Reviews for We Sort Too Soon: The Journal of Severus Snape
ayleid chapter 12 . 7/1
I do not understand
Assasin Nero chapter 12 . 1/24
okay.. nice ending. Great story. I am crying so hard right now.
Assasin Nero chapter 10 . 1/24
The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate.

You may infer that I loved this chapter. The predator becomes the prey. They would rue the day they decided that targeting lily evans wss a wonderful idea.
Assasin Nero chapter 9 . 1/24
you are adept in making me miaerable.. mou..
Assasin Nero chapter 8 . 1/24
*seething* an aveda kedavra to james.

bro sis? lol
Assasin Nero chapter 7 . 1/24
Waat?! wtf would she run away with tears in her eyes? Anger, I understand, pity too..this, I dont.
Assasin Nero chapter 6 . 1/24
okay... revenge is his! :D

though it would've been better if he didn't be so dundetheaded.
Assasin Nero chapter 5 . 1/24
Assasin Nero chapter 4 . 1/24
yes! please do! loved the chapter, even if the skin part was a bit brutal.
Assasin Nero chapter 3 . 1/24
hm.. nice chap.
Assasin Nero chapter 2 . 1/24
oooookay.. obsession is def. not a bad thing for now..
Assasin Nero chapter 1 . 1/24
:'0 this is soooo good. The last line especially.
demigoddesses chapter 12 . 12/27/2014
I'm close to tears nnng
I'm not a huge fan of Snape or Snape/Lily but wow you made this so terrible and wonderful at the same time ;-;
221B Bakery Street chapter 12 . 8/25/2014
Mu-Nition chapter 11 . 7/10/2014
Dear guest: You totally, totally missed the point.

Of course the "Nice Guy" loses by default. Of course Lily felt incredibly guilty at Snape's FUNERAL, for not noticing the most important thing in her best friend's life. Of course she thought he deserved better, because nearly everyone does. That's the point. She'll get over it. She'll be happy. She doesn't need him anymore, she already has a protector for life... even from this. When looking back, it will seem less her fault. He was a superb actor, liar, warrior, whatever he needed to be, while she was so young.

This is about beauty of an incomplete picture - obsession doesn't make a good man (James is a good man), but it is a necessary trait of a great one. Lily will understand that being happy with a good one is easier.
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