Reviews for For the love of a King
Calle chapter 22 . 3/3
Good job.
bethabetha chapter 8 . 1/18
i’m enjoying this story enough to continue, but there are some pretty glaring errors concerning British royalty and Bella is whiny and pushy to the point of being very annoying. I’m also hoping that in other stories the author found a beta, as there are a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. I’m really hoping Bella gets toned down soon because she’s going to ruin the story to the point where I can’t keep reading soon. I do love the original plot, though!
3moons chapter 9 . 12/24/2017
A coronation is ALWAYS after the wedding
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 10/19/2017
That was a very lovely ending to a really good tale. Thank,you so much for sharing your imagination with us here. ~Christy
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 10/19/2017
I really enjoyed this chapter. Loved that they held the wedding in their meadow. No mention of how many people in attendance, so I am hoping they got to have the small and intimate wedding they wanted. Was very nice of Edward to fly in Jake as well. She was always straight forward when th her feelings about Jake to Edward so he knew there was no threat there. I'm glad to learn that he found love. Her nerves formtheir wedding night, when they've known each other for more than a year, was odd. I'm very glad she calmed herself down and got past it. Their first time was well written. I think they've discovered they may be insatiable. At least for the next while.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 10/19/2017
He got his sight back! It worked! Yay! I thank you so much for having this chapter in his point of view. He finds Bella beautiful. I did not doubt that he would. It was so sweet reading his thoughts about her. I find it so funny that children never want to hear anything about their parents having sex. How the hell do they think they got there? Their parents had sex. I'm glad he finally realized his dad was just trying to help him out. I have to say I'm surprised that Edward's not been with anyone before. Blindness doesn't make teens any less horny. He's twenty-five and he's had to have urges. I suppose he was just so beside himself with the anger of it all, that he never got around to it. I kind of like that he and Bella are both going in with no experience.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 10/19/2017
I'm so glad that Bella had the others with her waiting through his surgery. That is a sticky subject with me. Years ago, when my husband needed surgery, his family did not come to be with me through it. It was odd since it was his side of the family and we all get along really well. They are just very lazy. My family would've been there with me, had they lived closer. It was hard for me being alone there. That is why I was so glad she had the others with her. It is the very least of their worries but, I hope his hair grows in before the wedding. I love that he sought out Bella when he decided what to focus on. That made me smile.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 10/19/2017
That was an enjoyable chapter. I liked Christmas celebration complete with breakfast for dinner. The story Edward told of his great grandfather and great grandmother's gift, was interesting. If they robbed him blind like that, how did they miss that exquisite hair comb on him? It was very sweet of him to gift it to Bella, right along with the story. The women all getting ready together, was also fun to read. I liked that Bella and Edward set their date. Although, I was surprised she made it five months away. They need the planning time yes but, they've decided to wait until after they are married to pass that final stage in their relationship and she's already dying. I was somehow expecting they'd already started planning it and they could essentially enter whatever date they wanted. Although, that was when they wanted it in their garden, just family. Theyhave to have the large shebang now so, maybe five months is far too short of time.
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 10/19/2017
That was a lovely surprise in Alice's point of view. She was lovely to read. I really liked that is seems her and Jasper have not taken that final step in their relationship. Just like Bella and Edward. I wonder if Alice has ever mentioned that to Bella? It may have been a bit of help to know they were both in the same UST boat. That won't matter now though, as Alice is getting married within hours to Jasper and she will no longer be waiting.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 10/19/2017
I completely understand why he wanted to do that alone. He did not want to get anyone's hopes up, as he was already nervous enough. I am glad that Ben was there to help him. I really liked that Ben hugged Edward when he said yes to Angela coming along with them to Italy. It showed just how close those two men really are. I can see Edward keeping him on as his personal Valet even after his sight returns. Wonderful news that he is a candidate for the surgery. Bella was so silent when he was sharing the news with her, I was worried she would be upset he didn't have her go with him. Knowing her insecurities, she was probably thinking he's keeping her at a distance by not taking her with him. Very glad they can do the surgery.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 10/18/2017
I was shocked that they went with Edward after all they seemed to have planned. It felt like they were up to something the whole time, and yet, when they finally have their chance, they step back and announce he will be King when Carlisle is ready to depart. I'm ela ed for Edward and their whole family. They were so very proud of him. I really liked that he addressed them without wearing his glasses. He was strong and confident and I don't think they were prepared for that at all. I really like how much Alice loves Bella. She is a wee bit too much but, there are not many Alice's in this fandom that aren't. You Alice strikes a nice balance. At least your Alice knows when to back off and let go. The date they had together at the meadow was everything they both needed. That was quite a lovely scene you built around the whole trip. I really, really liked that when Lauren said Bella could wait outside, that Bella went with Edward. Take that Lauren. Sheesh.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 10/18/2017
Edward had a grand gesture made for Bella with a wonderful bath and deliciously romantic dinner on the veranda. Instead of thanking him, she cries all over him. She pushed him, yet again, for something she knows he wants to wait on. Then has the nerve to feel rejected by him, drowning in her insecurities, in lieu of understanding towards his wanting to wait. That woman and her insecurities are driving me insane. I do really like what he chose to do about his sight. He didn't allow the Volturi to bully him into it. Of course, they will vote against him in this, stating he won't do everything for his country after all. Then suggesting one of their own take over when Carlisle steps down. Again, there is no stepping down from being King. You die, that's when you step down.
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 10/18/2017
I love being in his head. That was a very short trip to see her family. Took Edward long enough to realize that the Volturi were up to something. I'm quite shocked that Carlisle was so very passive about it. He is still King and that should really count for something. For him to lay all of this at Edward's feet, without helping him at all, is absolutely ludicrous. He should've been swooping into action over the whole thing the moment Edward mentioned his thoughts. The fact that he just shrugged it off, is not sitting well. He is still the one in charge, not Edward. He should have people all around figuring out what the hell this group is up to. Leaving it all on Edward, when he's not even the one in charge, is awful. Shame on Carlisle. Shame on Esme too. You would think she'd be throwing a fit right not, Queen or not.
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 10/18/2017
I really liked that she went and saw her parents with Edward. I loved that Bella and Renee walked back into that room to find Edward and acharlie laughing together. That was really wonderful. I can sort of understand Bella wanting to smooth things over with Jake because of who she is fundamentally. However at the same time, it isn't her fault he fell in love with her. And, it isn't her responsibility to try to fix that. Jake himself needs to fix it himself. I don't like that she lows him to hold her hand and hug her. I really don't like that her held her face the way a lover would. Anyone could be out there grabbing a photos of the two of them and that would look so very bad in the public eye. Edward deserves more from her in public places. She craves his comfort as a brother but, he certainly doesn't want her like a sister. She has to realize that she's hurting him more than helping.
ChristyWIX chapter 18 . 10/18/2017
Have to say this chapter title had me all kinds of nervous. Especially when they got to the part where the Volturi asked, yet again, for a private meeting. They are seriously up to something and I thought they were going to demand that Edward and Bella separate. Between the title and them saying he is too focused on spending time with her, I just thought that was where they were headed. Them demanding him to have the surgery, was not at all what I'd expected. How could they request that of him? How could Carlisle sit there and let them? Parliament or not, that was way out of line. Then Edward was actually thinking of doing it, yet it is for the wrong reason. I love that Bella spoke to him and said he has to do it for him and only him. He can't do it for any other reason than that. I was surprised to learn, through his speaking to Bella, that he really has researched it deeply, since she requested it to him. That was good news. I wonder if the doctor would bump another patient to put him in because he is the Prince? I hope that these Volturi and crew are not behind any wrong doing with the doctor and Edward's eyes. That would be horrific.
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