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thousand-miles chapter 25 . 11/28/2017
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this fic. You write Mac and Stella so well, they are both in character. I also loved the slow burn. Great job. Thank you for sharing this!
BuJyo chapter 4 . 3/25/2013
Whew...this was a rough one! Again, you write the emotion so that it's palpable. When I'm actually anxious while reading, it's a damn good read :)
BuJyo chapter 2 . 3/25/2013
Started reading this on recommendation from another author and am enjoying it immensely already! You write the characters so well I can hear them speaking. Looking forward to "turning the page."
bananas r gd chapter 6 . 8/24/2011
HAHA andrew bradfordandrew broadfordandrew wide-crossing.

i know this coz my hometown is bradford on avon which came from broadford on avon which means wide crossing on river, avon means river.
bananas r gd chapter 25 . 7/22/2011
please please please continue!
SMackedCaskett chapter 25 . 5/22/2011
So this just... Died? That's sad :(

I like the story and would be ecstatic to see an update of some kind :)
Carol81Brazil chapter 25 . 9/14/2009
hi, i really like the fic, this is very good, i just have a request to do, can u put stella with a cold and mac take carre of her?

Well, anyway this is great!keep doing

kisses from brazil...Carol
I play wid fir3 chapter 25 . 8/4/2009
I've finally caught up! I admit, I've not watched any of the episodes since after the first chapter... My TV sucks, and I have to dig the internet for clips.

But still, I like you make them all in-character and work each chapter in between episodes and such. Hope to see more updates! *gives cookies*
music-and-fairytales chapter 25 . 4/28/2009
*runs in* I'm back from Europe! That was such an awesome chapter! I knew straight away that there was more to Mac and Stell being the two witnesses. It's a sign! And what you just wrote fills in the gaps so beautifully. Great job. Can't wait for more! xx
Rayclash chapter 25 . 4/15/2009
Hehe, I liked this chapter alot! Thanks for the update and please keep up the good work! :D
napafun chapter 25 . 4/15/2009
please update soon XD

your story's realy great you know!

i love every chapter that you wrote
lily moonlight chapter 25 . 4/14/2009
Ah, one of my favourite so far! i really liked this, right from the humour in the first sentence! Excellent :D I loved how you wrote Danny in this, I could picture him exactly, all awkward with his hand rubbing the back of his neck as he asks Stella, and I liked her considering when he says she's like a big sister to him, very much so I think. Really liked the light tone of this, but with the deeper thoughts behind it. Loved the conversation between Mac and Stella in the car, and how it led to Stella's looking at wedding magazines more, and the flowers too. I like that, that she ould still like them, even though she does not need them. I hope she does get a bouquet, I suspect Mac is a romantic deep down :D I think you ended at exactly the right point too; how they appear from the outside, and the last sentence was perfect. Looking forward to more!
lily moonlight chapter 24 . 4/14/2009
A little late, but catching up (I will review your Flashpoint fic at some point too, promise, pinky swear :D) I liked this chapter, the more thoughtful feel to it, and how you brought in Ella as well, plus all the sweetnesses between our characters. I loved the image of Mac returning and being surprised by the sight of STella in his dress shirt cooking bacon, so sweet :D I liked their conversation too; you have their dialogue perfectly, I can always hear the characters and find it totally convincing. I liked the riff on the hero-complex, and about Stella wanting to share some of the burden he carries, definitely. Really liked the structure of this section too, 'Indeed, he didn’t think he would change. That was who he was: someone who cared (a little too much), who would stand up for what he believed to be right (a little too strongly perhaps), who would offer no regrets for his decisions and action (no matter at what cost).' It worked really well. A little hint of darkness too with the knowledge that both have been not sharing everything, and that he has an inkling of what Stella is not telling him.
SVUCSIWTRDOOLluver chapter 25 . 4/10/2009

I loved this chapter! The beginning of it had me laughing so hard, I almost fell off my chair! But I really liked the sweetness of this chapter, as most weddings are sweet!

I really liked the beginning, with Danny and Stella and Danny being a 100% man, that was funny!

And I gotta tell you something, I get the TV guide, and I don't know if you've already seen it, and if you have I apologize, but I read that Melina Kanakaredes helped to write the second-to-last episode of this season, and she wrote herself going to Greece chasing evidence of a smuggling ring, but the location shoot in Greece was scrapped. Also, she finds a picture of her mother (which will be her dressed up as an older woman) AND, this is my favorite part, they will go into the never-discovered-before chemistry between Mac and Stella! :) But the one thing that bothered me was that they say the chemistry wasn't discovered before. Are the BLIND? Wow that was long! If you've made it this far in this super long review, congrats!

I can't wait for the next chapter, please update as soon as you can!

narutoprincess chapter 25 . 4/9/2009
I so think that Mac and Stella actually got married before Danny and Lindsay showed up. I think that would be and interesting plot twist. In the show, not this story. This story is perfect the way it is! I'm caught up now thank goodness. Can't wait for an update.
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