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Roldemin chapter 19 . 4/20/2009
Just wanted to say that I really like this story of yours, I read it once im done with work and homework, and I find it very good for relaxing.

Altough those chapters full of drama put me more tense that I already was :D, that speaks well of your writing talent, you can get the reader into the story :)

I hope to read the ending of this tale soon
orphanacct2022 chapter 24 . 4/19/2009

nievelion chapter 24 . 4/19/2009
What can I say that hasn't been said a thousand times before? This story is SO awesome!

Not only did you succeed in describing the events of the movie perfectly, but that coverage of the Shifu/Tai Lung fight was as incredible as I knew it would be. I know you worked so hard to get it right, even watching the movie so many times it almost made you sick of it (a terrible blasphemy!). All I can say is, the work was worth it. You outdid yourself, again. And the way you included references to everything Shifu had earlier used and learned, particularly from Yeying and his fight with Shan, was amazing. It truly did hook everything in so snugly, it's like it was written this way from the beginning, with you and the Dream Works people collaborating. (If only, right?)

I also found it intriguing that your chapter this week happened to be the one dealing with the battle, and the final falling apart of Shifu and Tai Lung's relationship...while mine, which I will be posting shortly, has to do with repairing the damage and rebuilding a new relationship. Interesting how these things work out, isn't it?

Your description of how Shifu brought down the scroll was so beautiful. I also found your detail of the pool being bottomless as a deterrent to thieves to be quite innovative...not to mention a sign you've been reading my mind again. I won't give it away yet, but let's just say that before my fic ends, you'll all learn another secret of the Moon Pool...

On a side note I am fairly certain the sword Tai Lung threw which Shifu embedded in the floor was not the Sword of Heroes-it didn't have a green dragon on it and the blade had a different shape. But considering the history the artifact has in your fic, and the resonance in making sure neither of them misused it again, I don't have a problem at all with you saying it was the Sword of Heroes after all.

Meanwhile, the way you filled in Shifu's thoughts on everything (and his surmises about Tai Lung's) was excellent. I especially liked what ran through his mind as he waited on the steps for Tai-it was a beautiful way to reflect on everything that had happened in the fic and tie it all together for some closure. (Though the appearance of certain characters at the end of this chapter will also aid with that!) Similarly, I love how you succeeded in touching on some of the same realizations about Tai and Shifu's relationship, why he didn't get the scroll, and what Tai must have been thinking that I came up with without actually restating them or referencing them.

Speaking of which, your explanation of the Wuxi Finger Hold, how the damage to the village was actually restored, the meaning of the line about there being such a mess to clean up afterward, and what this means for what might have happened to Tai was a nice homage to my own conclusions, again without repeating or copying it. I'm just grateful you agree enough with my reasoning to include it in your story-makes me feel like my interpretation of events is almost canon now. Thank you! :)

At the same time, you also managed to include some surprises I was not expecting. When Shifu had his out-of-body experience, first I was floored-then I applauded the brilliance of it, since he *was* pretty damn close to dying there...and then I expected you to have him go sailing after Po and Tai to watch their fight. But then I recalled you didn't want to have to describe any more fighting than necessary, which made me wonder what the point of the scene was. I had forgotten you told me we'd get to see someone again who had died earlier...and if I'd thought about it, Jian Qiang would have been the logical and really only choice. Even so, I was stunned...and then I had tears in my eyes as I read it. I really missed that old wolf, and it's good to know, after what happened with Miao Li, that he finally achieved some measure of peace too.

Overall, another fine addition to a stellar story. The way you had Po confess the truth about the scroll and his dad's secret, and then Shifu explained it all, was so insightful, everything truly coming full circle. It made it all feel so epic, and so satisfying. After this, surely no one can blame you for taking time out for your own life before writing anything new. And what a legacy to leave behind you! As always, I'm in awe.

One last comment, though I told you this before when I beta'd for you: I *knew* Shifu left the scrolls there for them to find and read, it's the sort of sneaky, underhanded thing he'd do. (This is the guy who told Po where Monkey's cookies were and who brought on that dumpling fight, after all.) And I *knew* Shan wasn't dead, that he was the one Yeying went back for in the Imperial City. Can't wait to see the full truth of their story revealed, so that everyone can finally understand at last why Shan did what he did, and forgive him, as I have. *hugs the old leopard, even though he knows he'd hate it about as much as Tai Lung would*
corset-rebellion-follower chapter 24 . 4/19/2009
Shifu, you are a little furry genius. I lol'ed when I read that he had placed the scrolls there on purpose. That's a classic.

And I knew it! I totally guessed that Xue Shan was still alive! But I wish there would have been a little more dialogue from him... despite the fact that he went totally apocalyptic on Shifu, he was one of my favorite characters.

I'm a little sad about you not posting anything for a while, to be honest. But hey, everyone needs some time off. I myself have tendencies to start things and never finish them. But I do hope you'll stay in touch with us here and with me on DeviantArt. Good luck with your soul searching, or whatever it is you're doing! (It's not really any of my business, anyway).

I shall eagerly await the epilogue!
Uldaren Bardaniel chapter 24 . 4/19/2009
Oh, wow! I loved this chapter! I was excited when I got the alert and then I was worried when I started reading and then I was awed and happy at the end! Thank you! Great to know about Shifu's old friends coming back. That was perfect. :)
katdemon1895 chapter 24 . 4/19/2009
a very nice chapter, i'm glad that you implied that tai lung may be sort of alright and i'm glad that shifu isn't mad at them

definately looking forward to the epilogue to this fantastic story
side-fish chapter 23 . 4/18/2009
Now that the finals are over, I can finally get the chance to read your fic. Oh joy.

I know. Writing action scenes are one hell of a killer. It looks good to hear, but boring to write and possibly even boring to read. Again, credit to you :).

I think tigress is now thinking better of Po after reading his hard-core training. I wonder how she would feel to endure the same thing lol.

I'm still curious as to what happened to Shan. He seemed to have just disappeared out of the blue, but I believe you won't leave us disappointed ;).

Easter isn't Jesus' birthday. Jesus was born on Christmas, but December 25 isn't really the exact date he was born as the Church just gave his birthday a tangible date for us to celebrate. Easter is a time when Jesus was resurrected from the death. Okay, it possibly a birthday but I think it's more appropriate to say it was a rebirth. A rebirthday?
FalconMage chapter 22 . 4/17/2009
Po and Tigress is really hitting the button, aren’t they in this chapter? Po is denying his feelings for her because he wanted to save his butt from being kicked. Meanwhile, Tigress is pretty much in denial with her feelings for Po. She said I love you in the previous chapter but now? She doesn’t say anything. She’s weird I tell ‘ya.

I have to really praise you on this, this is an amazing POV of Shifu, the most amazing thing that I’ve ever read from other POV’s. It’s not exactly easy to actually see the POV of the character from the movie and you’ve done well. I know for sure that some of us write them like we are re-living what we’ve already seen from the movie but you have done so much more than that; more than what I’ve bargain, in my opinion. Sometimes it’s dull to see things out in words and we’d rather see them in the movies but this, this is totally different. Great job on this chapter.

Meanwhile, Tigress is trying ever so hard to gain Shifu’s love; love for what she can do and love from a father. *sigh*… See, it’s pretty much the same with Tai Lung. Why Shifu does the same mistake twice, I don’t know…

On the point of my term, I love the ‘bad news’ issue. LMAO! I mean, really, Oogways goes all philosophical, there’s no such thing as bad or good news, its only news. Later on, he stops and twitches uncontrollably from the bad news. No bad news he says, hah! Beat that you senile turtle! Sometimes, I really don’t get what’s he talking about and I sometimes as well, I think he’s a little senile…
FalconMage chapter 21 . 4/17/2009
Nothing much to say, hopefully I’ll be able to get things down well enough. The emotions on Tigress is getting higher and higher and higher and um… yeah, till on the point of Tigress telling Po he loves him too… the feeling is intense and should be going more and more I guess. Lol!

An amazing come back with the kitty part but this time: Kitty panda? Lol! Seriously, that’s like a cracker to me. We’ve got kitty in the present and now we’ve got Kitty Panda in Memoirs. Good one! It’s also amazing how you’ve managed to get to the roots of Tigress, how she actually was at the beginning and later on, she turned out into some poor solemn child, it’s disheartening to say the very least. But even after that, she came out good with the Five. The Five came in together and I know in this chapter, you said something about the Tartar wolf. Telling us not to ask what’s a tartar but I still wanna ask, what’s a tartar?

I’ve got nothing much and will be reading your next memoirs.
FalconMage chapter 20 . 4/16/2009
Sorry about being late on reviews! I just finished off my exams yesterday and I’m planning to have to read one story a day and give on review a day as well… Here’s mine for today! Yay! Lol! Anyways, I’ve already read this story a long time ago and I hope that I could remember what I wanted to say.

As for this chapter, I think I’ve understood why Oogway wanted Vachir to be Tai Lung’s prison guard. They have been so thick together that they’re nearly inseparable. So, yeah, that’s what it is I guess. And the concept of Tai Lung not having any friends here in this chapter, it’s just too hard for his life. Shifu is just being overprotective with Tai Lung, isn’t he? *sigh*… why… He’s confined to the Jade Palace the whole while because he wanted to Dragon Scroll. All he does is eat, sleep, train, study scrolls and that’s it.


All suffering is caused by desire. Tai Lung desired the Dragon Scroll. He did not receive it. Thus, he suffers


Wow… this… really hits me… I really didn’t get that it’s gonna be like that with that statement. Tai Lung desired the Dragon Scroll, he did not receive and he suffers. Agree well with it but at the same time, I’m saddened to actually see it like that. Poor Tai Lung… Right now, I really wanna hug me. But he’s in prison… Why… it’s so disheartening…
TheNinthNavigator chapter 23 . 4/16/2009
AHAHAHAHAHAHA You are a wonderful, wonderful person for writing this wonderful, wondeful story. This might sound a little creepy- stalkerish, but I would throw myself under a bus for you. You wonderful, wonderful genius.
Animation Universe 2005 chapter 23 . 4/15/2009
Awesome story! Please tell me what happens next!
The Halfa Wannabe chapter 23 . 4/15/2009
Easter's the resurrection, Christmas is the birthday.

I cannot imagine writing that scene, despite how awesome it is, and you did a great job, you must have watched that a few dozen times to get that right, cause it was just like watching the scene all over again.
corset-rebellion-follower chapter 23 . 4/13/2009
I think you did an awesome job on the dumpling scene. And I agree with you. That would be a pain in the ass to write.

And I loved Shifu's reaction to the Furious Five coming home from fighting Tai Lung. He's such a parent, especially when it comes to Tigress.

Great chapter, and keep going! And happy Easter!
nievelion chapter 23 . 4/12/2009
First off... *hugs tightly* Since I know a few more details than most about why you're so upset lately, all I can say is, hang in there. It's hard for me to say it, since I am usually an eternal pessimist (that way, when things go right and well, I can be pleasantly surprised!), but things will get better. I have to believe that, or else I'll become a wreck, fall into despair, let down everyone who counts on me and believes in steal a phrase, I refuse to go gently into that good night. As long as no one else in the world does either-especially someone like you-then the world will make it through this. Somehow. We just have to be patient. But I know you'll succeed.

Okay now that I've embarrassed myself getting gushy... :P

Thank you so much for following our suggestions of showing Tigress's reaction to having to read those horrible things about Po, and his reaction to hearing them. If I know you, you were probably going to include that anyway, but hit all the right notes in all the right places. I was especially pleased to hear Tigress remembering the things she said to him in the door of her dormitory, and her later interjections in the reading of the scroll to comfort and explain things to Po.

LOL...and once again my playlist has excellent I write this review it went to "Sacred Pool of Tears"!

Let's others have said, you do such a good job of showing Shifu's perspective on events, and getting into his head to see how he feels about Po and why it changes. The only exception to this I could see was during their talk out on the mountain slope, where you only reported what was said and didn't include any of Shifu's thoughts on the matter until the very end. It seemed a bit...sparse. This may just be my love of introspection talking, but I thought that scene could have used at least a little of Shifu's thoughts interspersed...

Anyway, aside from that, there's so much to love here. The way the Five keep interrupting to explain to Po, comment, or reveal their own reasoning on things. Monkey's exclamation about his cookies (LOL! Though doesn't that make the scene from the end credits where he discovers they're gone no longer accurate?), and the fact Tigress of all people also steals them. The note the Five left for Shifu when they went to the Thread of Hope, especially all the additional PSes. The detail that Viper's neck was bruised by Tai Lung's paw gripping it (he is a strong kitty, after all). The talk Shifu and Zeng have by Oogway's shrine-thank you for continuing to bring Zeng back into the story! And seeing the staff get put there, and knowing Shifu learned about the feather, is immensely satisfying somehow. The entirety of Po's training at WuDan. (That was Shifu taking it easy on him? Well, I guess compared to what he'd been doing before...) Shifu's thoughts on Po imitating him. The moobs! (And of course Mantis would be the one to use the term...) The realization that it wasn't just food Po needed to encourage him, but a reward, something Shifu had never given his students.

But I think what got me most of all were the realizations Shifu had about Po. That they were alike in more ways than they knew-I never thought about it that way, but the past you've given Shifu does parallel Po's in the whole 'peasant rises to greatness' trope, and both of them are indeed stubborn, both of them wanted to be more than what they were. I especially loved the bit you added where Po talked about learning to cook from his father and Shifu admitted to being the son of rice farmers. That was very touching!

What I loved most of all was Shifu's understanding of why Po was meant to be the Dragon Warrior and neither Shifu nor none of his other students were. It reflects something I'll be revealing in an upcoming chapter (which of course you know about), but it comes at it from the other side-rather than revealing where Tai Lung went wrong, you're showing how Po is right, by revealing what is so special about him. I love this passage most of all:


He may not have been a kung fu practitioner by way of smashing boulders or cracking boards, but his knowledge of its philosophy and the “excellence of self” mantra was more than just a novelty to him: he lived it, in a way that no one I knew had ever lived it, except for Oogway. I realized that my learning kung fu had nothing to do with making myself better for my own sake; I had always done it for someone else.

As I stared into the dying flames, I realized something else. Tai Lung had never learned kung fu for bettering himself; he learned it because he wanted to protect me, and eventually protect the valley. And Tigress…she did it because she was told to.

That was why none of my students had been named the Dragon Warrior. Not a single one of them had been in it for the “excellence of self”. They had not learned kung fu purely for the sake of learning. They learned it because, for varying reasons, they had to.

The panda—Po—wanted to learn. He had never been a kung fu warrior before now, though he had wanted to be. But he thought he wasn’t cut out for it. Even though, as the Dragon Warrior, he had this chance to live his dream, I still saw it in his eyes that he didn’t truly believe he was the chosen one.


Just because there's a seemingly simple answer why Po was chosen (he was humble, and he never sought to be the Dragon Warrior, therefore he's exactly the right one for the title) doesn't mean the lesson isn't deep or complex the more you think about it. And you've obviously done that. Once again it puts you and I on the same wavelength, since the way I intend to show in "Different Lesson" that Tai Lung has truly changed is by him no longer seeking the Dragon Scroll or even caring about it anymore, to finally do something because it helps others and not just himself-in other words, to become worthy of the title when he no longer needs it anymore. As it is, without copying you I've been having Tai slowly feel his way toward a similar understanding of Po. (Even Tigress understands him, after what she told Tai in Chapter 7, and she'll soon be receiving more insights into the panda...)

Overall, an excellent, excellent chapter. I think you did an awesome job in describing the dumpling fight, personally. I also don't envy you the difficulty in describing the Shifu/Tai Lung fight in the next chapter! Seeing how Po was trained really does show how amazing and miraculous he is, and that he really did have to work hard for his abilities, not that it was as seemingly easy as the montage made it look like. Thanks a lot for this, it will certainly inspire the way I write Po in the future, especially as he starts taking a level in badass later in my fic. (Yes, that is possible, believe it or not.) In the meantime, your chapter just makes me love the movie all the more...and while I have obviously been doing my best to make the world of KFP darker, edgier, and deeper (the same as you are), I shall continue to be guided by you in how to retain the same heart and soul from the movie, since that is just as necessary.
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