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Beast of the Sea chapter 5 . 12/6
It's an utterly random comment, but I do really like this duel. Now that I'm older and better at visualizing long action sequences, it's very impressive. Pity the fic never reached the continental war. Orion as the full-fledged Vindico could really have had some awe-inducing battle scenes.

I suppose the joy of fantasy writing is that one gets to have enough special effects to bankrupt a studio for the price of a bit of text. :P Anyway, thanks again for sharing the fic with the readers. Whatever you're doing now, author, I hope it's going well.
Charlie0925 chapter 42 . 12/3
Dang, I LOVE THIS FIC! This is the fourth time I have read this brilliant story and I must say, it's as scintillating and addictive as it was the first time I read it! I read your AN that you have not abandoned any of your fic's, so even though it has been a while, I shall remain ever hopeful that you will at some point come back to this when you have the chance. I hope you do as it's far too good of a story not to be finished! ;o)
Guest chapter 43 . 12/2
Loved this so much! Truly a beautiful piece of writing that as always left me wanting more. Normally don't comment but I needed to show my appreciation and my hope of another similar Harry Potter story. Also read Black Heir and Twist of Fate. Well done and I plea for you to continue with fanfiction. Amazing! Kudos to fabulous writer. Please I need more. Please complete this.
Guest chapter 43 . 11/28
I really love this story and i hope that you will write more chapters soon!
Guest chapter 43 . 11/25
where is the rest of the chapter
I as quite enjoying it and then it just stops what happened
I hope you carry on soon
ADesperateFan chapter 43 . 11/19
PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASEEEE! You absolutely have to come back to us, oh my god! I just discovered your fic and I'm dying to know the end! You do have a big fan base, you know? And I'm kind of terribly desperate to see that it's been 6 years since you haven't written anything :'( Pleeeeeaase! I'm French and you are one of the people who really made me want to learn the language! Come back! We are all eager to know the end! We love you, I hope you're doing ok and that every thing is going as you wish in your life
All the love from France, et tout plein de bisous!
Signé, DiLayla
Guest chapter 43 . 11/8
Oh my god.. I just can't. This fic is beyond awesome...! The ways you twisted the story to incorporate other stuff and just everything that happened..! I really do hope that you'll finish it, because I practically devoured it and would love to see the end!
Cztelnik chapter 43 . 11/5
Knew this would happen, despite the utterly lovely lengths of these fics, they wouldn't be complete yet. I kind of like that you're saving Hermione and didn't kill all the people off, as Harry said they can't kill 40% of their population and survive anymore. Looking forward to reading more someday but the story so far has been fabulous. I enjoyed reading every bit and will return someday I'm sure.
Cheers! "so long and thanks for all the", err words ")
Cztelnik chapter 42 . 11/5
Hmm, interesting way to wrap it up. Will Harry keep his creatures safe or destroy most of them?
Cztelnik chapter 40 . 11/5
So it begins, their oldest lives remembered? Can't wait to find out. Bet it is bad emotionally for Harry.
Cztelnik chapter 40 . 11/5
How in does Harry remotely think to control Bellatrix or prevent Voldemort's DE from killing the kids!? He can't keep his promise to Remus, it will cause a schism...I must have missed something!
Cztelnik chapter 39 . 11/5
Yes I caught the hint last chapter about Jesus and that Arian was acting as a god long ago but he sends a bit pumped up, hope Harry finds a pin soon.
Cztelnik chapter 38 . 11/5
Snape is doomed in all verses to be hurt and tortured and maligned, not protected by those he follows.
Cztelnik chapter 37 . 11/5
Really! Morticia? ") what a fun character to introduce.
This is going to be good. Draco is safer and scoping the advantages of being a prince's consort. Calypso is very prego and Voldemort is still puzzled about something but annoyed about losing Harry. Remus and Fenris are having...Well lots of it sounds like. All portends bad juju arriving soon.
Cztelnik chapter 36 . 11/5
Huh, illuminati in the works. Can't say I find Harry's/Mordred's ideas of manipulation any more palatable since he did it himself. Still ruining many thousands of people's lives to achieve a personal goal.
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