Reviews for Going Cullen
sweetesme chapter 6 . 5/19/2015
I just wanted to tell you that I loved this chapter! I liked the others as well, especially Esme's, but this one was not only exciting and interesting, but also had a certain humour. Alice's speeches are too funny, at the end in particular!
Guest chapter 7 . 3/5/2013
"Great, Ed," Emmett said, turning to his younger brother. "The little one's moving you out of your room and the blonde one's inviting us into our own house… you know, I like 'em – they've got nerve!"

"You better like us," Alice called from the kitchen, where she had danced in ahead of the rest of them. "We're sticking with you guys for a long time!"

I love this fic
Guest chapter 2 . 2/19/2013
Your narrative skills are awesome! Why dont you complete the story? Like what happened after chapter 1 leading to chapter 2 so on...
Guest chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
morallygreydesi chapter 7 . 4/5/2010
Perfect...just how I imagined it..You're an amazing author..I've read some of your other stories, some of them over and over again..Lovely...
Kristen chapter 7 . 2/8/2010
omg this is the best ever! please write more and e-mail me about it! my e-mail is !
Amanda chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
Follow peterfacinelli on Twitter. If he gets 500,0 by the 19th, 211me will sing/dance "All the Single Ladies" in a bikini. Go Team Carlisle!

Please, help Carlisle win the bet! /o/
Catty chapter 5 . 5/19/2009
This rocks! you can really write! these scenarios are the best of anything i've read of the cullens' transformations. wow.

i love all the unique characters in twilight. of course course everyone loves edward, but who could possibly not love Rosalie and Seth and Jacob and all the rest? i also like Marcus of the Volturi. _
Phoenix Fanatic chapter 7 . 4/6/2009
Great story! I found that it was very realistic.
two hours' traffic chapter 7 . 3/23/2009
“Hey, guys! I’m Alice, and this is Jasper. We’re moving in!”

“O…kay. I’m Emmett, and this is Edward. We’ve been moved in for awhile now.”

This is such a fantastic story. I really love all of your characterisations and your descriptions. You're a wonderful writer, and I can't wait to see more from you in the future!

two hours' traffic chapter 6 . 3/23/2009
Saddest line: "Most of the time, I’m really sorry that we have to exist at all."

Favourite line: “Of course it does. Now when can we move in?”

You write Alice and Jasper fantastically. Hell, you write them all fantastically :)

two hours' traffic chapter 5 . 3/23/2009
"On Earth, beautiful blonde girls didn’t bend over half-dead hunters, and on the off-chance that they did, they didn’t glitter."

That line was great :) I don't think I was supposed to find it as amusing as I did, but there was something which was just so dry about it...

two hours' traffic chapter 4 . 3/23/2009
My God... you are a talented writer.

"t was like a million knives, starting at her wrists and ankles and radiating inwards. She could hear screaming, and knew that it had to be her own. The warm, drifting sensation was gone, and she felt as awake as she’d ever been. Her eyes were wide, but she couldn’t see anything. Nothing but the horrible, stabbing pain. It was black, but it stung like a bright light."

So, so fantastic.

two hours' traffic chapter 3 . 3/23/2009
"He needed a mother so deeply. Just as deeply as Carlisle needed a wife."

I'd never really contemplated the thought processes behind each changing. It must have been so difficult for Carlisle - every time.

Another gorgeous chapter.

two hours' traffic chapter 2 . 3/23/2009
That was beautiful. Really.

The anguish behind Carlisle's choice was clear in every word.

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