Reviews for Tipsy Time Travel Tale
juanml chapter 2 . 7/19
Awesome! This is Awesome!
hunzbookwyrm chapter 2 . 7/17
I love the story I can't wait until I see more It has me in stitches
funkyduckfoot chapter 2 . 7/8
I am a fan of this story now! Really looking forward to more!
Draeconin chapter 2 . 7/1
Aw, shit. And I was SO enjoying this story!
OrangeKing89 chapter 2 . 5/26
I really wish you had continued this
Guest chapter 1 . 5/24
Not quite "Killer Rabbit" crazy, but pretty close. Hope you get a chance to post more of this. ;-)

In case you haven't seen it, that was a reference to one of Monty Python's bloodier skits (think F-Troop serving in The Crusades and the whole squad gets defeated by a single rather angry bunny).
Guest chapter 2 . 5/23
Are you still working on this?
Gon Freaks chapter 2 . 5/21
Sad to see this story not getting any attention... hope you will finish it...hopefully.
Saint Raven chapter 2 . 5/16
Guest chapter 2 . 5/7
This is Amazing! I love it
Marikalay chapter 2 . 4/24
It's a tragedy that this fic hasn't been updated in so long. I hope you get a chance to work on it again soon.
SmexyBananas chapter 2 . 4/18
This is stupid ... the good kind of stupid
jpotterNY chapter 2 . 4/9
This was a fun read, I hope you can eventually make your way back to it. Thanks for writing.
Unknown9501 chapter 2 . 4/6
please when are you going to post more?

sry if im rushing you
harryislife chapter 2 . 3/27
This is hilarious, I am in tears laughing. I hope you continue this some day.
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