Reviews for Remembering
littleJ chapter 1 . 11/17/2009
ohh showboat! i haven't seen that in YEARS! this was spectacular; i'm only just discovering your lovely works (the LOTM ones primarily) and this is awesome. brilliantly written and it made me very sad.
theartistformerlyknownasgenevi chapter 1 . 6/3/2009
"Showboat" is so touching, and I've always felt especially for Julie; so I love this. You've shown very nicely what went through Julie's mind. The flashbacks were nice, and I really liked the bit about the pincushion; just the little touch about 'Melia really came across like Julie would talk.

I attempted a "Showboat" fic a long time ago (redemption for Julie; I'm a happy ending sort of person), but never finished it. I'm really glad to see someone else writing "Showboat" material. Thank you for sharing this!
fledge chapter 1 . 10/6/2008
I'll say it again - nobody writes those misc. fics better than you. It's amazing the obscure stuff you dig up - 1951 or 1936! And the great thing is anybody can easily get the basics of this little gem of a story, without any idea about Showboat at all.

(Goes without saying it's extrtemely well written in every way.)
Terreis chapter 1 . 10/4/2008
I don't think it's terrible at ALL! It's not your usual type of writing, but this was a very small scene to deal with.

I love Show Boat. Howard Keel *sigh* and Kathryn Grayson...ah. 'Only make believe, I love you'...beautiful duet.

This song is probably my least favorite in the whole score. But this scene has always gotten to me and some small part of me kind of wished they had shown just a bit more from Julie's point of view.

It's a very nice fic. Like I said, not your usual type of writing. But I thought you did a lovely job, my friend.