Reviews for Delusional
Guest chapter 23 . 9/24
Hahahahahaha! I loved this! House is hilarious, and the plot was really good! And the story being well written was just icing on the cake. :] Thank you for persevering and completing the story! It was such a pleasure to read. *-)
NeverTooMuchInspiration chapter 23 . 9/12
Very nice take on the House/DP crossover. An excellent reveal and good character interaction although the ending seemed a bit rushed. Overall, definitely worth reading. Thank you for writing and posting!
ElizabethBathog chapter 23 . 8/24
This story was AWESOME! It made me feel many emotions! Good work! :D
dianne.gonzalez512 chapter 2 . 8/14
This is such a cool fanfic! :)
OverlordChocolate chapter 4 . 5/9
I neeed more
Winwardiumlevios chapter 1 . 4/13
thank you for not forget us, we never forget you. And thank you for finish the history, i never forget the best line ever! "Welcome to my delusion"
Weshney chapter 22 . 4/5
Okay, just because I read my review and noticed it said guest I was like well crap now that seems like I was just some person who found your story yesterday. I just spent five minutes remembering my login so that I could show I did in fact start following this story at like chapter 5. XD So you've had my attention for years, along with your other adoring fans. Just sayin'.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/5
Woooo! Super kudos for finishing! And extra fattening sauce for making it actually happen in a way that was realistic. I really enjoyed the story, thank you for finishing it.
Wilona Riva chapter 23 . 3/31
House is hilarious as always.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/28
Pity Party AND Tag, you're it? Melanie Martinez senses are tingling
MsFrizzle chapter 23 . 2/9
I commend you for sticking through and finishing this story which is no small feat considering the unfinished stories I've let sit fallow way, way too long.

It does seem like a House thing to put the drug in lip gloss to have Sam administer it. It must be very potent for such a small amount to have such powerful effect. I guess it doesn't affect humans or Sam would have been in trouble. I admit that I would have liked to know how the medication works. That would be the sort of thing that would have shown up in a House episode.

I laughed at the ending lines.
Motherofthehorde chapter 23 . 2/3
Good story.
Thanks for sticking to it and writting it.
Ciestess84 chapter 23 . 2/1
Yay! That was awesome!
... And, yeah, I don't know what else to say, other than that that was awesome...
Ghostface317 v2 chapter 23 . 2/1
It's been a great seven years! Good job!
Donteatacowman chapter 23 . 2/1
Wow, was I surprised to see an alert for this fic in my inbox. Complete after 8 years, is that some kind of record on FF net? Most writers abandon their fic forever; I appreciate that you actually finished it, and really satisfyingly, too! I had to stay up until 5:30 AM for this but it was worth it. x_X Though forgive me if I'm not as wordy of a reviewer as this awesome fic deserves.

You got everyone's voice down pat, and even despite the length of time between publishing and completion, it reads like a single cohesive fic. The plot was engaging, with enough mystery and reveals and emotion to keep roping us in until the end. Love it! Thank you so much for finishing!
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