TheBookImaginarium chapter 40 . 7/24
You are so insanely talented! The way you weave canon with your plot developments and changes, and your in-depth characterizations of Cedric and Hermione and your own characters like Mrs. Diggory and Amos and the Hufflepuffs just amaze me. It's done so flawlessly and (seemingly) effortlessly that many times I wondered what was canon and what wasn't.

Between work and family this took me about two weeks to finish, reading 2-3 chapters before bed. It's been a long time since I've been so invested in a fanfic and I wanted to thank you for your brilliant writing. Now, of course, I'll have to tackle the rest of your works, starting with the sequel!
victoriajewel chapter 38 . 7/22
*sobs* That was beautiful! The blood brother thing warmed my soul. Oh how I wish little Harry had had Cedric in the books. He would have been a lot less angry all the time!

I know this was written ages ago, but thank you for taking the time to write it. It's one of the best fanfics I've ever read, and it's definitely going on my favorites list!
victoriajewel chapter 37 . 7/22
Loved the ending introspection on Hermione's development. We've gotten a lot of Cedric's throughout the story, but it's great to also see how Hermione has changed. Such an emotional chapter.
victoriajewel chapter 36 . 7/21
That's okay. I don't need my heart. *sobs*

Reliving Sirius' death always gets me. And Hermione's apparent miscarriage makes this even more sad!
victoriajewel chapter 35 . 7/21
I love how you are interweaving your own story with canon and it works out so incredibly well! I really hope Cedric doesn't die though. I will cry!
victoriajewel chapter 34 . 7/21
You know, you've actually made me kind of like Zacharias Smith. He was an absolute arse in canon, but the way you have him being so supportive of Cedric here makes me not hate him. That's a big feat I think!

Uh oh, pregnancy scare!
victoriajewel chapter 33 . 7/21
Yeesh, poor Cedric. He's really been put through the ringer hasn't he? I wonder what the painting will show now...
victoriajewel chapter 32 . 7/21
Applause all around! I hope Umbridge doesn't have some devious plan to get back at them though...
victoriajewel chapter 31 . 7/20
EEEEPP! I wish this was canon because you show how badass the 'puffs are! Can't wait til Umbridge gets what's coming to her.

And they finally did it! I love that it was unplanned too. Perfection.
victoriajewel chapter 30 . 7/20
Oh my god, this broke me. I could literally feel the build up to Cedric's break down. It was just so emotionally raw, and good lord you write beautifully. Thank goodness you didn't kill Esiban, or I would have probably completely lost it.

Fucking Umbridge. I've never loathed a character as much as I do her.
victoriajewel chapter 29 . 7/20
Woah, heavy chapter! I think that's the most realistic first time scene I've ever read. Phenomenal!

Poor poor Cedric. I really hope that Muggle medicine can cure him, he doesn't deserve that kind of pain!
victoriajewel chapter 28 . 7/20
Umbridge really gave me the willies when she was talking to Cedric breaking up with Hermione. Totally inappropriate, because we all know she wants him for herself. Gross.

I love how Cedric calls Hermione out on her crap. That's real love.
victoriajewel chapter 27 . 7/19
LOL Order of the Purple Dildo.

Glad Cedric wasn't discovered! There's no way he would have made it out of that without a huge punishment.
victoriajewel chapter 26 . 7/19
Moaning Myrtle, always causing drama! But it was a fun chapter while it lasted ;)
victoriajewel chapter 25 . 7/18
I didn't know it was possible, but Umbridge just keeps getting worse and worse! I cannot wait until she gets whats coming to her.

Dumbledore is actually a lot nicer and less manipulative to Cedric than I find him to be with Harry. Perhaps it's because he's not the Chosen One? I like him in this story and appreciate that you've turned him into what I wish he was in canon.
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