Cyber Seer chapter 2 . 2/21
You just ripped my heart out and crushed it.
souverian chapter 1 . 1/26
I really enjoyed this story. Good, believable, well-paced character debelopment, a new depth to a character I haven't really thought much about in the HP-universe, and great points about prejudice and lack of cultural insight even in the magical world. Your grammar is great as well, which I wish didn't matter so much to me, but poor grammar really distracts me from the story the author is trying to tell even if they story itself might be good.

The only negative point I can come with is your abbreviation of 'Defence Against the Dark Arts'. Abbreviating it to 'Dark Arts' completely changes the meaning; in fact it inverts the meaning. I also don't thing it helps that the name of the course was changed to 'Dark Arts' under the Carrow twins. It can confuse the reader slightly. I would abbreviate the course name to 'Defense'; it maintains the meaning of the course while still shortening the course name significantly. I think I might have read the abbreviation I mentioned somewhere in the HP books, but I might have confused that with one of the (too) many fanfictions I've read. :p

As I said; I really enjoyed your story and if the abbreviation of a course name is the only criticism I can come up with then it must be good :)
Guest chapter 21 . 1/17
When I saw the warning I laughed out loud. They've been cute and adorable and teenage problem-y and laid off with the petting recently, and then it's like "BAM. SMUT GUYS."

I feel so awkward reading them. I shouldn't, I've read far smuttier, but agh.
Guest chapter 20 . 1/17
When it comes to the Ministry battle, I feel like this will be a big point in their relationship. On one hand, Cedric is disabled. There's no changing that fact. So bringing him along is very dangerous to his health. On the other, he would never forgive her if she left him behind because she thought he wouldn't be able to do anything. The negative emotions would be fuelled by his thinking that although he was angry, it was true.

Unless he was the distraction for Umbridge, but maybe this issue will be resolved differently anyway.
Guest chapter 18 . 1/17
Ugh. I've read far smuttier fics with far more grace and yet this fic affects me. You're a great writer. Ugh.
Guest chapter 14 . 1/17
Wow. I was not expecting that. But no matter, it's brilliant! He has a purely Slytherin ,other TO ask advice from when he needs cunning, not loyalty. This is a work of art! XD
Guest chapter 9 . 1/17
Cedric /sparkled/.

Oh the irony!
deemura chapter 37 . 10/23/2016
but I like Hermione with a vengeance tendency...
deemura chapter 38 . 10/23/2016
I decided to keep ignoring the fact that you always mention there were only 8-10 students per house
deemura chapter 37 . 10/23/2016
but I like Hermione with a vengeance tendency...
deemura chapter 32 . 10/23/2016
Only seventy two Hufflepuffs? If Hufflepuff takes it all, it means they are major in number. Rowling said it's more or less 1000 students attend Hogwarts every year. But I just got to ignore this. The story is just too good
deemura chapter 6 . 10/22/2016
oh Hermione, being a teenage girl and all that fluff... so cute
Guest chapter 38 . 10/7/2016
Thanks for writing! This was an amazing piece. Loved how multi-faceted the characters were. There were a handful of things, like Hermione just getting distracted and dropping SPEW or Cedric weirdly being able to cast the patronus in a battle when he wasn't thinking about anything happy, or even about a future with Hermione, that were very disjointed and felt a bit like they were thrown in for symbolic value, but all in all an extremely interesting story.
katteken chapter 38 . 9/30/2016
Super engaging! Read it through in a day!
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 1 . 9/9/2016
read marker
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