Reviews for Effects and Side Effects
Bronze chapter 37 . 10/26
I've read this story around two or three times and enjoyed it everytime. I don't know what's going on in your life and I'm not making any demands. However, I'm telling you right now that I find this story very, very enjoyable reading. I'd love to read more of and I'm hopeful you can return to writing it soon. I really would like to see how you finish it. I think it would be really funny should any Death Eaters come face to face with Harry Dragon Animagus form. Can you say " Oh Shit! "? ;) Ya know, seeing as Harry breaks the rules of magic if he's not told he can't do something imagine Harry doing powerful magic in his Animagus forms? Harry already has a huge magical core but I'll bet his Dragon Animagu form has a much bigger one. Thus his Dragon would be able to put much more power into whatever spell, charm, hex or jinx he used in that form. Thanks for writing and posting this. I hope you return to this and finish it someday.
Ilena Petrova chapter 37 . 10/13
Sad that you stopped updating
Chyllen chapter 4 . 10/2
I think him going off on Ginny was bad writing she didn't say anything to bad or horrible and just teasing in my opinion the last scene could have been left out every one know how bad his life was and his truths could have been brought out in a more loving setting
Chyllen chapter 3 . 10/1
I'm glad to see that he has kept his personality. No matter what people think it would be impossible to change his core characteristics. It's something he grew up with it's how his mind and soul works and being a female suddenly would not be able to change that ever.
SilentCritter chapter 37 . 9/27
Really cool story. I haven't really seen harry/multi fics that put as much (in story) time and effort into making the relationships realistic as you have here. Adding in Fem!Harry into the mix adds a whole other level of complexity and depth to things. I hope you update/return to this fic, because I am really curious what happens next and how things get resolved (including telling Arthur about the oathmarriage).
Pro chapter 6 . 9/24
Dan sounds like typical Alpha-Dad cocksucker. Trying to dictate how his wife and daughter should act, and how they should appease him. Not to mention threatening Harry, for absolutely no reason. Hope his wife cheats on him, and he dies a dickless cuck.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/24
Actually, it IS Harry's choice. It's his choice whether he accepts their oaths or not. Imagine if you flipped the genders. How would that look, if a guy tells a girl it's not her choice when he binds himself to her?

Whats up with girls thinking that it's perfectly fine that they can coerce and force guys to abide by their desires, but when it's the other way around it's always "predatory, perverted, and malicious"?
Typical female bullshit. As Arnold would say in Terminators, "Fuck you, asshole".
Bronze chapter 21 . 9/13
Now that last sentence HAD to be a joke! It wouldn't be either smart nor safe to transform back to their human forms while with a Werewolf and all three must realize it. Everything Harry and his ladies are doing is directly counter to what Fumblemort wants. They intend to kill every and any Death Eater that attacks them, their friends or any innocents they can get to to help. Harry's already started by offering excellent wards for every family in England as long they swear an oath not to help nor support Vulturesnot in any way. Fumblemort has had ten plus years to do something to not only prevent Vulturesnot's return and failed but he has also failed to do anything to protect innocents from being attacked by Vulturesnot. He even criticized Harry for providing the funds to ward the home of everyone who doesn't want any part in the war. Thus I fail to see just how he can be the Leader of the Light if he's not leading. I know you haven't said it yet but I think Harry actually took some of Vulturesnots magic back in the first chapter.
Guest chapter 20 . 9/11
And Vulturesnot would've if he could spare the energy to. But that's a ways off at the moment. In the meantime, Harry and the girls will be busy improving themselves. I am wondering though, I'd think that by now the news that the Malfoy family was dead and Harry had taken the title of Lord Malfoy would've reached Wormtail's ears and thus Vulturesnots'. Not that he's in any shape to anything about it but it would still really piss him off. Just as an omake or something I imagined Hermione asking Harry to try Parseltongue to ask for lights in the underground chambers and tunnels. Then their surprise if the whole complex lite up. She really wouldn't be able to blame Harry as it was her idea to try. But in all truth, I wouldn't put it past those sneaky Goblimns to do something like that! Especially the Assessor! I like him but he's one sneaky Goblin!
Bronze chapter 19 . 9/9
She sure isn't an Ice Queen at home or with Harry and the other girls. This is another of those stories where Daphne is a very nice person away from Draco and the school. I can understand her need to seem to be someone else while at school. What with the Jr. Death Eaters in Slytherin House. In this chapter, Harry thought about what kind of defenses he could create to protect his mind form both Fumblemort and Greaseball. I read one where he had a Basilisk in his mind as a defense and tricked Snape into meeting it. It petrified his mind but no one knew that. At St. Mungos they couldn't even help him. I thought that was quite fitting. Poor Greaseball Death Eater can no longer sabotage Potions class and protect his Jr. Death Eaters and bullies. He'll no longer be able to hide around a corner as his House members attack other students without fear of reprisals. If that man is on the side of the Light than he's going about showing just how redeemed he is the wrong way. And Fumblemort's letting him sabotage a core class knowingly. In other stories when Harry wises up and refuses to attend Potions and hires a tutor Greaseball throw a temper tantrum. Something I can totally see him doing. In one Har3ry starts attending with the French students in their carriage. Fumblemort was of course, upset that Harry's done that without asking him first nor telling him he intended to. So if Harry can dispose of the Greaseball Death Eater the school will be a much better place for it. Having read this once or twice before I can say that Harry really should have hired a team of Curse Breakers to go through the entire castle, including the Chamber of Secrets, to find whatever or wherever Riddle left his curse on the DADA position. It's quite obvious that Fumblemort has no interest in doing so.
Bronze chapter 18 . 9/8
If Bill's feeling a bit slow compared to Harry, imagine if Harry invented a ward that when attacked absorbed the magic used against it to strengthen not only itself but all the other wards connected to it till the attacker had no magic left? It would use Vulturesnot like a battery. And if the Dark Mark on all his marked followers is connected to him, it would drain them through him. Granted something similar was used in another story but you get the idea. Basically, Fumblemort screwed up by never talking to a Curse Breaker about Horcruxes. Harry consults Bill and Fleur and together they make a medallion to absorb all Vulturesnots soul pieces. Then the medallion was delivered to Hogwarts and placed on the ward stone. The stone sucked every marked Death Eater dry of their magic. Thus ending the war. The last part was not something I came up with on my own. I thought up the idea of a ward/forcefield absorbing the energy used against it to strengthen itself many years ago. Long before I started reading HP fanfiction. Everywhere else in scifi or fantasy everybody says it weakens either to the two to be attacked. If they can say that I figured I could say the opposite. It's just as valid a point of view.
Bronze chapter 17 . 8/27
To be honest I don't remember my birds and the bees talk but I very much doubt it had any drinking involved at any time during it. Though the one time I can remember being totally plastered I truly wish I had that hangover potion before bed. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, I slept most of the next day. Fortunately for me, that is. Unfortunately for my friend who drove us back to Mass. from Northen Mane. It's good to see Harry adapting so well and finding a way back to his true sex. Now as I've read the story The Witches Secret I'm wondering if Harry's Animagus forms are gonna be female or male. It really wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be the former. It'd be just Harry's luck.
Bronze chapter 15 . 8/19
None of this was ever in the plans of either Dork Lard! It's always been ME, ME, ME! with those two! Neither can see nor do they want to see what they're doing to the magical world of England. But then there is the saying "None so blind as those who will not see." And these two absolutely refuse to see anything but their own desires. I think this line from a song best sums them both up. "Everybody wants to rule the world."
Bronze chapter 10 . 8/16
On the subject of micro bikinis, I saw a few pictures of one I have no idea how it stayed on! It truly looked like three pieces of small plastic held on with either suction or glue. There were NO strings anywhere to be seen! No between the breast pieces nor the vagina one either! Just ask your browser for the smallest legal bikinis. Man, that shopping trip would wear anyone out! I mean 9 AM to 5 PM? Eight straight hours on their feet with a small break for lunch? I'm surprised they could walk after that!
Bronze chapter 8 . 8/16
Here's a thought for ya. Harry buys a warehouse that's fairly new, wards it against break-ins, makes sure it's totally cleaned out of everything, has Dobby dirty the inside to look abandoned, asks Lictand to build and, underground four-level world room to train Aurors, Hitwizards and Hitwitches then leases it to the DMLE for their use. He keeps ownership of it but it's their primary training facility. They'd no longer need to worry about muggles looking for missing lands. The DMLE could hire a few house elfs to fix up any damage after every training session. It's a win-win for both. Harry gets more income and the DMLE gets a secure training facility. To get there they either use a portkey or apparate in. That way nobody ever sees anybody enter or leave the warehouse. Now if the warehouse was registered to a phony muggle company that was tied up in Bankruptcy Cour fighting to retain all its assets but only on paper, no one would expect there to be any activity at it. Though it should be outside any prime shipping areas.
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