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Kyrene once Blood Roses chapter 2 . 5/9/2016
OK but this was exactly what I needed? Not only did Luke almost break Christopher's arm, Lorelai gave him a super big verbal beat down. It was beautiful. This was pretty much everything I could have wanted from a fix it.
2inlove chapter 2 . 3/29/2016
I really like how you were able keep Luke and Lorelai's dynamic authentic and place them in an AU. Not very easy to do. Their dialogue is on point. Great job! I really enjoyed this. The sex scenes were amaaaazing, too. :)
junienmomo chapter 2 . 1/5/2016
You've not had many stories with anger in them. I now understand that you've been saving it up for this story. The roadside scene was powerful, sad, fiery and heartbreaking all at once. It floored me.
The notion of amnesia was a great way to bring the real Lorelai back. Resolute, afraid but unrelenting in her pursuit of what had happened, she relied on Rory foremost to clue her in.
The coming back to herself and her loved ones, first Sookie then Luke, was needed. I loved how you made all participants take it seriously, yet they always started at the point of love, then worked out the issues afterward.
evi ive chapter 2 . 10/20/2012
many of your stories have me feeling like Joey on Friends. I get so caught up in them, that I need to put them in the freezer for a bit to let my feelings have a breather.
ps. that was a complament. :D
ll chapter 2 . 5/10/2012
Wooooow. This is your best story I've read yet.

So good!

So true to character. But I'm biased as I hate chris so casting him as the weak asshole happens to worl perfectly f
maramouse chapter 2 . 4/25/2011
Once again, I'm so glad I braved through reading the "big bad S7" stories and read this. Man. You have such original premises, but at the same time, even in cases of mild amnesia, you still manage to make everything so plausible. That is a true gift, because it allows us, the readers, to read fresh stories, but still get the right characterization of the characters that we love from GG fics.

You know, I'd love to show this story to a Balcony Buddy and say, "HA!" Cruel as that sounds, I just loved watching Lorelai realize what had happened to her that night and freaking out when she realized she was married to Christopher six months later. Because, even if you do believe that Christopher and Lorelai are meant for each other, you can't say that their marriage was honestly "right" either. She did jump into her relationship with Christopher...

Also, thank you for touching on her friendship with Sookie, too! There were so many times I wanted Sookie to tell Lorelai how she was being beyond the show, and you touched on their changing friendship well (face it. Everyone knew Lorelai was a pod but Christopher, and he was too-well, Christopher to see it). And thank you for touching on Rory's reaction to everything, as well...I hated how her reaction was portrayed during the show. Even after she was angry about her parents' marriage, it was only because Lorelai didn't tell her (or so she said). I think we know that Rory was rooting for Luke more than her father (she's an adult, she HAD to have known her parents wouldn't have worked!), and the way they wrote their reaction was frustrating. Or at least if Rory was pro-L/C, she could have had more of a reaction when she found out they were getting divorced, you know? (it bothers me that Rory never seems to have reactions in the later seasons)

Getting back to YOUR story, however, possibly my favorite part was this:

Luke's eyes were on the TV. Lorelai's were on the other side of the room as her head rested on him. He continued to rub her arm. "So, how long have you had your memory back?" he asked casually.

She looked up at him. "It's been a week."

It took a few seconds but he finally looked down and met her eyes. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Her eyes moved over his features, and she smiled softly. "I don't know."

"You don't?"

She lifted her hand to his cheek and tenderly ran over the rough hairs of his face. "I didn't want you to think that something was going to change here."

One of your reviewers for "Waking Up in Love" on BWR said something about how, even though Lorelai would find the truth about why Luke's memory seemed like it was zapper, it wouldn't change anything in their relationship. I liked the sentiment of Lorelai not wanting Luke to think their relationship would change in this fic, too. You've just touched on this in a real and subtle way, and that somehow made it more meaningful than if you'd mentioned more about getting her memory back.

P.S. Forgot to mention in my review for "Jumbled Protocol" how much I loved the lines about Lorelai's temporary happiness with Christopher being akin to a little kid trying to get over their best friend moving away by spending time at the fair. SUCH a good metaphor for the L/C relationship in S7, and I think it applies to here, as well.
Liz Singer chapter 2 . 9/16/2010
This might be the third time I've read this story. I love re-union stories (post season 6) although I get that you don't. I think this one is great. I like that you had them discuss what went wrong and the way you maintained the sexual tension was great. In fact you are a true master at maintaining sexual tension, you manage to do it in all your stories each in a unique way. My other two favorite stories of yours: the one where they are very good friends and then get together and the one where Luke cooks for Lorelai every Thursday.
IncoherentMumbling chapter 2 . 3/22/2010
God, I love reading your stories, if only to read about your verbal abuse of Christopher.

Everything else is great but man, you're so great at making fun of Chris.
liz chapter 2 . 12/4/2009
I've read lots of post parting stories. They are the ones that interest me the most because the whole end of the show was so dissatisfying. I want you to know I thought this was one of the best. Seemed like after the accident we got back spunky Lorelai not the accommodating shadow that she'd become. And Lukr acted like an ass at the end of season 6 and I like stories where he owns up to it. I really think that the writing was off on the show as neither character was consistent, was Amy Pallidino mad because she was not renewed? Anyway I've now read most of your stories (on Black white and Read, a much better archive) and I love the way you are able to create sexual tension and your dialogue between the two L's is great. Lorelai's unique personality shines through. Thank you so much.
Hazmatt chapter 2 . 11/5/2009
Amazing story! I really enjoeyd it! Chris really was a jerk! I can't believe how cavilier he was with Lorelai's safety! His loss though right? I liked how that worked out! Brilliant!
Cubby8 chapter 2 . 11/12/2008
If only this could of happened on the show. You wrote all the things I was thinking about that, make me throw-up, when watching Season 7. Excellent, as usual.
BFD chapter 2 . 11/10/2008
What can I say, fantastic really. This story comes at the right time cuz right now on the series their showing the beginning of the end for L&L. I really wished they hadn't gone that route with the show, it's real depressing, but thank God for your stories to help me thru this crap.
I love Lukey chapter 2 . 11/9/2008

First off, I want to tell you that you are an amazing writer. Your images just jump off the page. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, I even cried a little.

I loved this story! All of it! But, the most interesting part for me were the Lorelai/Christopher dynamics. We didn't get to see much of those in the series, or much on this forum.I really like how you showcased their relationship as one built on past memories, and childhood connections, rather than on present day love.

I also loved how you made Chris's insecurities drive the plot of the changing tire scene. He was an ass, we all know that, and Luke could have killed him. Though, it was kind of sad to see him crying and whimpering, in pain. I loved that you had Lorelai physically calm Luke down, just by touching him and talking to him, (like I would have to do to my pit bull, if he ever caught the neightbor's chow chow)rather than her screaming like an idiot. I believe that Luke didn't want to stay there, he was only kept there my the motivation of making sure that Lorelai would be safe. Which, of course, she wasn't. It is totally within his character to put his extreme discomfort on the back burner for her well-being. Well done!

I also love the Rory, Luke interaction on the cell phone. To her, he is family.

Another brilliant part was Lorelai's telling Chris off, especially when she said,"Tell me how happy I was when I showed up to your door, tell me how relieved I was to finally be free from Luke so you and I could have our shot. Tell me we toasted, tell me we laughed. Reverse this image I have in my head, Christopher! Tell me I didn't cry, tell me I didn't shake or flinch when you put your hands on me that first time. Tell me I didn't roll away and face the wall right after. Give me something to work with because I'm trying my hardest not to hate you right now!" Wonderfully written, it sounded just like Lorelai! This was particularly effective because Luke overheard and you didn't have to have them hash out 'that night' later in the story. They could just begin the forgiveness right there in the hospital.

You did a great job with the rest of their relationship,as usual. Hot sexy dirty stuff as well as sweet playful affection. I really enjoyed reading this.

Thanks so much!
can-can-can chapter 2 . 10/15/2008
So happy to see another of your fics, even if it took me a while to get here - darned real life!

Anyway, yeah the beginning of it was hard (I'm with you, Chris never rang my bell), but I loved it overall. The ending was lovely. I love how Luke just showed up at her house that night. :)

Truly wonderful work, as always! I wonder, how many pages of a book all of your java junkie fics would take up. You've probably written thousands of pages of stories for them! And I love you for it. Looking forward to more.
mo chapter 2 . 10/11/2008
Really good
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