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izhetbean chapter 25 . 10/27/2016
I'm seriously dying over here. Man, that was such a tragic tale.
Court90 chapter 25 . 10/8/2014
My God! How could you kill Guy after all they had been through. I was so close to crying once I found out Guy was dead. Although it was sad it was also a really great story. Hope you write more. :)
Guest chapter 25 . 1/19/2014
Poor Robin! Poor Robin! Such a good man and a bad king.
Penelope Clemence chapter 19 . 1/19/2014
Although you are a good writer, The legend of Robin Hood is destroyed here. Completely.
For your info, Mathilda couldn't have betrayed Robin if you had gone along with Robin Hood BbC; Robin saved her life and I don't think she would ever associate herself with Vasey.

I like the plot, but I would have gone with the version that Robin's name is cleared in the end, even if after his death. It is unfair. The fact that you make Robin's son change his name from Richard to Roger is completely unfair. Did you hate Robin in the show so much or did you want just a tragedy for him?

The plot is captivating. The style is great. Despite my disagreement about Robin's fate, I love the story. I adore Vasey's cunning plan to capture Robin; it could be expected from him. Guy is such an adorable bad boy, and you describe him brilliantly. But Robin's tale may be revised.
Penelope Clemence chapter 18 . 1/19/2014
Poor Robin and wretched King Richard! Why are you so unfair to poor Robin? Robin lost everything and for nothing... I hate Gisborne and Elizabeth here
Gabydou chapter 25 . 1/20/2013
Such an amazing story :) BRAVO !
Chase Bond chapter 25 . 1/17/2013
I'm just going to say that you killed me. I died after finishing this story. Why did Sir Guy have to die? I was in tears all last night. Agh. WHY?!

I agree that this is an epic story and was so great! I like how you didn't have Elizabeth "change" Guy like some stories do. I like how he stayed the same (well, in a way). I didn't like how hard it was to get into the character - if that makes sense. I found it difficult because she's "bad" (I guess you'd call it), and the way she thinks is not the way I think. I do like the character very much, but it was hard at first. At the end, it was sad to see it all end that way! haha. :p Guess the characters just grow on you!

There were some grammatical errors and "typos" throughout the entire story, but they're all pretty minor and easily ignorable.

Thanks for such an amazingly written story!

- Chase Bond.
Chase Bond chapter 9 . 1/11/2013
I've been reading this fanfiction for the past few days, non-stop (I'm a terribly slow reader, and am making my way through :D). I thought I should comment or something because I absolutely love it! There have been few grammatical errors that I've spotted, but they're so minor I should just stop talking. But yeah, I love this story so much, it's amazing. I've been thinking about writing a Robin Hood fanfic for a while now, and may actually do it now that I've read this one. xD

Thanks for a lovely story. These first 9 chapters were fantastic!
Lady Vivienne chapter 25 . 5/8/2011
Incredibly well-written, complex and intriguing. I loved Guy, and the gradually change in Elizabeth's character too. You're portrayal of him was so... real. Cruel, uncaring, selfish - a black heart, but a heart still. He had darkness within him, and I found it ironic somehow. His features, his smile, his eyes, his hair - it all makes you shudder inside, instantly saying to yourself 'this man is dangerous'. There is something so vile and predatory about him, something so... attractive. He was born this way, and he doesn't disappoint. Anyway, I wouldn't have liked him so much if he didn't have a bit of humanity, deep down. You've captured that perfectly, not making him a mindless killer, whose only feelings are lust and hate. Actually, he doesn't feel much - only what truly matters, love. I hated and always will hate Marian for using him and manipulating him, never giving him the chance to show her his world. She chose to hurt a man who knew nothing but hurt, and I despise her for that. I'm glad you killed her off, though it would have been sooo much fun to watch her reactions to Guy's increasing coldness, as he falls in love with Elizabeth.

"He is one man that I LOVE! I would do anything for him, I would destroy worlds, massacre women and children, kill, die, can't you understand that?"

This line left me speachless. It says so much about Elizabeths character, about her whole being. She killed, she lied, se plotted, all for him and her. I hope that she and Guy do meet in their Hell, and finally live their eternity together.

One particular line sticks to my mind, however. You've wrotethat in a way, Guy and Elizabeth were more to blame that the Sheriff; because they knew very well what they were doing, and that they were not doing the right thing. The Sheriif, on the other side, did not even stopped to look at his own soul. This is so true, and shattering.

This story left me speechless. I cannot congratulate you enough. Sorry for the ridiculously long review - I just needed to tell you how much I enjoyed your work.

Akseel chapter 25 . 1/14/2011
Well - I just finished reading this story, and I don't really know what to say. As I was reading the first four or five chapters, I felt like this was a typical romance (a genre I don't very much like), with a dumb heroine and overly dramatic descriptions. I kept muttering under my breath - Elizabeth, you dunce ! Especially when she fell from the stairs and was all scared and fluttery (I mean, she wasn't attacked by a wolf or abducted and raped, she fell from verdammt stairs !) Also, the immediate attraction she and Gisborne felt for each other in the first chapters made me feel like the romance was going way too fast (hey, I could not have known that it was just a ploy to deceive us poor readers). And then by chapter three you had Elizabeth think, I quote :

"When she recalled all her foolish thoughts of love not so long ago, she barely withheld a snort. She did not love him. And even if he told her he would love her until he died, she would have refused him now."

And I was going, WHY ? You spent three chapters telling me how desperately in love Elizabeth is with Gisborne, so WHY WOULD SHE NO LONGER WANT HIM, DAMMIT ?

I was fully ready to flame you. Well - all right, I might not have, but I found the story irritating. Until you turned the tables on me, that is. The plot looked simplistic at first (lady meets knight in shining armour, knight saves lady, they fall in love, the end). But then you unveiled deeper layers, and I felt like an idiot for not seeing it coming. For instance, I never suspected that the Sheriff had another plan in motion, instead of just sending an inept girl to kill Robin when everyone who'd tried had failed. I groaned at Vaisey's stupidity, only to realize that he was in the end quite cunning (though his plan was perhaps a little convoluted).

In the end, I am very impressed by the depth and complexity of this story. The characters truly ring like actual people. They have contradictory feelings, they don't always know what to do or what they want, they're not always rational, they have needs and desires and they succomb to them or fight them off, depending on the situation. Originally, I despised Elizabeth. She was a spoil judgmental idiot who thought she could play with fire, and ended up being burnt for it (figuratively speaking, naturally). Then (around chapter five, I believe) she began to sound like another Isabella, which made her a more interesting character, but not a likeable one. It is the growth and learning she did throughout the rest of the story that made me feel for her in the end. She went from the pampered Mary Sue-ish girl of the first chapter, to a bitter woman who'd tried to get it all, and lost much in the process. In the end, she wanted the same as everyone else (though she was certainly more ruthless than most) ; fortune, protection, advancement in the world.

Ines also underwent some interesting changes. In the first chapter, she sounded like the foil for Elizabeth's Mary Sue-ishness (and I thought Elizabeth very uncharitable towards her). In fact, in the first chapters I liked her much better than Elizabeth, because I could sympathize with her for her obvious insecurities. She turned out to have enough character to enjoy her very own little rebellion (sleeping with Robin), but not enough strength to fight for it. In the end, she seems like someone who yearns for something, but is too weak or too slow to get it - always to be number two, or three, or four. A woman to be pitied, and perhaps scorned.

Vaisey was good, very good. He did not appear as much as the others, but always perfectly in character. A snarky, cruel bastard he can be, don't you think ?

And Gisborne... just thinking of him dancing, of all things... hum. Can't imagine that very well. I liked how you did not try to make him out to be some sort of saint (he definitely isn't) but showed things from his own point of view. He is fully aware of his own shortcomings, he has his own view on Robin Hood and the people, and what he has to do (and how the "you always have a choice" thing really is oversimplistic). More importantly, I really can understand why he falls in love with Elizabeth, because in the end they are very similar. They both sometimes shudder at what they do, but they choose to do it, they're not afraid of putting their own needs first. They're not as insecure as Robin (who craves the love of the people, for what it's worth). In a way, that makes them more evil than the Sheriff, because deep down they know that some things they do are evil, while the Sheriff probably never even spared a second to look at his own soul.

Secondary characters were well drawn-out as well, each with their own motivations and hopes. I'm not too sure about the physician's death, though. The way you wrote it was very good - Elizabeth's feelings seem very real when she brings herself to kill him - but it is never explained how the man avoided answering the Sheriff's question about how long Elizabeth was pregnant, and his death is a little too convenient. I can't imagine that Vaisey would not have had suspicions. It isn't hard to call for another physician to examine his wife.

One thing I really appreciated was the richness and complexity of the story, with all the character very well fleshed out. King Richard isn't put on a pedestal, nor is Robin, or any other of the protagonists, including your main characters. Elizabeth's mother also had hidden depth (a little too sanctimonious for her own good, perhaps). Allan A'Dale - the traitor always ends up being despised by both camp, eh. But you wrote him so that I really understood him, and I'm glad he ended up Sheriff.

In short, you defied all expectations and made this story a very unconventional read. Just take Elizabeth's son Guy, and how he wasn't at all like his father. Died at sea, of all things ! Not even killed by Robin or Isabella. It just adds to the irony of it all, as does the fact that Elizabeth did not get her happy ending after all. In the end, I can't say that I would weep for Guy and Elizabeth - you did too good a job of fleshing out their duality, their dark side - but you also made them human enough that I did feel some emotion while reading Gisborne's last letter. And, if you did not make them characters to weep for, you did make them fascinating characters. Congratulations on deceiving me entirely, and writing such a masterful story.
I-Can-Spell-Confusion-With-A-K chapter 25 . 11/6/2009
Well, first of all let me say that this was very well written. I read the entire thing today and it was very consistent in quality. That being said, I feel very strange now that I've finished it. Have you ever read the Wideacre book by Phillipa Gregory (who knows if I've spelled that right)? Well, your story reminds me a lot of that book. It was the only book I ever read where I was uncomfortable with the protagonist...even hated her at times. And I give you credit, because I'm aware that's totally intentional, and it's a brave thing to do. It definitely takes more talent and creativity than creating another annoying Mary Sue who is a completely flat character. It's just odd because as you read along with horrible thing after horrible thing (that epilogue killed me lol), part of you wants to just stop reading or resign yourself to hating her but I feel like as a reader your natural tendency is to try to like the protagonist. Hm...and she and guy did end up being sweet but it didn't seem to touch her heart any in the end. Ok, this is long enough. Basically, really, really good job and I'm glad I read it...but I don't think I could read it again, too emotionally taxing lol.
GisbornesBoy chapter 25 . 10/19/2009
Oh God... you made me cry even more now... I really thought Guy would be saved... This is... this is... so sad... Oh God... *intake of breath*

I love this story - even though is a very sad ending. But still, very wonderful & fantastic!
GisbornesBoy chapter 24 . 10/19/2009
Guy's letter is making me cry my eyes out!

So sad...!
Mrs. A Dale chapter 25 . 10/19/2009
I have been following this story right from the start and might I say, you have not disappointed me one bit!

It was beautifully written, I thought the letter from Guy to Elizabeth was perfect in the way Guy thought and felt.

I especially liked the bit at the end of the epilogue where Allan became Davina's second husband xD

Very well done :-D
GisbornesBoy chapter 23 . 10/18/2009
Aw, such wonderful story... So wonderful! I love it! *tears in my eyes*

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