Reviews for Impossible Adventures Through Time and Space
Kylaia78 chapter 19 . 5/27/2016
Absolutely awsome story loved it! Very well put together thankyou for posting.
tpoqab chapter 1 . 6/26/2014
I am new to fanfiction world, new to Dr. Who fandom. I love your writing, and this story was excellent. You are really talented! I was genuinely surprised throughout and moved at the end. Well done. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your work.
RsNawtyAngel chapter 18 . 5/3/2013
Words cannot express how much I loved this!
LostInWho chapter 19 . 11/19/2012
Too much! My mind just couldn't keep up, and I loved it! Such a crazy intersection of universes and lives. I love Rose's Doctor, but it was hard to see them so much at odds in this story with all the stress and worry. So touching to see the Doctor's reaction to seeing Rose again and get into their heads/ feel more resolution regarding their relationship. Did Rose and her Doctor quit working as a team because of the bickering, or were they too protective of each other? As always, I really enjoyed your story and the depth you add to the characters - it all just resonates and feels so right.
Moonprincess92 chapter 19 . 5/21/2011
I can't remember if i've ever reviews this, but if i have then it's ok cos this story deserves another! It was brilliant, just like everything else you've written. The last few lines of this were the best. Shot! : D
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 19 . 1/30/2011
hahaha, I love that last bit. Great job, wonderful story.
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 18 . 1/30/2011
Perfect! hahaha, simply perfect!
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 17 . 1/30/2011
Oh yay! I love a happy ending!
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 16 . 1/29/2011
I've always loved Bad Wolf, it's great to see her up and about again.
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 15 . 1/29/2011
*claps* Things are coming together. _
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 14 . 1/29/2011
Oh my... oh my, oh my, oh my!
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 13 . 1/29/2011
The kids names' are great! Love the story behind Lily's and the reaction to Jack's.
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 12 . 1/29/2011
OMG, the awesomeness of this story knows no bounds!
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 11 . 1/29/2011
"I'm going to kill you, Jack." "I can tell you right now - that won't work." That made me chuckle. I love watching the triangle between Rose, the Doctor and the Doctor.
Rose of Zakarisz chapter 10 . 1/29/2011
I love that Rose is so strong, stubborn and independent.
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