Reviews for Always
Poison'd chapter 1 . 11/7/2008
I loved the ending. I like the idea that it's an unspoken sort of relationship that could border love and neither can touch on the surface of that. It's kind of the sad aspect of that one shot itself, no?

I think it's interesting the way you made Kaine in the beginning- when they were still in high school. He came across to me, in the one shot, as a quiet, stand alone boy. Someone who didn't wish to be seen or notice least someone find out about his sins (aka what was going on between his mother and him).

"Love. Hate. Peace." You ever read Virginia Woolf's "Between the Acts"? There's so much love and hate in this piece and the fact that they don't fight it out leaves them both with almost no sort of peace. I'm sure you could enjoy such a piece. And, if it's any means to get you to read it, she killed herself before she published it (her husband did it post-mortem). I don't know about you, but facts like that always mystically draw me to a writer... Not that I recommend suicide or anything!

Good job on the story. I think it was a nice piece to read as I busied myself with scanning in my notes. P
Kilala Fae chapter 1 . 10/20/2008
sad but good. definitely fits into die's perspective. It almost made me cry. the ending sentence was my favorite part. I am a little unclear as to who said "damn it. you bastard." it kind of sounded like die, but in another way it didn't. sorry if that is unclear. that is really the only thing i noticed.
DR4G0lV chapter 1 . 10/20/2008
That was great. I loved it a lot, i especially liked the third part... i think you did a very good job of keeping everybody in character.