Reviews for Second Chance
firewolf02 chapter 1 . 9/5
I have been looking for this fanfic for ages. This is a great fanfic. .
XanaduHawk chapter 26 . 8/31
I'm sympathizing with Light at the moment; he killed for L but L's so wrapped up in his sense of justice that he can't see that Light was acting out of love. Yes what he did was wrong, but it was for the right reasons. And just because Light had L accused of being Kira doesn't mean L should sink to his level and retaliate. That's just my opinion though.
XanaduHawk chapter 25 . 8/31
Things got real ugly real fast.
XanaduHawk chapter 22 . 8/31
I can't blame Light for breaking his promise, since L pushed him away.
XanaduHawk chapter 17 . 8/31
Church of Kira? Uh oh, L's going to hate this.
XanaduHawk chapter 16 . 8/31
Damn Light! I agree with Watari, he's seriously disturbed.
XanaduHawk chapter 15 . 8/31
On one hand Mello was kind of asking for it, but on the other Light's reaction was a bit extreme.
XanaduHawk chapter 8 . 8/30
Not the cheesecake! The horror!
XanaduHawk chapter 3 . 8/30
Poor Misa!
XanaduHawk chapter 2 . 8/30
Wow, Misa actually figured out what's going on. I feel bad for her though.
XanaduHawk chapter 1 . 8/30
Hehe, he threw a fork at Light.
tineyninja chapter 41 . 8/16
Good fic glad you finished it :)
tineyninja chapter 40 . 8/14
So sweet. Great plot
Ereslee chapter 14 . 8/14
Kudos to you for making me laugh at the wrist-slap.
tineyninja chapter 26 . 8/13
Great chapter Go L!
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