Reviews for Happily Ever After All
xNightLight13 chapter 8 . 5/29/2012
This is a great story! I hope you continue to finish it!

I'm loving it - it's probably my favourite fanfiction at the moment! :)
Carlalalita chapter 3 . 4/15/2012

Wow there's a lot going on here! You put a lot of thought into where the girls are 3 years after becoming guardians and I love your new villian - sounds very promising.

But my absolute fav is nympho Hay Lin! That justs makes me smile with devilish glee!

yellow 14 chapter 8 . 4/1/2012
"I think Caleb took the words out of my mouth," Matt said as he gave Will a leacherous look and a kiss.

"Especially with a certain someone," Irma added as she grabbed Cornelia into another kiss.

""Oh you think I'm going to let you get away with pulling a little rainstorm on us, Miss Hale," Cornelia countered with a smirk as she pulled Irma down.

"Right back atcha, Miss Lair," Irma countered as the two became even more passionate.

"It's a good thing Elyon agreed to marry those two, I'd hate to see Cornelia if she didn't," Will whispered to Matt as she led him away.

"Like she did in the story. It made a good excuse for a laugh," he replied as he pulled her away. Elyon sighed.

"Now you've got them at it like rabbits AJ," she complained. "And I haven't even got a boyfriend at the moment."

"Well my offer still stands Ellie," Hay Lin said with a grin. "It'd be so much fun to invol-"

"Thanks Hay-Hay, but I think I'll pass," Elyon cut in.

"She's not exactly conventional," Taranee commented with a grin.

"Conventional's boring!" Hay Lin replied with a bounce. "What about you T? Add a little excitement to your love life?"

"Urgh, she's like a rabbit. No thanks Hay-Hay."

"Your loss ladies, your loss," Hay Lin said as she grabbed Eric, who carried her out of the room.

Great update, keep updating
Lexvan chapter 8 . 3/31/2012
Great story so far! Looking forward to the next chapter. I like how you have them having Will's B-Day party at Dave & Buster's. If only the teens had waited. I see Irma having a laugh about it all.

Great job! Keep it up!
D.J. Scales chapter 4 . 5/5/2010
Okay I know this story is interesting but i keep hearing a lot about Hay Lin's week of hell. Any back story behind that and I mean the full story. not the sugar coated one. Oh by the way nice chapter.
yellow 14 chapter 7 . 11/29/2009
Hay-Hay gets around in ICJHM doesn't she? (When are you planning on updating it? I'm getting curious, as you keep on dropping all of these hints) Keep updating
yellow 14 chapter 6 . 10/27/2009
I'm guessing some of the less savoury rumours about Hay-Hay emerged as a result of the events of IJCHM. "He's trainable." I like that;D Keep updating
Rubi-G chapter 5 . 9/20/2009
This is a really great story! I love it! keep up the good work...and not to be pushy or what ever but... plz more c/c :)
yellow 14 chapter 5 . 8/27/2009
The police batons with the handle at the side are a martial arts weapon known as Tonfa. They're contagious? I like that ;D. Like the idea that they're training to fight without magic, it's certainly a useful idea. One of the risks of being the fire guardian I suppose would be controlling their telepathy.;D Very good, keep updating
yellow 14 chapter 4 . 7/25/2009
An uncontrollbly horny Hay Lin. Proposing a threesome with Irma must've really thrown Irma off a bit and she's not easily thrown;D. Keep updating.
yellow 14 chapter 3 . 6/14/2009
You could say it's going to be a long night indeed. You do know you're giving away what happens in your fic 'I just can't help myself'. Oh well, I'll live. Keep updating
yellow 14 chapter 2 . 4/16/2009
You know you're giving away a lot of details about your fic, I just can't help myself, in this chapter. Still a pretty interesting fic, keep updating
koolkame chapter 1 . 10/16/2008
It was literally hard for me to read the Will/Matt post sex scene. Ugh. But that's just my personal feelings talking.

I did like how Will used Quintessence to retrieve her clothes (what the Oracle would say about that, I can't imagine). I thought that Nancy took the discovery of the condom package a little too well, but it wasn't too much of a stretch.

I'm interested to see where this goes. I think I have an idea but I'll just wait and see.