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Joel Connell chapter 1 . 5/2/2010
Hey there.

I just wanted to know when this will be updated this month or so.

I have to agree with some reviewers that while Ron is somewhat at fault, it is Kim who is mostly to blame in this. It is not just the fact that she was seeing Josh behind Ron's back that has Ron bothered at this point. It's the fact that Kim essentially "sold out". She could have discussed her issues with Ron and they could have worked things out. If that did not work, then you could have some respect for Kim for trying. But she took the easy way out because she did not want to take the time to make the relationship work.

Hope to see an update because I really like this story.
LaPumking chapter 8 . 4/21/2010
Man that was way good! I love the actual reality of how some relationships go to an end, and how other poeple get in others people's busnness. in truth through the whole chapter i was going with Ron and in some way bashing on Kim. but these last two chapter has reminded me that the main point that a relationship has to have in order to survive and flourished is for both parties to keep it alive and on FIRE!

other wise the emotions and feelings will go empty and the relationship will eventaully fall.

got to say i like Ron his my favorite character, but i like how you pointed out his flaws and how that affected his relationship with kim, hopefully he will man up and learn from his mistakes.

Heck I actualy something good reading this fic.

keep writting Ill be looking my email for updates, and if stop i will hunt you!
nekoken chapter 8 . 4/19/2010
Great story loved the Tara Ron Parts and you did a great job writing the drama between them. I can't wait for some more Tara and Ron Interaction. so please update soon
James MacPherson chapter 8 . 4/12/2010
There is no chance that Kim made the right call. The right call would've been to "first" tell Ron the situation between the two of them and if he didn't improve, then brake up with him.

The letter seems to bring some comfort to Ron but not enough to relieve him of the pain he suffered from.

And I caught that Aladdin reference. Nice.
Mr. Average chapter 8 . 3/30/2010
Good chapter. I liked how you put Kim with Monique and Ron with Felix. It's like the battle lines have been drawn. Of course I'm just kidding, but who knows what could happen. Keep up the good work. Peace

P.S. I'm glad I could be the guy to give you the triple diget making reveiw.
Brand L chapter 8 . 3/28/2010
I don't feel sorry for Kim after what she did, and if you was having problems with Ron's dates she should have told him. Ron is Ron, and I she couldn't deal with that she shouldn't have started anything with him. I'll read to the very end.
WrItErSbLoCk chapter 8 . 3/27/2010
And also, do us all a favor stop trying to give Kim so many worthless excuses, Please! What everyone is probably trying to say is Kim never really had a good reason to break up with Ron, she just trying to ease her guilt no matter hurt she is by it.
Joel Connell chapter 8 . 3/27/2010
Great chapter you have there.

While I understand why you cannot have the sub plot with Ron getting close to Tara's family, can you at least introduce them even if it is brief.

Also, I agree with some people that you could have Ron find out some big secret of Bonnie's (from Tara maybe) and use it to stop her little vendetta.

Finally, when Tara and Ron do meet up again, you should have them talk about Kim's letter with Tara offering her two cents about it and having her talk to kim as well to show that even though Kim had good intentions, she could have handled it better. You could also if the blackmail angle with Bonnie does not work with you, then you could have her finally cross a line with her verbal barbs and have Ron finally snap on her and show her not to mess with her. That might give her some clause to back off.

These are just suggestions, whatever you do will work best

Joel Connell
jhy chapter 8 . 3/27/2010
Stop tryin to justify kim and friends and make us sympathise with them. just makes me hate them more
Wu the Lotus Blossum chapter 8 . 3/27/2010
Personally I think Kims gettin off way to easy. Feels like your desperately tryin to redeem and justify her charector even though shes in the wrong and Ron shouldent be so quick to forgive, though thats my opinion. And I cant believe you tried to reddem Manky either when he cleary stole Kim, at least make him bad, someone has to be bad and it cant be Bonnie as it seems your tryin to do. Another thing, this storys labeled as Ron and Tara yet shes been in 3 chapters, I honestly dont know if you plan for them to hook up or for Kim and Ron to get back together, you dont make it very clear.
Harbinger Of Kaos chapter 8 . 3/26/2010
First off great story, Ron wa, is andwill be my favorite character simply because like him im the underdog and the outcast who strives to the top, as much as want to forgive Kim i cant, she may of had valid reason but she made the wrong choices, so im with Monique their, the rest not so much, still maybe Tara can heal his wound, just one thing PLEASE have Ron take Bonnie down a peg,she is such a pain, and she definitly shouldnt of abused her Frienship with Tara to get back at them.
aedan cameron chapter 8 . 3/26/2010
Aedan Cameron writes: A heartbreaking, but enjoyable chapter. Two thumbs up.
AMC chapter 8 . 3/26/2010
One last thought just keep this mind Shadow. What if this was all a bad dream that Ron or Kim had just woke up from. Or a joint dream like the one they had in the show, has warning of what consequences will occur if they (especially Kim) made these terrible mistakes.

I just write things that come to mind.
Slipgate chapter 8 . 3/26/2010
Sorry, I don't mean to hammer you, but a thought that I meant to say before that I forgot to add.

You change focus each chapter on what's really going on, and try to make the story fit the new events. For example, in the previous chapter, the best that could be come up with for the things Kim vented to Josh about were things like the dates where he used the coupon book, even though that sounded like griping that was resolved. See, at the end of chapter 7, I had this picture that Josh had been hearing griping from Kim about the coupon book or other things that Ron had actually since dealt with... where he would hear the griping and not the fact that Ron remedied the situation (got the Smartymart job, or did whatever else)... and that he might've thought Kim needed someone to treat her better under what turned out to be false pretenses, where if she'd ever talked to him about how he DID get a job to help pay for dates, he did do this, he did do that, he might actually be upset that he came between a couple where any faults of the guy were being dealt with as they came up and he was only hearing the griping and not the fact that the guy was fixing the situations as they came to his attention.

Another poignant thing last chapter was that Ron reflected that he had thought he could at least trust Kim on the food chain but then found that everyone on the food chain was terrible to him since Kim was too. That was in the previous chapter and that's a hesitation that could play out for him (and should, with how Tara spilled to Bonnie) in the future. He thought at least his best friend wouldn't be like that and she was. Then suddenly you're trying to make Kim not be at fault for something that was written that way at first.

I get the impression you early on just had Kim as nasty and in seeing all these reviews are trying to spell out the situation differently... this chapter 8 is the first time it wasn't Kim fully culpable. I think the story has changed from the one you might've originally told when you began the story... the title was "To Mend a Heart" implying that Ron had been wronged and would eventually be mended, not that he was responsible for Kim's faithlessness. You're trying to make the situation more complex and rounded and also trying to defuse hate for Kim or Josh you're seeing in these reviews.

However, the things Kim did are pretty horrible, and Josh is hard to trust because he DID kiss her, and then start dating her, before she'd fully decided to split with Ron, meaning he was facilitating two-timing. If he'd at least talked to her, advised her, and if she'd broken up with Ron and then dated Josh, that wouldn't be quite the same kind of poaching. (Remember, one problem with cheating is that the person you're cheating with can never trust that you won't do the same to them if you commit to them.) And the other problem is that if Josh IS the good guy you're trying to say now, who was treating Kim as Ron should've, and who is being a rock for her now... well, even with how chapter 8 updates the situation you get the impression, going back to my first paragraph, that Josh will be a bit nonplussed that Kim told Ron the opposite of what he needed to hear - didn't complain about the things that she needed to complain about and that she complained about only to Josh himself, and so on. Even as this updates the situation you get the impression that if he knew Ron was clueless to Kim's dissatisfactions (instead of ignoring them as he seems to think) he would've preferred Kim telling Ron these things at the time and may in fact wonder why she didn't.

This seems to be a common thread in the reviews I see that are criticizing what happens, but I should tell you I don't have much heart for reading about breakups like this one, or even struggles depending on the severity of the struggle. I've already lived certain unpleasantness and was able to get over some of that unpleasantness thanks to the Kim Possible show, so something that puts things I've already dealt with into Kim Possible isn't something I'm going to be raring to read. I KNOW I have biases here (I noted them in my previous review)... I'm just trying to provide some thoughts or advice on your story insofar as I can, and you can read this review and my previous review through the filter of that, as I also said in that previous review.
VyseN chapter 8 . 3/26/2010
Even after this, I still can't get myself to forgive Kim. I know how much it sucks to find out your gf is dating another guy, and that's a complete break for me. Just thinking about people actually doing this to a person who loves them is revolting, and in my eyes, completely unforgivable. Now I know Kim didn't get down and dirty with Mankey, but she dated another man while still going out with Ron... the one person who trust her more than anyone in the entire world. That's a showing of disloyalty of a dimension so large, I don't even see any reason for them to ever work it out. In my eyes, it's impossible to make a reunion between them where they rekindle their friendship believable, so I hope to God that doesn't happen.

Well, God isn't writing this story, so it's up to you. If you think you can salvage their "friendship", you're more than welcome to do so. I'll still read the story, and most likely even like it. I just won't believe them ever becoming friends again, because a girl who cheats on her bf is a character I will connect to the girl who did that to me, and I don't ever want to see her again.

Best of luck with your story, and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. This entire fandom really lacks crack pairing support, so I'm glad at least someone dares to do it.
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