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side-fish chapter 3 . 10/17/2008
I quote my batchmate in highschool when I say that "I'm speechless." That was some awesomified story. That was just awesome. I mean the awesomeness of this truly awesome fanfic is just awesomified.
nievelion chapter 2 . 10/17/2008
Tigress is both funny and sad at the same time. And may be to my detriment, but for some reason I never thought of the other Five seeking Shifu's love and approval the way Tigress and Tai Lung did. (Very cute, having them be just as stubborn as Shifu himself. Explains a lot about how the three of them relate.) Especially having Monkey reveal he feels the same way Tigress does was a surprising and needed bit of character development.

I wondered if you were going to introduce other original characters to be fellow students with Shifu-as a grand master and creator of kung fu, Oogway had to have other students, and presumably not just the ones the site tells us about (like Master Flying Rhino for example). They're all very seems very likely Li is either the same Dong Li from Chapter 1, or a relative. Ochir may be a member of the Anvil of Heaven, or a father to Vachir-or he could actually be Vachir, since Oogway said they would earn new names. (Perhaps he proves himself to be fast as lightning despite being a rhino? And what does Ochir mean, by the way?) Very interesting, seeing the traditional misogynistic views in Shifu, and how women like Song and her mother are working to overturn this.

For the life of me though, I can't place what kind of feline Song is supposed to be. Care to throw me a bone here?

I really, really love Oogway's lessons-both those which went along with the punishments and the one he told Shifu about the acorn. Similar in feel to the peach lesson from the movie, but even more profound, kind, and wise. You've definitely mastered Oogway's voice and manner of thinking. I can't wait to see how well you continue to use this in future chapters. (I also didn't mind the dynamite reference, though I agree that using a firecracker would be the more accurate example.) I also love all the former students, now masters, that you introduced-especially Jian Qiang. (If nothing else, showing a good wolf vs. the evil ones of Po's dream that were meant to be in Tai Lung's army is a great way to break the animal stereotype.)

I am very curious just what the Five and Po know of Master Li-Shifu implied she is very famous, so it ought to be interesting to see their reactions when we go back to them. And I wonder what this "making sure we made it home alive" business is about...

Still hooked!
Necron Dragon Lord of D.A chapter 2 . 10/15/2008
you did it again , I... no! We truly apreciate you share this time with us in delight us with this artwork ..not amount of review can express the satifaction of this kind of stories ...a truly art...i still i dont know how you did it...waiting the next step of this story...WHOHO
Peter the Muggle chapter 2 . 10/15/2008
Hm...Ochir eh? Any relation to Commander Vachir maybe? XD

Man, this made my week. Good call on the first-person perspective, it really let's us in on what's going on in Shifu's head. I am now really interested to see what became of his fellow students; does Ochir eventually grow up to join the Anvil Of Heaven (Vachir's army)? Is Li's full name Dong Li and is the one who wrote him? And how many black eyes does Shifu get from Song throughout their time together? ;)

Really good, as per usual :)
FalconMage chapter 2 . 10/14/2008
This particular chapter is so good! It's so touching and memorable. It's... I CAN'T FIND ANY WORDS! Gah! I have no idea how to describe how I feel right now with this story. I was so happy to see that everything went well with all of the students. You have depicted an extraordinary past of Master Shifu and it was so well written. It's amazing.

The five and everybody wants love and approval from Master Shifu himself but in reality as well, HE himselfs wants approval and love as well from Oogway. So it's a two way trip for him and the five. I love this Li and Song character cause you've given them great description of caring and love. As for Ochir, he will take some time to learn to be love. I'm not very fond of a rhino character but I'll learn to love him as well as you have love him in your story. The ending of it goes to show that he has changed a little and trust Small one.

As for the dynamite thingy, I got out of course for a while cause as for I know, China don't have dynamites; only in the west side. A firecracker would be well suited for the quote. Firecrackers are famous in chinese religion and as you said, they invented gun powders. So, that's where they are. Small as a firecracker. Not as good as a dynamite but if you're aiming for authentic chinese culture, that will be it.

Though I have to say a few things, not a few but maybe two. First: I'm honoured that you've included and used one of the names that I've given you. I thought it wasn't really good enough for your expectations but I'll live with it for a while. Next, for chinese names. We call chinese names by their second name. Like Jian Qiang. We call them Qiang, Master Qiang. Not Master Jian. Jian is a surname while Qiang is a the normal name. We don't call them by their frist name. Though I do wonder why you had put in Miao Li's name as Li. This was right.

It was wonderful on how you let Oogway do things by themselves with all of those punishments. It's so enlightening! It's like in the movie about the peach tree. It won't become an apple or an orange. It will still be a peach tree. I will love to see what kind of conflicts you'll put up between Shifu, Li, Song and Ochir. Some playing time gone wrong maybe? That might strenthen their friendship with each other. XD.
Emerald-Procyon chapter 1 . 10/9/2008
I must say; for an idea that just "popped into your head" it is really impressive! I truly envy your mind and how it just comes up with excellent ideas out of the blue like that XD

I do hope that you plan to continue this piece. It's aw-inspiring and, like the Furious Five and Po, I really want to find out more about Master Shifu's past.
Animation Universe 2005 chapter 1 . 10/8/2008
OK... That was actually very good, if I do say so myself.
Kurichi-chan chapter 1 . 10/5/2008
This story is super interesting! Shifu as a child is so cute and adorable, and I'm eager to see where this story is going.
Peter the Muggle chapter 1 . 10/5/2008
Whoa, someone's on a roll ;) This is really intriguing since Shifu is one of the more mysterious characters in the movie. He is a flawed character and how his past has affected him is something most authors don't take the time to touch upon.

Again, I have to complement your writing style :D It just oozes with atmosphere and it makes it all the more immersive to the reader. My brain, without me actively telling it to do so, actually switched from me imagining the present-time scenes in 3D animation to the stylish, 2D animation style for the flashback scenes with Shifu (hope that made sense XD)

Should you continue? Hell yes!
Necron Dragon Lord of D.A chapter 1 . 10/5/2008

You made story of this verse like a artist with a painting,because if this was chapter 1 o believe me when i say many ones want the chapter 2 as soon as posible...
FalconMage chapter 1 . 10/4/2008
Not very long ago, I sent you a PM, and now, a story. Amazing... I don't see much of Shifu's past like the rest of us do. I mean, it's so hard to do Shifu. Unless of course, you are as wise as he is and can come up with an amazing theme. From what I see here, you should continue if you like. This is getting interesting and plots can be put up on this. Everything was so in detail.

My favourite part of all, was the reminiscing of the past. *sigh*, it brings back memories of my past as well. Typical chinese kind of thing in the past when the war came. Grandma used to do this and do that all of us small toddlers will say, "NO!" Hah! Typical. It's so sweet to remember back, *ungh* apparently you too reminded me of the time when I got the same spanking on the rump like Shifu did. This chapter brings loads of memories and I love it.

The jokes where typical everyday life jokes to be exact but you put it in a way that makes it not boring. It's amazing. I do am curious about Shifu's departure to somewhere. Where? We don't know as well. Only you know and maybe you can tell us. It's up to you if you want to continue. You know me, I'll always agree with everything you put up with. Unless of course if you stop writing, then I'll kill you. XD.
nievelion chapter 1 . 10/4/2008
Hm...what do I think? Well let's start with the obvious-since you wrote it, I love it!

But to be more specific...on the one hand, you have really set yourself up for a lot of work here-basically creating a whole past for Shifu out of wholecloth. But if anyone can do it, you can, and I don't just mean because of your knowledge of Chinese culture and history. Your imagination, too, is quite varied and broad. So I know what you create for this will be amazing.

And, of course, not only do you have the characterization down pat (particularly Oogway), but the humor is quite intact in the form of little Shifu. (I'm with Viper, he sounds adorable, and that chase to avoid a bath was a hoot!) Though of course I will miss your OCs, and Tai Lung (are we supposed to presume he is dead in this KFP-verse?), seeing all the characters again from another new perspective is interesting. I'm also very curious what all will be revealed by this memoir, particularly who this Dong Li is, and who their mutual friend who is dying is. I have a few theories but I'll keep them to myself for now.

I'm also amazed at how swiftly your mind just finished "Present" not that long ago, you just posted two chapters in a row of your Shuffle fic, and now you've already created this whole new fic. I wish I had as many ideas as you, or worked as quickly.

You can be sure I'll be watching this fic closely.
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