Reviews for The Kluzt and the Nerd
Grey Wolf4 chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Quite a good attempt while I prefer Kikuchi/Ai or Onizuka with one his prospective women fics (Onizuka/Urumi, Onizuka/Azusa, Onizuka/Julia, Onizuka/Nanako, Onizuka/Tomoko and Onizuka/Miyabi) and also Noboru/Anko and Kunio/Fuyumi fics but I like to think of myself as an open minded guy even though I can be firm in at least a few of my opinions added to the fact Tomoko is one of my favorite GTO characters was what made me want to give this fic a look.

You did a decent job also to those who say that Kikuchi can be sly kind of guy who can be ruthless we do see other sides of him in the manga, softer sides to him that are shown including with Ai so its not implausible that he would be gentle with Tomoko. Mind you I felt this was a bit too brief and a bit too quick but nevertheless you made a good effort at the whole thing.

I hope to see you write for GTO again me I'm making my comeback with a fic that of the time of this review is being edited.
Aquatic-Idealist chapter 1 . 11/26/2008
Kikuchi's change of heart was that dramatic? Seems fishy...

I might like Kikuchi, but he's normally a sly, cunning, ruthless individual who is capable of doing whatever it takes to get his way. Acting so gentle to Tomoko from out of the blue is just weird... It's like he's been tamed by tranquilizing him and Onizuka paying some surgeon to remove parts of his brain to take out parts of his personality.

Tomoko is an awesome character, as is Kikuchi, but Kikuchi is quite out of character here. Now I'm one who couldn't care less about Canon usually, but this seems a bit off. If this was a full fic (five chapters or so) where you could develop Kikuchi and show how he felt for Tomoko and slowly changed his attitude toward her, then this fic would be awesome. Otherwise right now it sounds like some gratuitous service for that shipping community that's rabid about Tomoko/Kikuchi.

So, yeah, Kikuchi is very out of character and because of that this potentially awesome fic is made mediocre and maybe even a bit on the poor side. Sorry, but maybe you should consider working a bit on characterization and character studies next time... :P