Reviews for Possibilities and Certainties
Just Me chapter 301 . 7/20
Nice chapter! I look forward to the next chapter.
goddragonking chapter 301 . 7/19
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon and really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
Jamie chapter 301 . 7/19
Cool chapter
Lishalove chapter 300 . 7/19
Whoa that was intense! I can't wait to read the next one to see what happens... You just keep getting better and better if that is even possible... Wow! I so love this story!
Yelene-ryudream chapter 300 . 7/13
Congratulations on Chapter 300!
This trip in Ev has been really fascinating. Kirlina is an interesting adversary, a kind of unstable wicked witch in her own right. Still, I'm sure that both Elphaba and Glinda will be glad when it's time to return to Oz. No place like home, after all.
Just Me chapter 300 . 7/12
Gotta say, I did NOT see any of this coming! I'm impressed! Keep up the good work and I look forward to next week's update! You know, I wouldn't mind seeing Elphaba and Kirlina in a magical battle (as long as Glinda isn't harmed...I know it's odd, but I always prefer Elphaba being the one hurt/in danger/sick/etc).
Jamie chapter 300 . 7/12
Alright 300 chapters! Excellent! Congrats!
Nice chapter
Iniga chapter 300 . 7/12
Congrats on #300.

What a delicious chapter with lots of action as well as the usual character evolution and world building. Can't wait to see how many people are involved in this and who is working what angle.
ChenoOsnesFanzel chapter 300 . 7/12
Oh my Oz! Congrats on 300 chapters in one book! That's huge.

But, seriously?! What a cliffhanger. I can't wait till next week.
TakeAMessageBackFromMe chapter 299 . 7/12
Sorry I haven't left a review in awhile, but the iOS FF App continues to not work for reviews for me. Chapter 299 was a trip (haha)! Drugs kind of give me the willies anyway, and so the first time I read through it I was a nervous wreck, really scared that something bad was going to happen to Elphie like bad allergic reaction, uncontrolled magic, etc. I was really relieved that I was wrong and really enjoyed reading it the second time around. The picture in my head of Elphie standing there with just her boots on being hippy dippy romantic will not be leaving my mind anytime soon (or Glinda's either I'm sure). I'm thinking Glinda's a little more grown up then crossing her fingers behind her back in order to lie? I totally understand how upset she is though!
Just Me chapter 299 . 7/7
This chapter was funny and kind of cute, in an odd, high sort of way. Anyway, I enjoyed it as usual and I look forward to finding out how Glinda defends her wife's honor and how Elphaba handles finding out (and remembering) what happened.
wickedfan chapter 299 . 7/6
Something about Glinda has seemed off lately...maybe the whole "immaturity" discussion she had with Dani before should be brought up again? Dealing with a fairly serious situation with "Lol, I crossed my fingers'' and confronting people she barely knows, when she was told to not confront them and make things worse seems kinda over the top childish. And her exploding at Elphie about the fellowship extension without talking to her first was similar. I am probably reading too much into it, and I should remind myself that she is still young.
elphiesglinda chapter 299 . 7/6
Wow, Elphie stoned. That had to be a trip to write!
Jamie chapter 299 . 7/5
Great chapter
Iniga chapter 299 . 7/5
Go Glinda! Smackdown time!
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