Reviews for Dare to Explore: Flickering Shadows
Aquarian Wolf chapter 1 . 10/20/2008
Ooh, nice use of ellipses! ... Elipsees...Elipees?

Anyway, yet another great dark, dreary, dead-ful drabble!

Straight forward, true, but it works for this scene. The hallway throws "subtle" out the window very quickly. Not sure if I would have used "(comma) sending" twice and that close together, but that's just me. (My creative writing teacher in high school drilled "AVOID UNECESSARY REPITION!" into my skull. So any repeated use of phrasing or words not used for rhythm's sake immedietly jumps out at me, and for that I apologize. :p )

Have you seen the new wallpaper and stair effects at WDW? They're really cool! I love the blinking and moving eyes. Plus there's this little chittering noise in the dark corner that makes me think little gremlins are running around. (Shame on you Mr. Gracey! You're not 'sposed to feed 'em after midnight!)

And I see the HHG story has been updated! *runs off to read it*