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mmaallek chapter 27 . 11/25
Wow, just wow.
At first when reading this I almost quit because I thought it was going to turn into one big lemony mess, however later on I realised that this is just a mature Fic.

Of course the Madara and Naruto fight was anti-climactic, but I liked the ending although it did upset me a bit that no one knows the truth, but I felt that it was the perfect ending for a Ninja who wears the mask.
Ryszarius chapter 1 . 9/26
For all I know, the possibility exists that this is a brilliant story. But I'll never know unless you opt to overhaul it and re-post it some day, because quite honestly the layout puts me right off in chapter one, that I can't read beyond half way, if that.

As I'm sure you've been told, every time someone new is saying something, you start a fresh paragraph so you've not got a various character talking and creating a muddled text wall. The whole "Speech Here," - Said Naruto sort of stuff makes my head hurt.
Gman123 chapter 27 . 9/18
So wait, what happened to Deidara (Mad Bomber)? You wrote that he captured the Sanbi, but then he just disappears.
sir2face chapter 4 . 9/14
patrick.dejong94 chapter 27 . 9/9
uuuhm hot damn great story, didnt see that ending coming and i find it greatly fitting this story.
love your work
Kodokuna Kami chapter 4 . 9/4
Bullshit, "I am well aware of your new futon technique since we share all Akatsuki info between villages". Err that wouldn't happen. No Kage would tell the others about an S RANKED JUTSU even if they are allied villages. Ninja's practice subterfuge, so sharing that would just be retarded. And it has nothing to do with Akatsuki. The report would say something like "Akatsuki member defeated with futon technique". It wouldn't say who by or what technique it was. And it fucking wouldn't mention the particulars of the Jutsu such as it injures him.

Your inconsistencies piss me off so I'm giving up. Good first few chapters though.
(Plus you raped Tsunami. Shame on you.)
TheKitsuneSage9 chapter 14 . 8/29
This story is really good so far
Guest chapter 27 . 8/22
you should write one last chapter
Kyubii359 chapter 27 . 8/22
you should write another chapter that was kick ass
hakon2feb chapter 27 . 8/15
Like with the story "Regret", i greatly enjoyed reading this story.
I must admit that the last chapter had me on edge for a while, but it all turned out alright in the end :) I mean, it would be a nice plot device, since the story started with Asuma's death by the hands of Akatsuki. It would have been a controversial end if the story ended with Naruto dieing after taking the last member of Akatsuki with him :) But it looks like a happy ending won out, so in the end i'm also glad :)
I'll probably finish reading Tired soon, so just hang on for my next review :p
Keep up the good work :)

AnonOne chapter 1 . 6/23
Ugh. Another tragedy-and-then-Naruto-takes-off-his-"mask"-to-become-the-super-duper-crusher-of-armies etc etc. Let me explain what exactly is wrong here.

The only positive thing I have to say is the unique starting point of all things. Not many fics start at the Hidan and Kakuzu arc, but now it just makes it worse. We, the readers, are assuming past events are canon considering this is what seems to be your divergence starting point. So the problem? Naruto stating is all his fault is WRONG. If anyone is to blame, it is Tsunade who SENT Konoha teams after the Akatsuki to possibly capture Kakuzu and Hidan after they targeted Chiriku for his bounty, therefore a jarring contradiction that you do not specify at all and simply assume they were after Naruto the whole time.

Also Naruto "taking off his mask" has zero buildup and possibly even more jarring than the aformentioned canon contradiction, since he has done a total one-eighty and will thus be defined by said instantaneous one-eighty for presumable the rest of the story. Alright if you actually wrote a few chapters beforehand expanding upon this "mask", but not cool when done in a few paragraphs. This "taking off the mask" trope is also done WAY too many times to point where I never want to see another metaphorical mask ever written again.

Your narration is blatant and heavy. All thoughts and feelings are conveyed as if they were uncompromising exposition and not the emotions the characters are supposed to be feeling. An example includes Naruto's training which his growth feels as if it's being shoved into our faces. Also, people being so surprised in the second last section is so painful to read. Naruto giving himself a two months training period with a well hidden codename is not an ingenious plan. They are simple precautions obvious to anyone genre savvy enough to partially outsmart any idiotic villain.

Format is difficult to read. The conversation between Naruto and Kakashi after the funeral is awfully incomprehensible and difficulty is doubled when you have Naruto, the Kyuubi and the weapon smith talking in the SAME paragraph. Your paragraphs are also way too long. Reading in large dense chunks makes one skim over details. Especially if they don't want to read anymore.

Minor details to point out:
-Higurashi Akido is presumably Tenten's father or other relative in this fic? And he hates shinobi? What?
-Kakashi noting Naruto wants to become a hunter-nin and is still surprised about Naruto confronting him, Jiraiya and Tsuande over the subject? Seriously?

Forced is the most clumsy manner possible. You need some serious overhaul to this chapter to not make it an instant turnoff. Naruto's an unrecognizable OC with zero buildup, supporting characters are idiots, ultra mega over powered jutsu are looking like a guarantee (with little buildup too) and an instantaneous good Kyuubi. You might as well have started all the way back to the genin days because the whole story feels like it's been flipped upside down, burned, then tossed far into the sky and landed in some non-existent dimension in comparison to canon events.
Shay chapter 27 . 6/20
Loved your story it was really well told and not too bad to read in general.
Your Ideas are pretty amazing the only thing I could possibly fault was your lack of descriptive texts in some places when it got pretty dry but apart from that an all around good Naruto fic. Would have liked to hear more about the Hunter Nins from your perspective so maybe do a spin off sometime, I for one would definitely be into that.
Thanks for the good Read!
Guest chapter 15 . 6/12
Sasuke's not in control of his emotions?

In the manga Naruto was never able to goad Sasuke...And im pretty sure Sasuke never cared of what the village thought of him after he left...

So did you switch up Sasuke's personality or something?
Not that im a fan of Sasuke, seriously i honestly dont like him, way too op...
But i find it hard to believe that Naruto was able to goad him into a fight like that because in the anime/manga Sasuke approached Itachi calmly when they settled their final fight.

Either way i still love this shit so far!
Zenith Relaxation chapter 27 . 6/12
Fuck this is getting favorited! This was the shit, honestly.

Loved Naruto's mentality, the plot, the pairing, and the beginning and end.

For the people that read reviews before actually reading the story, I'm telling you this story is fantastic. Imo, though obviously.

Naruto x Hana is a great pairing. At first i was a little skeptical, but as i read on she fit the plot perfectly and i couldnt help but love her.

I'm really a Naruto x Temari fan, but this was just captivating. I will be thoroughly searching for other fanfics with the pairing Naruto x Hana, but i dont know if any will be up to your caliber of portraying Hana though.

Pervert Kurama? Ridiculously funny.

Thanks for read though man seriously... I'm going to check out your other fics, btw. Hope they hold a candle to this one, I've heard alot about Regret so I'll probably check that one out first!

Thanks! Certainly deserves a favorite.
Zenith Relaxation chapter 9 . 6/12
Hana-chan ftw!
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