Reviews for Forever His
Sophie chapter 25 . 4/12/2016
Ok, NOW i hate Kikyou
Sophie chapter 24 . 4/12/2016
Haha lol
Sophie chapter 22 . 4/12/2016
Sophie chapter 18 . 4/12/2016
Ooh, crap. I want to hate Kikyou, but I can't. Not with all she has been through.
Sophie chapter 15 . 4/12/2016
MadamScorpio chapter 28 . 12/19/2014
love the closure! ugh! sad that it ended...but that was unexpected about Izayoi lol
MadamScorpio chapter 27 . 12/19/2014
im glad kik's mom is sticking around...but it was her fault for leaving...a five year old seriously good grief lol
MadamScorpio chapter 22 . 12/19/2014
ooooohhhhh mmmmyyyyy ggggooooodddddnnnnneeessss that was the cutest montage ever! just cute!
MadamScorpio chapter 21 . 12/19/2014
intense chapter! loved it
Fallenfan77 chapter 15 . 6/14/2014
Not currently logged on but oh well. I was so exhausted before reading your story but now after returning to read it after school, my fatigue went away. I enjoy reading your story so much.
kakkn chapter 26 . 10/2/2013
I need a tissue too!
kakkn chapter 16 . 10/2/2013
You made me cry! Just wanted to tell u before I read on
Diana chapter 28 . 1/6/2013
Diana chapter 27 . 1/6/2013
Dang it! You tricked me! I thought that Kagome had died and I was pissed at you. But then I saw that she was still alive and I was so happy! You are a very sneaky writer! Naughty person!
Diana chapter 26 . 1/6/2013
You freaking made me cry! You're so evil! *sobs to death*
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