Reviews for Effects and Side Effects
ColdFang chapter 34 . 3/27
A VERY interesting story. A really insightful perspective on the detailed issues of a Gender-shift. I really like how Harry is still considered a "him." In so many gender-swap stories they try to remake him as a totally new person. I really like this story and it really brings to life (or perspective) some good issues. I really hope to see more of this story in the future. It would be really awesome to see what other adventures lie ahead for Harry and his gang.
Hericus C chapter 34 . 3/24
It has been over a year; any chance of an update to this awesome story anytime soon?
Wolf's scream chapter 34 . 3/23

Sorry about not writing earlier: I only stumbled across your story a week or so ago; I am impressed with your story-telling.

I particularly appreciate the rather substantial chapters - there's a lot of material. I like the pacing, as well. And while I tend to particularly appreciate a strong Ginny, I also think you've got it right that at the ages of our protagonists, the nearly 2-year difference in ages between Hermione & Ginny is going to be quite significant ... at first, anyway.

I look forward to the next chapter. :-)
Bronze chapter 34 . 3/23
Dumby didn't just step in it, he jumped in with both feet and then rolled around in it for good measure! And htus I name him for evermore Dumby.
Bronze chapter 33 . 3/23
Well, if I remember rightly I predicted Susan'd be the next. But unless this story updates and adds several chapters, everything'll have to happen in this last one.
Bronze chapter 32 . 3/23
But he's the Dark Lord! It's his right to be such an asshole and destroy historic priceless items!
Bronze chapter 31 . 3/23
God only knows what Dumby's hiding from Harry about the Horcruxes! As for training, I don't think he knows the meaning of the word anymore. Or if he does give them training it'll be either be less then what they already know or less the what they need to know.
Bronze chapter 30 . 3/22
Oh please say they're going to take out Riddle Manor! With a laser designator the RAF could blow it to toothpicks with all inside. Riddle may escape but his followers won't. They just need to find the place.
Bronze chapter 29 . 3/22
Does this version of the magical world have a dumb ass code against firearms? In some others if a witch or wizard uses a gun on another such, the entire magical world'll hunt them down and kill them for it. It's looking like Susan's going to be the next one to be truly intimate with Harry. I wonder if Harry and the girls, if shown and explained about how a silencer works could improve that too? As for protecting Hogwarts, Harry has the money to buy four miniguns in say thirty caliber or custom made in fifty and mount one on top of each tower on swivel mounts for overlapping fields of fire. Then invite Voldemort and friends to visit. NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE! Only thing left after that is cleaning up the bodies and IDing the dead. After that, close their accounts a Gringorts and divide their money among those survivors of every Death Eater attack. Now if you really want them to have a good time throw in Claymore mines just inside the wards with a pressure hidden in the grass. They go off first. Then you open up with the two closest miniguns to finish the job. Clears up the Death Eater problem nicely. After all, how many witches and wizards know anything about the non-magical world?
Bronze chapter 28 . 3/22
Quite interesting really. Harry and Hermione are going to be the Alphas of the group. It's quite obvious that they'll be the first to have heterosexual sex in the group. I'm not sure if it'll be Daphne or Susan who'll be the next to have a relationship similar to Harry and Hermione's.
Bronze chapter 27 . 3/22
Now that was embarrassing. But also quite funny. I had wondered if they'd use a portable swamp in this assault. It's about time the magical world wised up and realized that not all their problems will remain in the magical world. As such closer ties to the non-magical world can help them. But ignoring them till it's too late can be devastating.
Bronze chapter 26 . 3/22
Okay, that's the first full fem sex that Harry's ever had. Now who's next to get that far with him. You've done a wonderful job of tory tell here. and I can't wait to finish and learn how it ends.
Bronze chapter 25 . 3/20
MI5 or 6 are really trying to get something from Harry. Unspeakable Croaker sure got a surprise in his duel with Harry. Truly not what he was expecting.
Bronze chapter 24 . 3/20
Moldy Shorts must be getting desperate as he's stealing Dragons. But in order to steal Dragons he must have help at the reserve. And that fool who heads it just might be it.
Bronze chapter 23 . 3/20
Oh Moldy Shorts is going to be in such a rage! Bellatrix and Greyback having been killed by Harry is going to really send the Dark Lord over the edge! Bellatrix being one of his most loyal and Greyback being a long standing ally is really going to hurt his war effort.
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