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Beast of the Sea chapter 1 . 10/12
I actually had a dream this updated out of nowhere and all the readers were freaking out in the reviews. For those curious, the dream's update briefly skipped over all the later-chapter stuff in favor of the beginning of the Dark-and-Light war. (This part of it had a very specific name - the Siberian War? The Sylvan War? I have no idea, but it was highly appropriate at the time.) People were getting assassinated in the lobby of the Ministry. Meanwhile, Orion went adventuring through a deserted island and had a vision of another Seer who knew how the war would proceed, and had a conversation with her through time. He also briefly reconciled with Voldemort.

Well, anyway. *rereads Chapter 1* I forgot how much fun Gellert was. Now that was a mature, witty, intelligent Dark Lord. (Not that Voldemort isn't, but... Gellert is such a glorious troll.) He pulled me into the story initially, since I came in at the end of The Black Heir, and... well, spoilers. Suffice to say, I salute him. No matter what the Spirits say - a Dark Lord truly worthy of the name.
tomluvharry143 chapter 43 . 10/2
Hey Phoenix what happened now... You live us quite hanging here.. It's been forever now... Still no update
licha.s chapter 43 . 9/28
Seriously.. thats how you go to a five year hiatus, i have to say I'm feeling that you can be evil. What can i say, i had the black heir open on my computer for like 6 months before i started reading it, while something called to me, i guess a HP/LV with so many AU characters and AU conditions, i was not sure about it, but I'm really glad i started it because i couldn't leave it alone for the next week, it has felt like a saga, well written, and up to the illuminati plot it still felt like harry potter, which can be hard when the author adds so many different plots and AU to their story. I have to admit though that this illuminati, angel/devil part is not really my thing, i feel that it made you leave harry potter and fantasy (or the fantasy i like) and enter the eternal religious plots (which i hate reading) however, i understand why you got into it, even though for me it felt a bit unplanned, like it doesn't really go very well with the rest of the 120 plus chapters that came before.
But as i said i tend not to like this religious nonsense (I'm not insulting religion by the way, just plots and secret societies which are not completely in the fantasy world) so please no complaining for the religious among us reading my review. So i might be biased in my opinion.
I still think this is a very good fic and i have continuously read that you will continue this eventually so i hope i get to see your updates and long awaited end in the not so far away future.
Keep up the good work!
Beast of the Sea chapter 43 . 9/28
I meant to write 1.6 million, not 16 million. Good grief, if you'd written 16 million words, I can't even imagine...
Beast of the Sea chapter 43 . 9/27
Let me guess the ending points.

(MAJOR SPOILERS for the fic - though much will be incomprehensible without reading Chapters 42-43 first.)

Hermione will discover a way to severe magical beings from their Sources - or, even better, to destroy the Sources and disperse them among all those who drew from them, making such magic permanently exist so long as one living being holds their power. (Or Salai becomes the new Dark Source, which I wouldn't put past him.)

Voldemort will backstab Orion in the most brutal way imaginable, causing Orion to tear his very soul to shreds. I'm inclined to think this won't happen immediately, because he's blatantly the Third Brother and the Source might realize that Salai killing one of his brothers means he's gone off the rails.

I think taking the Elder Wand won't be enough. Given what we saw of the Third Brother, perhaps Orion will realize that being free of his Maker won't be enough if he'll always have a de facto Master ordering him around, punishing him, and plotting behind his back. (Only Salai himself should be doing that! :P) I wouldn't be surprised if Arian manipulates him into this situation. Salai has obviously rubbed off quite heavily on Gavril.

(If it's at all mentioned, I think Grindelwald was probably the Second Brother long, long ago. It fits. He trained Salai, he's older and more mature than Voldemort as a Lord, and he was sympathetic but focused on Salai as the strongest of them all.

I wonder if the Oldest Brother will be reincarnated as Orion's rebellious child...)

Calypso... I do not see her having a good future. If she factored into Salai's plans, he probably would have mentioned her. Uh-oh.



Salai will, after defeating both Sources, grow very lonely and dissatisfied. Eventually, he will use his powers (which are now almost Source-like, due to something about how the Sources were destroyed) to recreate Voldemort - or rather, to give him his original name, the Third Brother. And so they will end up having a dysfunctional, sadomasochistic relationship for eternity, because eternity is nothing without the one you love... hate... whichever.


No gods, no kings, only Sidhe. Orion and Arian will happily fuck like primordial bunnies upon the ashes of their Makers. Moreover, Salai and Gavril will become near-Maker-level powers themselves... and with Gavril wrapped around Salai's - er, little finger. Yes. Let's go with that. Thus, Salai, controlling his own powers, Gavril, and the gratitude of the little Maker who was spared, has de facto control over all creation - just as he foresaw.

(As a possible addendum, what he arrogantly failed to grasp is that, under all his stubbornness, he's just as enamored of Gavril as Gavril is with him, and so the peace between Light and Dark for which Gavril hoped becomes reality. Salai did not perceive this because that's on HIS whim and all Gavril's pure-hearted pestering had nothing to do with it. Eh heh. Whatever you say, Salai.)


I wish I could guess more, so as to give fellow readers more resolution, but... I don't have your writing abilities, alas. (And I never really cared for Draco or Lezander, so I can't really think of what would become of them.) These are just my guesses.


I'm rereading the end of the Black Heir right now, and it is beautifully hilarious that Mordred is actually a previous incarnation. Even Salai can't stand himself!

Hn. After reading his conversation with Nagini at the end of T.B.H., I'd like to reconsider and suggest a new possible Orion/Voldemort route:

While Orion always thought his destruction of Voldemort was just that, Salai ALWAYS had the power of Creation. After whatever happens with the Makers, he may end up with the power of a Maker. If he could somehow exactly memorize every bit of Voldemort, he could destroy the current Voldemort and yet recreate him later on. In a twisted way, this might be "protecting" him or keeping him out of the clutches of the Dark Source.

Hell, destroying Voldemort and recreating him might be the only thing capable of pounding it through the man's head that Orion really does love him, that said love isn't a weakness, and he might as well admit to what goes on in his own warped head.

Or Orion will just learn it anyway, because it seems like Salai wasn't much into grasping that he loved Gavril (in his own Dark way), either. Maybe the creations of the Dark Source just have a peculiar inability to acknowledge their more positive feelings, and Orion's only able to do as much as he does because Arian's rubbed off on him over the reincarnations. (I hate to say it, but after the Salai scenes, I think Voldemort's behavior towards Orion is a bit of karma. Certainly, Salai treated his doting partner with cruelty, coldness, and a refusal to acknowledge that, under it all, he cared for him. I wonder if Arian's continual wry amusement is due, in part, to knowing the one who is both loved by him above all and has hurt him more than any other has had to suffer most bitter doses of his own medicine.)

Kudos on a truly impressive story. I won't lie - looking back at the very first chapter of The Black Heir, it's clear that this was originally a more generic story. It only started peeling away from the pack of usual Dark!Harry stories when you moved the center of action to Moscow, and there it merely became a well-developed Dark!Harry story. The beginnings of Mordred and Morgana in Chapter 8 were atypical, but still within the realm of 'ordinary' prophecy.

It's hard to believe now that the phrase "Vindico Atrum" first appeared in Chapter 21 of The Black Heir, isn't it? :) And yet, it's been revealed that it was influencing Orion since he was oblivious little Harry, squinting at books in the Black Library.

Again - kudos. Thank you for giving this to us. Even if it never updates again, it's an inspirational work and long vision of what can be created from the premise of Dark!Powerful!Harry, Harry/Voldemort, and far greater expansion on Durmstrang, the Hallows, and the general conflict of Dark and Light than what we saw in canon.

And to think that 16 million words of fic came from a writer who admitted at the end of The Black Heir that she used to think a hundred thousand was a lot and impossible for her to write. :P You're an inspiration to us all. And I mean that without sarcasm. Seeing how the story grew and evolved (and the writer's abilities grew and evolved) is a true marvel. It's been a privilege to see it.

(And to think that I only started reading near the end of The Black Heir! I can only imagine what it was like for those who had been reading since the start...)
Alpha DeathSythe chapter 43 . 9/1
Amazing Story but hasn't been updated in years really hoping it will be resumed soon
Guest chapter 43 . 8/25
Nooooooo I was reading your yahoo page and I saw you mention in a reply that you've written a couple paragraphs into VA chapter 44! And that was years ago :(! What made you change your mind/ give up on writing and updating? I'm desperately desperate to see how VA ends even a teasing sentence on your yahoo page would be amazing!
Guest chapter 43 . 8/24
Please please finish this! I want to see Orion independent alreadyyy it's killing me when he's continuously talked into things, I want to see him demand things from others for once and be the bad ass he used to be in his first life
Guest chapter 37 . 8/9
Whatttttt haha I decided to reread TBH after finishing VA and it seems so unbelievable that Orion's sharing Lezander with Draco when his feelings run so deep for him in TBH (chapter 57) I feel like Orion's nonexistent jealousy and willingness with Lezander's 'solution' was really unjustified
Guest chapter 34 . 8/4
Ew ew ew please don't put Lezander and Draco together! They don't match at all! Lezander and Draco annoy me so much but if they have to be with Orion then let Orion have his bonded mates to himself and leave Draco in the wizarding world, I swear I don't think I can stomach reading about Draco replacing Orion and becoming this 'side king'. And a slash scene between Lezander and Draco would be absolutely cringe worthy!
KatieMarrie chapter 13 . 7/23
rosecitysaltskin chapter 43 . 6/25
I really wish you would come back to this series, it's lovely. I just finished rereading this and The Black Heir. Simply fantastic work and I miss it.
hyugesoo chapter 1 . 6/22
I've finally reached the end. When I saw on your profile that this story was on hiatus, I had my misgivings on reading it, even though I spent a whole week's worth of nights pouring over The Black Heir and dreaming during the days about hissed arguments and delicious dark magic. I'm the type of person who hates waiting, and would prefer a completed story over one that is in progress.

However, I don't regret clicking on this and discovering the tremendous back stories and character progressions you've created. This whole new world, starting from Durmstrang and encompassing the whole wizarding world, it's absolutely amazing. I've lost count on how many tears I've squeezed out at the dark of the night, the only light coming from my laptop as I feel my heart being torn between Lezander and Voldemort (I was never really a supporter of Draco here, which is funny since HPDM is my otp. Off-topic, I know, sorry). I cannot believe how invested you made me into this story, to the point that during times when I am not alone, I would ignore my company and wonder about the next move of the Dark and Light wizards and the further manipulations of the Spirits. I understand that you must get this type of raving all the time. I don't really have much to say other than the fact that I admire you greatly. Thank you for giving us this new universe filled to the brim with wondrous magic.

I won't pressure you on questions about when you're going to update. You have your life to live as well, and I'm just happy you fabricated forty three chapters of pure thrill. I wish you the best, and if ever you need a beta or an absorbed fan with lots of strong opinions, I volunteer myself as tribute. Cheers!
yespadfoot chapter 43 . 6/19
This ending makes me so bad because it's so funny and I wanna see how Voldemort and Arian clash! I wish so much that this could've been finished, and I'm hoping that one day you come back and just tie it all up, if that's all you do. This has been the only thing I've done for the past 2 weeks, reading The Black Heir and this. It's been crazy, and I have to say that I like this a lot more than JK's Harry Potter! This was my first Durmstrang fic and it's that and so much more! You've managed to create a whole world beyond what JK made, and that's quite a feat. I think I read that this is your third language? If it is, you did extremely well writing in it! You write better than I ever could, and english is my first language! Keep writing xx
STVamp chapter 43 . 6/11
So its reached an end huh... I expected this of course after finding out by reading the reviews too early so it guess its a neck for me. Im glad I found out in advancement from reading the ending of black heir if i hadn't i would have been more emotionally unstable you could say. This is the most well thought out beautiful piece of work i have ever read on fan fiction. Right when i think i know the basic outcome of the story it rears back to hit me in the face again. I spent nearly a month reading black heir not doing my homework, letting my grades slip to read it cause it was worth it. That's when i was about to read Vindico Atrum and found out it was in-completed so I took a month break before actually starting the story to mentally prepare myself for the unknown cliff hanger. I did and it took me 2 weeks too read this mind being smarter with my grades this time. It was bittersweet cause I didn't expect the 43rd chapter ending to be so funny and so sad. Everything has been revealed only to never be finished or on an never ending hiatus. I sincerely hope you come back to finish this because to me and alot of people this is a book, a masterpiece, a artwork that can never be replicated. I hope you're okay because I wouldn't think you would spend so much time on this only to not complete it unless something has happened in your life whether you loss motivation or have a serious illness. But yeah im rambling sorry you will always be my #1 favorite author. :) Have a nice day XD
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