Reviews for The Secret Lives of Pandas
Wondo chapter 31 . 7/22
What an intense journey! A winner all the way.
An amazing story that captivated me from start to finish. Kudos ...kudos.
Wondo chapter 30 . 7/22
Happy they were able to help Tai return home.
I'd be breathing a sigh of relief, at this point, but I know you aren't to be trusted with our characters welfare until the very, very end. :)
Wondo chapter 28 . 7/22
No! Have you no pity on your readers?
Not such a desperate setback after all they've gone through...
Wondo chapter 26 . 7/9
Loved the description of the ship and alien ocean.
Things are looking up for our duo.
Wondo chapter 24 . 7/4
Another wrinkle. You excel at them. :)
Wondo chapter 23 . 7/4
Still hooked on your story. What a roller coaster ride. Mostly stomach dropping descends.
Wondo chapter 18 . 7/3
Hope? Your story is amazing!
Wondo chapter 8 . 7/3
Thrilling chapter. I'm glad Jack is back with Samantha.
The aliens must be aware of their captives intelligence. Is there hope for a future?
Wondo chapter 5 . 7/2
Vividly detailed. Emotionally wrenching.
Wondo chapter 2 . 7/2
Ahhh... Painful to read.
Wondo chapter 1 . 7/2
What an intro! I'm excited to read more.
Guest chapter 32 . 2/20
Moebius2015 chapter 32 . 12/23/2015
wonderfully written! Reminds me of The Planet of the Apes, I like the perspective.
weezer42 chapter 32 . 3/24/2015
oh, my goodness...wonderful, wonderful story...

I sobbed all through the first 8 chapters ...your writing is that good.

this has been a fabulous read, thank you so much for sharing you talent and imagination. If you were here, I'd hug you...

best story ever...**happy sigh**
Ty chapter 32 . 3/14/2015
I've read this story years ago and I still love it! Thanks for the wonderful story again:)
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