Reviews for That Was the Big Idea
Erisabesu chapter 6 . 12/16/2008
Immediate love for the concept of Pein/Nagato having an identity crisis! Not sure who's lying to the people and who's feeling bad about it. :D Zillion coolness points!

Oh God, just thinking about them looking back at their times with Yahiko and trying to figure out where things went wrong... ;_; Oh it hurts so good.
Erisabesu chapter 5 . 12/15/2008
I really like the sense of Konan's conscience that begins this chapter. That she's bothered by the lies that spin the trap they're caught in, a real Catch 22: Obey Madara, or die.

I said this before about the jutsu Konan is creating (though I think it got eaten somehow in the review process), but I LOVE it. It's something amazing I wouldn't have thought of, and captures her so well! I like hearing about her reasoning here in chapter 5-it's not simply a fascination with using her powers, but developing them into something that could be their safety net in the end. Guh.

Also, I really love how subtly you change points of view. It's not jarring the way some writers do it. It feels like the filming camera pans into a different room and we pick up with the next character. We go from Konan to Pein to Konan in this, and the transition is exactly right. :D

There are a few parts where I get lost while reading this, but not from any lack of interest-I think it was the references to Nietche or Christian art where I felt like I lost a little of my grounding. But then it came back when Konan mentions Akatsuki and how they have to call a meeting. It's not necessarily a bad thing-both of those subjects relate to what the characters are thinking about, and I could follow. I think the topics carried me away from the story a bit, musing on what Pein would think when reading up on the Crusades or whatnot, lol. And then it's back to sealing the Yonbi, lol. :D Just mentioning it for the sake of feedback, lol.

And the final image of them stripping each other and getting off on how weird/broken they both are is awesome. They love each other despite, but they're both kind of "what would it be like if we were different?" as well. :D

E! Next chapter! :D
Erisabesu chapter 4 . 11/30/2008
This line is gorgeous: "There is just enough cloudy white light coming through to make all the wet surfaces harshly bright, as sharp as polished barbed wire."

I don't get tired of saying to you how awesome your imagery is! I feel like I learn new tricks with every piece of yours I get to indulge in.
bitfibber chapter 6 . 11/28/2008
God, you've done it again. Your insight on these characters blows me away everytime.

Still Waters Run Deep is amazing because there is no other like it, because its an analysis of the characters as people, but in this story you have transcended human into the supernatural.

It feels like you are analyzing these characters not as humans, but as gods. Everything is perfectly written. Each chapter is carefully orchestrated to seem like its split into sections, but in the end you find it ties all together. It's ridden with symbols that represent many things, such as the paper flower in the dirty water. Purity on evil. Good memories versus forgotten ones. The spoiling of incocent children.

Not only that, but the fact you allowed and showed that Nagato and Konan had a normal relationship. They weren't forced together by horrible circumstances that caused them to become fatally atractted to eachother.

They were child demons, yes, but they fell in love in such the usual way that it ties them back to earth. It brings them down from gods to demi-gods.

There is so much to say about this story and its awesomeness.

Thank you for writing it.

Update when you can, i'll be patient! :)
ErisYao chapter 1 . 11/2/2008
I'm amazed. This story sounded good, started good, though confusing, continiued better and ended perfect. And that only the first chapter! I love it! Puerly love it. You portray these two amazingly good. iI never even dreamt of finding a story that actually goes so deeply into the story, mentioning Peins all bodys and the past of Pein and Konan and it beeing this good. It's perfect. Brilliant!
dreams.of.destiny chapter 1 . 11/1/2008
Beautiful. I cannot say more.
Erisabesu chapter 3 . 10/28/2008
Oh man. I love the comparison between Pain and Konan's piercings with Sasori's self-puppetry (if that's even a term). I love that Leader quells any and all attempts to learn who the 9th member of Akatsuki is. I love the idea of their relationship growing tighter and stronger over more than a decade of time, and how it comforts them. This is so very wonderful! :D
Erisabesu chapter 2 . 10/28/2008
Wow... I found this section to be so beautiful. o_o This really focuses on the two of them when they're the most unguarded, secluded in their private space, kindred minds, kindred souls. God I love it! Very profound... and way more than I'd ever expect to draw from these two. This is like a new kind of fanfic! So far beyond the what one would usually expect. Bravo!
Erisabesu chapter 1 . 10/28/2008
You've done such a wonderful job of dissecting the group dynamics of Akatsuki, and in particular Pain and Konan's roles as leaders-yet-servants. OMG awesome. I think this is a great slice of Pein and Konan's life in-between meetings or whatnot for Akatsuki. And it's so believable. Kisame and Itachi made a pretty good team, and seemed to work together for reasons beyond a simple assignment, but Pain and Konan now seem (to me) to be true true partners. It sorta makes me think about the Konoha teams, and how they might be if one of them was killed. Naruto and Sakura have a closeness because of Sasuke's absence, but Sasuke's still alive-so they're not in the same place, where their world has shrunk down to the two of them alone.

Guh, I really love what you're exploring here! :D
bitfibber chapter 3 . 10/20/2008
I have been a fan of your writing for quite some time, especially your SasuHina. This time though, you picked a pairing that was somewhere in the fragments of my head, floating around aimlessly.

Nagato/Konan has always interested me, but I can never think of a way to explain it. Your story has definately ventured into the unknown depths of their relationship.

I especially love how this really isnt a story about a pairing between two people, but a story about three people. It just so happens one of them is a ghost who always stands inbetween.

You've portrayed these two beautifully, continue please, but at your own comfortable pace, I would never want you to feel rushed. :)
Hedy.Kiesler chapter 1 . 10/13/2008
It's not very common to find well-written stories on here, but I'm glad I found yours! I like all the detail and the way you portray Konan/Pein. I really hope you write more stories with them!
Teruame chapter 3 . 10/13/2008
...-is speechless-...'ve definitely converted me to PeinKonan here. X3 But, on a more serious note, I'm absolutely ecstatic that you wrote this work.

You have a wonderful sense of comparisons and metaphors. :D I, for one, didn't mind the references to leaders such as Julius Caesar and Mussolini, or that of the God role that Nagato plays. The sheer details and the way they are organized in here, and the way everything fits in terms of the situations (and, if I may say this, how Nagato and Konan handle their relationship every day, because let's face it...most pairing fanfics don't look at how a relationship works) completes the picture so darn well that, for a moment there, I kinda forgot to breathe due to the extreme level of thought this work of yours provokes. XD

There's a certain sort of beauty in the situation and the flow of the words as well, one that is so rare in fanfics these days ;.; In that sense, I can't help but wonder at that and how you establish the thought processes and the believability that makes this so beautiful. The references to Yahiko in the background and how he might have reacted makes this even more gorgeous, since it's really like a window into the soul of a man and a woman who have spent so much time together for so many years. And, gad, the way that you describe the Akatsuki in the eyes of these two makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time (how many people out there actually remember that these people are actually quite monstrous in their ways? And that, despite that, there is still a shred of humanity in some of them?) I guess my favorite parts were the mentions of when Nagato looks at death and wonders about his indifference.

Argh, this isn't exactly the best review I've given out. D: I'll leave you a better one sometime later, then, when I'm not high on happiness from the awesomeness of this fanfic. XD
Finnimbrun chapter 1 . 10/12/2008
I'm so glad to see this on FFN, where I can review it properly. Hah! God do I ever love your Pein/Konan. You've taken them both and EXPANDED THEM SO FAR AND MADE THEM SO COMPLEX. It's really amazing to me, and honestly, I'm not someone who gives compliments on 'fics very lightly. And I'm not easily impressed.

Can't wait to see more. I love the atmosphere of this story. HEARTS. FAV.