Reviews for Second Chance
Levendelis chapter 41 . 7/20
Omg... Dear author, you know nothing about how I was crying during reading this story :DD I was falling into an angst hell and rising to heavens of the fluff again and again. Wanna say thank you for these emotions and cool plot, amazing realization of an idea aaaand your comments during this work. It was funny to read:) You were just adorable thous times (as far as there 10 years have passed since 2008).
menolikey chapter 41 . 7/15
Yes. Beautiful ending. Light had me a little worried from chapter 20 onwards but I’m glad it ended like this. Thank you so much for writing
BB Beyond Birthday chapter 41 . 4/18
Okay, I don't know if you will read my review but I would say you that I think about your fanfiction. First, sorry If I make mistakes, I don't speak English very well.
So I think that fanfiction was the best I've ever read. You are a very exceptionnal writer and I hope you haven't stop writting since these years and you will never stop. You transmitted many emotion in your fanfiction and I love that.
The story was so interesting, the idea of a second chance was just genious and the characters were just... themselves xD (poor Matsuda)
I really like the end too, the moment that everyone expected since the chapter one ;)
I enjoy it
Izumikii chapter 41 . 4/4
Hilarious ! Oh Matsuda , always the terrible timing haha . This was a wonderful ride of a story . I really enjoyed reading this !
dyingUta chapter 41 . 3/18
the rape threats were really fucking bad but I still read till the end and even laughed at matsuda so good job I guess
marmorain chapter 41 . 2/19
second time and fRICK
teenwitch18 chapter 41 . 1/26
This story was great fun to read, you did a fabulous job of showing the parallels and the differences between the first time through and the second chance.
Smritz chapter 37 . 1/22
This is the second time I am reading this fanfiction, and this chapter made me cry buckets. I hope you're proud of yourself.
Smritz chapter 41 . 12/29/2017
K chapter 28 . 12/20/2017
Damn. Just damn. I have an appointment in 3hrs and I can't put this down to take a much needed rest.. I seriously can't feel any sympathy for either one of them.. And they're making it so complicated! There's no way the boundaries will last, the personal relationship and their enemy relationship will bleed and further corrupt the other... *continues reading*
cincinnatus18 chapter 10 . 11/9/2017
Totally choose Dude B. Choose the one that makes you happy. Don't forget that you matter too. And your father will just have to live with it because it's shallow to prefer what's skin deep.
Rose chapter 41 . 10/7/2017
This story is INCREDIBLE. By far my favorite Death Note story!
Katsuki chapter 41 . 9/8/2017
Hi there!
I just wanted to say your story is FANTASTIC (deserving all caps). It is quite literally the best Death Note fanfic I have ever had the pleasure of reading. In fact, I read this the whole way through the first time I finished the Death Note series which would have been four or five years ago now. I loved it so much then your story is basically now my official head canon. I reread Death Note recently and the ending made me sad… so I immediately thought of your fanfic that I had read and loved so much. I came back to ffnet and now I've reread your story. And let me say it ages like a fine wine. I think it's even better now than the first time around!
Anyhow, enough gushing. Thank you for all your hard work writing this wonderful story.
Merlinoverhaul20 chapter 40 . 9/7/2017
I just gotta say that this book was absolutely amazing! I hadn't read any death note fanfic books before this and I am glad this one was my first. It was so well written I am shocked!

Amazingly done! Keep up with the amazing work!
Now onto the epilogue ️
Isa Knightwalker chapter 2 . 9/6/2017
Interesting changes! Poor Light, and Misa too. I can't wait for the real L to come into Light's life.
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