Reviews for Effects and Side Effects
pkempf chapter 37 . 2/13
I really love this story! However long it takes, even if that's years, I hope to read it to its conclusion someday. You do good work!
Plot Holes chapter 23 . 2/6
That would be the Security Service and SIS. The first may refer to themselves as MI5, but the SIS don't normally introduce themselves as MI6. They always use 'MI6' as an afterthought. Example from SIS homepage: "We are SIS – the UK's Secret Intelligence Service - also known as MI6."

They also wouldn't send agents out with next to no information. They are the Secret Service, not Dumbledore. They would have supplied a name, possibly a picture as well, just no details other than 'hand them this card.'

Bellatrix never, EVER wore robes and a hood. The psycho was one of the few who never hid her face, proud of being the branded slave of a madman who was set to destroy the Magical World. You also seem to not realize that an explosion like that would at least rip a person's arm/leg to shreds, if not more. In reality, at least one Death Eater should have been torn apart enough that they were going to die in minutes, if not seconds.
Plot Holes chapter 22 . 2/6
Algie Longbottom is NOT an Unspeakable, that is fanon. Saul Croaker is not related to Neville at all. The only Unspeakable who was supposed to be named Algernon was Rookwood. The name 'Algernon' is also not Algie's full name. Nowhere in canon does the name 'Algernon' have a place.

Apparition is untraceable unless you grab the person who is apparating or the person is underage.

So much of your story falls to pieces by a few quick google searches, searches you should have done. I agree with other people: great concept, shit execution.
Reader chapter 21 . 2/6
Duelist, not Dueller. 'Dueller' isn't even a word.
Cyril Kain chapter 21 . 2/6
It is generally accepted that spells have very limited range, a dozen or so yards at maximum range. Since it is believed that magic 'decays' the further it gets from its source (ward, spell, other) than it stands to reason that a spell is nothing more than compacted magic with intent added in, a kind of data packet. This means that, the further a spell has to travel, the more it decays/weakens. Since the furthest we see a spell cast is about twenty yards, and the impacts only slightly damaged and scorched stone while they would have been fatal closer up, and the caster was apparently dangerous/strong enough for Kingsley to throw up a large shield, it is safe to assume that maximum spell range is probably around forty yards, anything beyond that fizzles out completely unless overcharged/overpowered with a significant amount of magic. Speed is also an issue.

Voldemort's lightning feat is impressive and fast, but it is hinted at that a storm was brewing already and he encouraged natural lightning, another knock against the magic interferes with electricity BS from canon. Even so, he never displayed a feat anywhere near that level again, further suggesting he just helped Mother Nature do her thing. A lot of Voldemort's antics are just show boating, from what I can tell. The feasibility of a torture curse in mid-duel is low, only usable against weak/untrained students, and while he can cast killing curses like most cast levitation charms, it is a one to one spell, so a few dozen people fighting him would easily be able to hit him with spells while he took each out individually.

Truly, the only reason he was effective was because of his slaves and the general 'leave it up to someone else' mentality of the Magical World. That last point was shown at the Quidditch World Cup, where thousands of people ran from a small group of Death Eaters who were preoccupied tormenting a Muggle family. Had Dumbledore done something when he became suspicious of Riddle back when he was 16-17, and if he revealed that Riddle's father was a Muggle to Slytherin right then and there, then the vaunted Voldemort would just be another Dark wizard growling about how he didn't get his due while trying to avoid being as worthless as Dung.
Some Guy chapter 19 . 2/5
Wow, you clearly are basing this off fanfics. Witches and wizards use animated measuring tapes, not some light band spell. Anyone who watched the first half hour or so of the first movie knows that.
Reader chapter 19 . 2/5
Not even going to bother correcting your punctuation issues. It is a lost cause by now.

There is no proof that magic interferes with electricity. In fact, I have three pieces of evidence that suggest magic doesn't do jack to electronics.

Exhibit A - Diagon Alley, the most magical and largest magical shopping area in Britain. Located in the middle of Muggle London. No sweeping power outages or issues with electronics noted, which would cause Muggle scientists to constantly try and figure out wtf is going on there.

Exhibit B - St. Mungo's, a hospital covered in glamors, notice-me-nots and such, also located in Muggle London. No issues with electronics nearby

Exhibit C - The Ministry of Magic, located UNDER downtown Muggle London and buzzing with almost as much magic as Hogwarts. No interference noted at all.

If magic interfered with electricity, then Obliviators would be LIVING in those locations, and within five minutes of King's Cross Station, all to prevent literally dozens of Muggle repairmen/surveyors who would constantly be called to find out why everything electronic kept dying every ten seconds.

Rowling was an idiot to make that bit of information canon, since it is literally impossible to make it work unless she had every major location located in the wilderness or in inhospitable locations. The idiocy comes from sticking them in high technology areas and NOT having sweeping issues.
Reader chapter 15 . 2/4
Why the hell does Tonks need to hide? Remove her Auror robes and she's dressed like a punk Muggle underneath. Sure, the 'Weird Sisters' t-shirt will raise a few eyebrows, same with the hair, but nothing too out of the ordinary. She could then claim to be Harry's cousin, which isn't a lie, and stand in the open, watching her, then run back to the Granger house without worrying about her cloak falling off.

Your stupidity on some parts of this fic knows no bounds. You're as much a daft moron as some magic users.
Reader chapter 14 . 2/4
Two girls hugging in public would draw attention in the early 1990s? No, it wouldn't. I remember seeing it a lot and nobody cared. And before you go saying 'in Britain,' history teaches us that their attempts to curb 'unnatural' and 'inappropriate' relationships early on did the exact opposite, their gender segregated schools basically becoming dens of rampant homosexual relationships, with boys and girls as young as eleven starting to have sex (with their own gender) instead of the intended wait until eighteen for such things. History, again, teaches us that the Welsh often skipped having their fingers/hands cut off for stealing goats by claiming they were trying to have sex with them, which wasn't so harshly punished at the tim, and was somewhat common among British farmers. This is part of why British people are worried their friends will 'Welsh,' aka wise up, on them.

One novel I read involving a British man from the early 1900s and his adult granddaughter from the 1990s (they were on a strange planet that could draw people/creatures from all times to it) that Britain had never been the lily white place of propriety he seems to think it was, that it was always full of gays and so-called 'unnatural' relations, aka white/non-white and threesomes/moresomes, and most of it was due to Britain's idiotic crusades to become what they believed they should be that it was like that.

One final thing, stop capitalizing 'him' and other such things when it comes to Riddle. He's not a god or the Anti-Christ, he's just a genocidal wizard. (Riddle is more analogous with Hitler, not the Anti-Christ) Literally nobody else does this for Riddle, except that one fanfic that had it so that Riddle would use royal we, with a capital, when talking about himself.
R4mses chapter 37 . 2/4
Already over? Quite sad actually but it still has been wonderful. Could have done with less explicity and more fluff, but everyone rolls differently. Huge recommendation, when you can read past the typos.
R4mses chapter 31 . 2/3
Yay, Hogwarts! Still awesome!
R4mses chapter 27 . 2/3
Really fun interlude. Even though the setting really was weird. Harry still has the cloak. And destroying a building can be done from far away.
Thanks for the great is amazing how long you take for those few weeks, but I haven't been bored a second. Xan't stop reasing actually. I'm just really sad that at this pace the Hogwarts part will be rather short.

Please come back to this. Pretty please?
Reader chapter 7 . 2/2
Everyone knows that Riddle found out about Horcruxes from a book in the Hogwarts library, which Dumbledore removed and locked up in his office soon after Voldemort rose. All Slughorn did was confirm that one can probably make multiple Horcruxes, nothing more.

That you don't know a lot of canon elements speaks volumes on how much of the series you've seen/read, and how much of this fic is based off other fanfics.
Some Guy chapter 6 . 2/2
Draco couldn't claim the Potter family monies or anything like that, not unless his family tree had some Potters in it or a legal will stated he got control of the family. Him trying to claim it is just him being an ignorant moron. Narcissa, as a Malfoy by marriage alone, couldn't have Draco emancipated, he'd have to request it from the Ministry and/or Gringotts.

All Harry got was the title and money, not the ability to 'continue' the Black line, that honor is left to Draco or Tonks.
Some Guy chapter 4 . 2/2
Second Coming, and immaculate conception. You stick capitals in all the wrong places, and that's the least glaring issue your writing has. I feel like you failed your literacy test and just didn't care to learn how to write properly.

The people bitching about Harry's moodiness clearly haven't read any of the books, especially the one where he was constantly ranting in pure capitals at everyone. Harry is an asshole, partially due to his connection to Riddle, mostly because Dumbledore forcibly sent him into an abusive environment and compounded it by preventing any who truly gave a damn about Harry to contact him.
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