Reviews for Just Dance
Underneath All Elsewhere chapter 1 . 10/18/2008
I liked this. It was more enjoyable since you made them more of short stories than ficlets. My favorites were:

Cartoon - I liked the L/L interaction. I've always wondered what Lola would have said after Quinn and Logan's secret came out.

Natural Disaster - Dustin who? It's like the writers forgot all about him. Somehow, I understand his attraction to bad girls. He probably strongly believes in the whole opposites attract thing, but that's okay. He's Dustin.

Moving Mountains - I wish there was a season five with a Chase/Zoey breakup in it. I would have loved to see how their characters would move on and deal with that.

Just Dance - Cool, a birthday party for Lisa! And aw, some Michael/Lisa. I also loved the flash of Logan/Lisa friendship you threw in there. ;)

And of course Take a Walk and Those Three Words for an obvious reason: Chase/Lola!

All of them were great, but the ones I listed included my most favorite pairings/characters. I might do this again...but I'm not sure. Most of the songs I listen to have darker themes, but I'll see.
imperfectandchaotic chapter 1 . 10/17/2008
Wonderful! I should probably do one of these at some point. Haha.

psav2005 chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
Great job with all ten, number nine was my favorite, and in number ten you wrote Quinn so perfectly. Stupid school getting in the way of stories, that always seems to happen :-) Can't wait for more from Little Things in Between.
aceanx chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
Wot! Awesome Erika! I love each and every song from here! The drabbles were awesome, as usual! Yay! Woot! You tagged me! I totally will do this! It'll be fun!

And haha, I agree! The election was weird, but I'm glad the Conservatives won (they did win, right? I didn't follow it last night, but my dad did). But whatever, it's better than Liberals (unless you voted for the Liberals, then...whoops!)

Anyways, wonderful, as usual Erika!
Boris Yeltsin chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
Pretty good, even though I didn't recognize any of the songs at all.

You don't mind if I'm still a fan of Chase/Zoey, do you?
Terri chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
awesome! and, good song choices. yes, quogan is love. and yay sibling rivalry! haha lola and logan kinda sorta related to each other. what a riot :)
Li'l Milk Glass Chicky chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
I'm speechless. But I need to say something, so here I go: Ah! Sque! Marvelous! Sensational! A-ma-zing! Ep!

I almost went to bed before reading this (which was like, after two in the morning), and I couldn't leave a review because I was so tired. There are just too many great things to say about this!

"Cartoon" - Where it's mentioned that at one time Lola liked Logan, I'm kind of getting that vibe too (very likely she could have). But this was so funny and endearing. I very, most definitely picture this as something that could of happened on the actual show. It's so funny how on the show in the beginning nobody wanted to hang out with Quinn because she was so "weird". Now everybody loves her (in one way or another)! Oh and I loved that bit about Lola's "claws"! LoL!

"Get Back" - Um, yay, and ep! How so very uber-cute and sweet! "A hundred pair of lips are worthless when he has hers to kiss all the time." Brilliant! And so cute when he playfully hushes and tells her not to tell anybody about him saying sorry. And then, "The boy sees those eyes, the prettiest eyes in his world,"...double ep!

"Natural Disaster" - Oh Dustin. You and your bad girls and your goof-ball friends! LoL!

"Breakin' Dishes" - HAHA! Oh good Lord, Lola fixed up Vince beyond big time!

"Moving Mountains" - Poor Chase!

"Just Dance" - This was so fun and sweet! And I like that whole Logan/Lisa brother-sister relationship. It would be cool if you wrote a fic where it's just Misa and Quogan! Cuteness abound!

"These Three Words" - Poor Chase! And even more so, poor Lola! She's so in-love with him, rather "hopelessly devoted"!

"Bed" - Triple, quadruple ep! This has got to be my favorite! I can't even point out what parts I love. Every single detail of this piece is just brilliantly sensational and love, love, love! Ep! :) :) ;) ;)

"Take a Walk" - Aw! How sweet! Poor Chase and his bad day, and Lola, so patient and loving. And I loved the parts about the microwave "deciding to die", the twisty tie as a ring, and the auto garage in the sky bits. So, so cute and funny.

"Teenage Love Affair" - Heart melting, beyond sweet moments big time. Quogan love, I love it! And so funny about Quinn's excuse for not going to the movies, "something to do with the origin of belly button lint, and it's composition." LoL! ;)

You rather went all-out with this, and this was on a whim? Boy, how I wish I had your talent! And you're tagging me? Ah! I'm flattered, and I'll try to come up with something (even before you tagged me, I've been working on ideas for stories anyway, I got a bunch of 'em!) But I'm afraid it will be a while for anything will be on here. I promise to have something on here before the year is out. And you're working on "Sibling Rivalry"? Yay! So "The Prince and the Princess" won't be on here until the end of the month, but that's okay. My birthday is on the twenty-eighth, so hopefully around that time, I can consider that kind of a birthday present.

Heck yeah Quogan rules! Where do we find those shirts that say so? I bet there around somewhere! LoL! :) :) :)
StoriesThatNeverWere chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
What a delightful read! I will try to briefly highlight my thoughts on each section:

#1 was interesting, and the concept believable, but something seemed a bit stereotyped. I think it was Lola just randomly approaching Logan with these threats. But after that everything was fine; their interaction was entertaining and true-to-character.

#2 would have made for an interesting episode in Season 4. Logan gets called to take part in a kissing booth, because he’s the “bachelor” of the school, and this ticking off Quinn to no end. I love the idea, and this little snippet was very cute.

#3 was entertaining, but you didn’t catch Dustin as well as you have before. While I completely agree he should have a girl quite opposite his sister, I would think that *she* would be the one to hunt him down, rather than him look for her. Dustin is so wide-eyed, and while he’s smart, he never proved particularly savvy with relationships. Still, I like Sierra and enjoyed their moment together.

#4 was probably my least favorite, simply because it portrayed Lola in a rather ugly light. Oh I have no doubt that Lola would be furious if Vince cheated on her, but she isn’t the raving bitch type. She would seek revenge in a more personal light… For example, posting embarrassing pictures of Vince all over his football team’s locker room, or pulling a public prank on him. She can be vindictive, but she’s creative, and tearing up an apartment doesn’t seem her thing.

#5 reminded me a lot of the Zoey 101 story I just posted. This section summarized Chase’s thoughts well, and promised future options (cough Lola cough) for our favorite bushy-haired boy.

#6 was a great insight into Lisa. I loved the natural flow of this portion, where everything was relaxed, flirtatious and just fun. I could picture everyone and their words perfectly, particularly Michael and Lisa. They aren’t appreciated enough as a couple.

#7 was abrupt, but I enjoyed reading Lola description of her feelings for Chase. I loved her vow to wait for Chase, which I imagine she had to do quite a lot of, and said “aww” out loud when she spoke about the road to recovery.

#8 surprised me the most, because it was my favorite. And it was Quogan! I’ve settled with Quogan, because I think that they did indeed end up together, but I’ve always favored Zogan during PCA. However, this insight shot a spark into my perspective on Quogan, and I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for them. Everything in this section was adorable and completely in-character, and I was just itching for more. This piece was absolutely beautiful.

#9 was a very close second favorite, as we return to the best Zoey 101 couple who have finally seen the light and gotten together. Not only that, they are in love! Whoop it up! Oh, but poor Chase is having the kind of day I had yesterday; nothing is going right… except for Lola excepting his marriage proposal! She calms him down when he’s stressed, which is one of the many reasons I saw them as a terrific match. This section was also very well-written.

Finally, #10 reminded me exactly of the show. As I said, I prefer Zogan at PCA, so I didn’t enjoy this as much as #8. Nonetheless, their banter is very adorable and I think, of any character, you write Quinn the best. Her thoughts on life and Logan seem so real that I’m even starting to like her character more because of this story. You break her out of her science-mold to show a more humane side to her.

And now I’ve been tagged. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I think I’m supposed to write ten snippets on Zoey 101 based off of ten songs, correct? If so, I’ll get on that once “Would You Mind” is complete.

I hope schoolwork lets up on you. Remember that you have ever-adoring fans sitting at their computers in anticipation for more of your stories. :)

Sincerest, Song.