) and when it reaches the main Naruto it'll never again be able to be reborn as the same clone it was, since the new clone will have an amalgamation of main Naruto and itself. Furthermore, Naruto will slowly descend into "abomination" to use a term from "Dune." He'll find himself fighting more and more with himself for control of his identity.
VulcanicaDraskir chapter 1 . 7/21
Thirty two chapters over the course of eight years, if the stats at the top are to be believed. That alone is worthy of praise, showing a dedication that I personally haven't seen in before. Not only that, the story is well thought out and logical. I definitely look forward to the next update; this has been one of my favorites so far.

(On another note, someone decided to add this story to a fem!Sasuke listing, and I can't figure out why. Not complaining, I wouldn't have found it otherwise, but there doesn't seem to be a female Sasuke here rofl)
awkarddnnja chapter 32 . 7/20
I absolutely love the story, and I've read it a number of times. I have to ask if you're going to continue the story. you haven't updated in a long time and I'll be honest, I'll be really disappointed if it you never continue it. please come back and continue it.
SonWuKong66 chapter 32 . 7/20
Please tell me this is still active just found it and now addicted also live the little short story with the hokage impersonator don't think I've seen that angle before.
Guest chapter 32 . 7/18
This is really good best naruto fanfiction ive had the privilege to read thanks for writing it with all my heart I thank you it was very enjoyable
manna-chan chapter 32 . 7/18
You've disappeared, are you okay?
WillTheWatcher chapter 32 . 7/18
Hey Angelofsnapdragon how's it going. Reread ADOP and liked it even better than last time. Just wanted to say hello and make sure you are alright and recovered from that cold. You doing better?
BrownEyesAngel chapter 32 . 7/18
This story is very enjoyable and I can't wait for the update
Guest chapter 18 . 7/14
tanzar81 chapter 32 . 7/14
I was bouncing around old stories I have read and found this one again. I do hope you update soon it is a very good fic. Thank you for sharing.
yukio00 chapter 25 . 7/13
the cursed C-Rank is appeared! .. yeahhh .. ugh.. lol
Guest chapter 32 . 7/12
Please update
dragonfox123 chapter 3 . 7/11
Great chapter
calazar chapter 32 . 7/10
Ok this Tory is awesome. I have no complaints with it. It's compelling and interesting. I had trouble closing the tab. I do want to point something out, you are relying on the clones a ton, so much so that all of your main characters are clones. Now I know that it's part of the story but right now you're developing different personalities into essentially the same character, which would lead to multiple personality disorder if nothing else. Also it closes a lot of arcs down. It make some major challenges far too easy as naruto can simply swarm the field with infinite clones. He never does this in the anime, only making about fifty in one go and that was a last resort. That's all I have to say, I'll be waiting for the next update.
Renegade for life chapter 32 . 7/10
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