Reviews for Mischief Night
Chanda chapter 1 . 1/1
I like it! Nice job with the emotions at the end. Very poignant and very much in character. Good job!
CAnn chapter 1 . 10/17/2008
I loved this, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and after a very bad day at work it was nice to read. Youmade me smile! Thank You.
owlcroft chapter 1 . 10/17/2008
Oh, my goodness - "double cheese with sausage, mushroom, pepperoni, onions, pineapple and extra jalapeños"? Yikes! That would do it, all right. This is another great answer to the challenge, and I especially enjoyed the byplay in the kitchen. Very true to form and I could just hear them saying it all. A "crime against nature" is probably my very favorite.

Thanks for contributing another story; it's always a pleasure to see another up here from you.
JeanneZ84 chapter 1 . 10/17/2008
Wow!This story was another good Halloween Story.

Poor Mark was so shaken up after that very horrible Nightmare.

Mark never in a million years would shoot Hardcastle of all certainly wouldn't do it on purpose.

Even the idea it even happened in the dream still enough for McCormick not to be able to go to sleep.

I dont know what McCormick would do with out Hardcastle there in his life.

302pilot chapter 1 . 10/17/2008
Oh, loved it! A really nice Halloweeney story, full of little bits of spot-on banter and fun exchanges. I can hear them in the kitchen, carving the pumpkin and the judge just having to interject his opinion,- “Those eyes are too close together,” he critiqued, pointing to the pumpkin. Mark brushed aside the opinion with the ease borne from much practice. “The eyes are fine,” he retorted.-like it happens everyday, which it does! and HC telling him to 'not be such a baby' as they throw themselves, yet again, in the line of fire. and then he tells him to 'shush'. I love that word!

The talk at the pool was just the best...Mark's confession.."If you're not here, I don't think I'll get to make any tracks" and the judges response "Your tracks are getting deeper every day". Just what he needed to hear. Gotta love these guys!

The similarities to "Hauntings" make it even creepier-but I attribute that to 'great fan-fic minds thinking alike" and the fact that it's Halloween...freakiness abounds! Both are great stories and I truly appreciate all the authors posting these treasures for us to enjoy!

Thanks for sharing-

L.M.Lewis chapter 1 . 10/17/2008
I think Mark should have know something was not right as soon as he saw that the judge was the picture of sympathy. ;-)

And with regard to the similarities between our stories, did you mention they only 60 words different in length? (cue clanking chains and squeaking hinges) And I would like to file this under "great minds thinking alike", because I hardly ever get a chance to file anything of mine in there.

Meanwhile, that is precisely the reason why I don't invest in Snicker's Bars for Halloween-I'd eat all the leftovers. And I'd really like you to write the story where Mark finally persuades the judge to wear a black and white striped ensemble, while he gets the one-size-fits-all judicial robe for a change.

I'm so glad you posted this one!