Reviews for Happiness and Hedonism
Subia Jasmine chapter 1 . 10/20/2008


Okay... I'm good.

I am ecstatic beyond words that someone besides me is writing WP fanfiction! (And speaking of plausible crack pairings... wow...)

This is really very well done. If you are still writing for this fandom I would love to read your stories. You write Nadine very well indeed.

One question: you don't think Burrs is a hedonist? I've never really liked him, but this was an interesting take on his character. I love the bit about arguing over getting a cat, was that a "Best Friend" reference?

(Oh, by the by, the "Niagra Falls" line is actually in the show, though I wish I could lay claim to that particular moment of Mae's stupidity :P )